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23 Mar 2010
Salut !

Je me sépare d'une partie de ma collection :

M'envoyer un MSG pour reserver. Merci.

CD : 6,5 € l'unité, 30 € les 5, 50€ les 10. EP : 4 €. (sans frais de port)

Abscess - Horror Hammer<br><br>
Ad Hominem - Planet Zog : The End (m&t) 10€<br><br>
Ad Hominem - ... for a New World<br><br>
Akerbeltz - A wave of Darkness<br><br>
Angelcorpse - Iron, Blood & Blasphemy<br><br>
Angelcorpse - Of Lucifer and Lightning<br><br>
Autopsy - Torn from the Grave<br><br>
Baptism - Morbid wings of Sathanas<br><br>
Besatt - Black mass<br><br>
Besatt - Hail Lucifer<br><br>
Basilisk - A joyless March through the Cold Lands<br><br>
Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark<br><br>
Beastcraft - Into the Burning pit of Hell<br><br>
Behexen - By the Blessing of Satan<br><br>
Belphegor - Infernal Live Orgasm<br><br>
Bestial Warlust - Blood & Valour<br><br>
Black blood - Cryptic Rituals<br><br>
Black Crucifixion - The Fallen One of Flames<br><br>
Black Dawn - Blood for Satan<br><br>
Black Witchery - Upheaval of Satanic Might<br><br>
Black Funeral - Empire of Blood<br><br>
Blodsrit - Supreme Misanthropy<br><br>
Cannibal Corpses - Eaten back to Life digi<br><br>
Carpathian Forest - Morbid Fascination of Death<br><br>
Cruachan - Folk-lore<br><br>
Darkthrone - Dark Thrones and the Black Flags<br><br>
Darkthrone - Foad (box) 10€<br><br>
Dakrthrone - The Cult is Alive (box) 10 €<br><br>
Darkthrone - To old to Cold<br><br>
Darkthrone - Preparing for War (box) 10€<br><br>
Darkthrone - Sardonic Wrath<br><br>
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger digi<br><br>
Darkthrone - Live from the Past digi<br><br>
Darkthrone - The true Legends in Black<br><br>
Dark Funeral - The Secret of the Black Arts + remaster<br><br>
Deadspawn - Eradication<br><br>
Decapitated - Winds of Creation<br><br>
Decrepit Birth - ...and Times Begins<br><br>
Destruction - Live without sense<br><br>
Destruction - Mad Butcher / Eternal Devastation<br><br>
Destruction - Sentence of Death/Infernal Overkill<br><br>
Detonator 666 - At the Dawn of Sadistic Inferal Holocaust<br><br>
Devastator - Nuclear War<br><br>
Devastator - The End<br><br>
Diaboli - Kirous<br><br>
Diabolical - Vengeance Ascending<br><br>
Disgorge - Cranial Impalement<br><br>
Dismember - Like an Everflowing Stream<br><br>
Disiplin - Disiplin<br><br>
Dissenter - Furor Arma Ministrat<br><br>
Elite - Kampen<br><br>
Emperor - Wrath of the Tyrants slipcase<br><br>
Eternity - ... and the Gruesome returns with every Night<br><br>
Eternity - Funeral Mass<br><br>
Excommunion - Superion<br><br>
Execution massacre kommando - Existence is futile<br><br>
Finnugore - Darkness needs As<br><br>
Forest - Foredooming the Hope for Eternity<br><br>
Forest - Like a Blaze Above the Ashes<br><br>
Frost - Cursed Again<br><br>
Gorgoroth - Antichrist digi<br><br>
Gorgoroth - Destroyer<br><br>
Gorgoroth - Under th Sign of Hell digi<br><br>
Graupel - Auf alter Wegen<br><br>
Grave - Exhumed (a grave collection)<br><br>
Graven - Perished and Forgotten<br><br>
Grim Funeral / Spectre - Split<br><br>
Haatstrijd - Cacodaemony<br><br>
Hate Forest - Scythia<br><br>
Hate Forest - The Most Ancient Ones<br><br>
Heresi - Psalm II<br><br>
Horna - Envaatnags<br><br>
Hypcrisy - Penetralia digi<br><br>
Immortal - Blizzard Beast<br><br>
Incantation - Primordial Domination<br><br>
Injecting Chaos - Salvation through Violence digi<br><br>
Judas Iscariot - Heaven in Flames<br><br>
Kathaarian - Cryptic Temple of the Ancient Cult<br><br>
Kill - Horned Holocaust<br><br>
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill<br><br>
Krisiun - Apocalyptic Revelation<br><br>
Krisiun - Conquerors of Armageddo<br><br>
Krypt - Prelude to Death digi<br><br>
Leviathan - The Ten Sub Level of Suicide<br><br>
Malign - Divine Facing<br><br>
Maniac Butcher - live in Germany<br><br>
Marduk - Live in Germania ori<br><br>
Massacra - Signs of the Decline<br><br>
Matricide - Black Mass Gathering<br><br>
Matricide - Holy Virgin<br><br>
Mayhem - Ordo ad Chao slipcase<br><br>
Mithotyn - In the Sign of the Raven<br><br>
Moonblood - Supreme Black Forece of German Steel<br><br>
Morbid Angel - Covenant<br><br>
Mork - Morke Gravers Kammer<br><br>
Nastrond - Conquering the Ages<br><br>
Nastrond - Muspellz Synir slipcase<br><br>
Nightbringer/Temple of Not - Slpit<br><br>
Nocternity - En Oria/Crucify Him<br><br>
Ofermod - Mysterion Tes Anomias<br><br>
Old Wainds - Where the Snow are Never Gone<br><br>
One Master - Forsaking a Dead World<br><br>
Origin - Origin<br><br>
Paragon Impure - To Gaius !<br><br>
Pest - Desecration<br><br>
Pestiferous - Deep Dark Seasons<br><br>
Pestnebel - Der Schwarze Tod<br><br>
Ravensblood - From the Tumulus Depths<br><br>
Rebaelliun - Burn the Promised Land<br><br>
Sauron - Universe of Filth<br><br>
Satanizer - War Cult Domain<br><br>
Sepultura - Morbid Visions<br><br>
Setherial - Hell Eternal<br><br>
Slaughter Lord - Thrash 'til Death<br><br>
Stormlord - The Gorgon Cult<br><br>
Svartsyn - Bloodline<br><br>
Taake - Nattestid<br><br>
Tenebrosus - Lost and Forgotten<br><br>
Tenebrosus - The Fall of wworthless Morales<br><br>
The Black - The Priest of Satan (NR003) 10€<br><br>
Thornspawn - Wrath of War<br><br>
Thornspawn - Blood of the Holy, Ttain thy Steel<br><br>
Thunderbolt - Apocalytic Doom<br><br>
Torrent - Between the Stone 7€<br><br>
Triumphator - Wings of Antichrist ori<br><br>
Troll - The Last Predators<br><br>
Urgehal - The Eternal Eclipse - 15 Years of Satanic Black Metal<br><br>
urgehal - Goatcraft Torment<br><br>
Vader - The Art of War<br><br>
Vindgar - Reign of Ruin<br><br>
Vultyr - leviathan Dawn<br><br>
Vomitoy - Primal Massacre<br><br>
Watain - Casus Luciferi<br><br>
Watain - Rabid Death Curse<br><br>
Windir - 1184<br><br>
Windir - Valfar, Ein Windir digi<br><br>
Winter of Apokalypse - Solitary Winter Night<br><br>
Witchcraft - Witchraft<br><br>
Woodtemple - The Call from the Pagan Wood<br><br>
Wyrd - Huldrafolk<br><br>
Xasthur - The Funeral of Being<br><br>
Zorn - Schwarze Metall<br><br>
Zyklon B - Blood Must be shed (reedit)<br><br>

BOX :<br><br>

Marduk - Blackcrowned 25€<br><br>

LP/EP :<br><br>

Beastcraft - Celebration of Christ Death 5€<br><br>
Darkthrone - NWOBHM 5€<br><br>
Demoncy - Joined in Darkness 15€<br><br>
Demoncy - Within the Sylvan Realm of Frost 15€<br><br>
Kaamos - Lucifer Rising 12€<br><br>
Profanatica - The Enemy of Virtue 20€<br><br>
Revenant - Prophecies of a Dying WOrld 20€<br><br>
Temple of Baal - Servants of the Beast 12€<br><br>
Thornspawn - Infernal Allegiance 10€
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