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22 Mar 2011
ANTILLECTUAL: Italy, Russia and Boy Sets Fire

As we promised before, we are gonna play our asses off in support of the release of "Start From Scratch!". We are going to Italy and Russia on our own and we will tour across Europe with Boy Sets Fire, over 50 shows in total. But first: have you checked our new album yet? Stream or download (pay-what-you-like) it here or buy a CD or LP from our webstore.

* Italian tour
* Russian tour
* Support for Boy Sets Fire across Europe
* More shows

Italian tour

We have been to Italy before, but never this extended. The guys at No Reason Records really did an awesome job getting us shows all over Italy:
24-03 SWI, Basel / Sommercasino
25-03 ITA, Torino / United
26-03 ITA, Castiglione delle Stiviere / Arcidallò
27-03 ITA, Bologna / Lazzaretto
28-03 ITA, Bologna / Acoustic (TBA)
29-03 ITA, Rome / Closer
30-03 ITA, Maddaloni (CA) / New Dream
31-03 ITA, Rende (CS) / B-Side
01-04 ITA, Molfetta (BA) / Macerie
02-04 ITA, L'aquila / Casematte!
03-04 ITA, Vicenza / Jack Hole
04-04 GER, Regensburg / Zimmer 4
05-04 SWI, Oberburg / Müllers `Place w/ Your All Time Favourites

Russian tour
Since our new album was released in Russia by Angry Chuck Records, that seemed a good excuse to go there. Neither one of us has ever been there, so we are excited as little kids:
27-04 RU, Ramenskoe / Slam
28-04 RU, Tula / Wekino
29-04 RU, Moscow / Democracy
30-04 RU, Vladimir / CB
01-05 RU, Ryazan' / Dom Kul'tury
02-05 RU, St. Petersburg / Vegan Club
03-05 RU, TBA

Support for Boy Sets Fire across Europe
Speaking of little kids: when we were young(er) we grew up on Boy Sets Fire's music and now we are extremely happy to announce we will be doing the support for their reunion tour. There are still some dates (without Boy Sets Fire) to be filled, so please get in touch if you can help us out:
10-06 GER, Sulzbach-Rosenberg / Youth Club Hängematte w/ Tim Vantol
11-06 GER, Weimar / Gerber 3 w/ the Toyotas, The Detectors
14-06 HUN, Budapest / A38 w/ Boy Sets Fire
15-06 PL, Bielsko-Biala / Backstage w/ Boy Sets Fire
16-06 CZ, Prague / Akropolis w/ Boy Sets Fire
18-06 GER, Leipzig / Conne Island w/ Boy Sets Fire
20-06 GER, Nürnberg / Löwesaal w/ Boy Sets Fire
21-06 A, Innsbruck / Weekender w/ Boy Sets Fire
22-06 ITA, Gorizia / Pieffe Factory w/ Boy Sets Fire
23-06 ITA, Milano / Magnolia w/ Boy Sets Fire
24-06 TBC w/ Boy Sets Fire
25-06 GER, Frankfurt / Batschkapp w/ Boy Sets Fire
26-06 NL, Amsterdam / Melkweg w/ Boy Sets Fire
27-06 UK, London / Islington Academy w/ Boy Sets Fire
28-06 UK, Manchester / Moho Live w/ Boy Sets Fire
29-06 TBA / TBA w/ Boy Sets Fire
30-06 NL, Breda / Mezz w/ Boy Sets Fire
01-07 GER, Frankfurt / Batschkapp w/ Boy Sets Fire - SOLD OUT

More shows
Is that enough shows for you? Not for us. We have some more:
09-04 NL, Nijmegen / Onderbroek w/ Astpai, One Win Choice
06-05 GER, Bielefeld / AJZ w/ Iron Chic, Underparts
07-05 BEL, Itterbeek / JK De Zomaar w/ Iron Chic, The Real Danger, Underparts, Off The Charts
29-05 NL, Harlingen / de Lichtboei / Rock de Boei w/ Midnight Menace / Cold Blooded / So Called Celeste
30-07 GER, Bausendorf / Riez Open Air w/ Bouncing Souls, Strung Out, Stick to Your Guns, the Blackout Argument, Polar Bear Club, A Traitor Like Judas, Man Overboard, Tim Vantol

Alright, that's it for now. If you like to stay on top of things, follow us at our our website, facebook and twitter
4 Nov 2010
Download or stream album "Start From Scratch!"

This week we release our new album “Start From Scratch!�. In the past weeks you could listen to the separate songs. From today you can buy, stream or download (for free!) the complete album. In this edition:
* Buy the album
* Download the album
Release show
* Tours and shows

Buy the album
Finally, here is the chance to order the album from us. If you want to support us making music, continuing what we are doing, please go to our webshop and order an LP or CD. We also have new matching t-shirts and zippers, of course including great deals for packages.

Download the album
In case you want to avoid buyer's remorse you can listen to our album before purchasing it. You can download - for a donation or for free – or stream our new album (and all our music ever released) at music.antillectual.com. Please do so and spread the word!

Release show
To celebrate the release of our new album we will throw a release party at the Merleyn in Nijmegen on Friday December 3, 21:00h. Be on time, it's gonna be FULL!

Line up:
THIS ROUTINE IS HELL (Mark's goodbye show!)
Afterparty with DJ SANTINA RUNAWAY (Punkrock and 80's hair-rock all the way!)
Shield Recordings and Typewriter Distro will present their commodities. Come and buy your Sinterklaas presents! Facebookers, RSVP

Tours and shows
The best way to get our new album out there is: touring! So we brought our van to the car shop, re-stringed our guitars and got ourselves a haircut; we are ready to hit the road. Want to hear our songs in your town? [mail=mailto:[email protected]]Email[/mail]! Date with us:

Nov 6 FR Tucquegnieux (Metz), Local de la Chaise Musicale
Nov 7 GER Mannheim, JUZ w/ The Riot Before
Nov 9 FR Saint Etienne, Thunderbird Lounge
Nov 10 FR Marseille, Lollipop Music Store (Acoustic in store 18:00h)
Nov 10 FR Marseille O'Bundies w/ Odyssey, Wanegen Full People
Nov 11 FR Montpellier Up and Down
Nov 12 FR Bayonne Le Kixkil
Nov 13 FR Cauterets Le Commerce (Acoustic & Regular set)
Nov 27 NL Heerlen, Cafe Bluff
Dec 3 NL Nijmegen Merleyn RELEASE SHOW "START FROM SCRATCH!" w/ The Real Danger, This Routine Is Hell
Dec 4 Westerlo Het Debuut w/ Generation 84, Citizen's Patrol, A Strength Within, Kitty Magnet, Arizona, The Jetpack Pilots
Dec 10 NL Eindhoven, Aloys w/ Grey Days
Dec 11 NL Zwolle Popfront, No Good Around
Dec 12 BEL Antwerpen, Rijkswachtkazerne. w/ King Terror, Silver and Gold
Dec 16 GER Wermelskirchen AJZ Bahndamm w/ Youth Brigade
Dec 18 NL Krommenie, Groote Weiver. w/ Midnight Menace, Dear Hearts
Dec 24 NL Meppel, Cafe Clouso
Jan 7 GER Chemnitz, AJZ Talschock. w/ Red Tape Parade
Jan 8 GER Berlin Subversiv w/ Red Tape Parade
Jan 27 UK London The Gaff. w/ The Human Project
Jan 29 UK Blackburn, Muzic Factory. w/ The Human Project
Mar 19 BEL Mechelen Metteko w/ Straightaway, The Octopussy's, Not So Much
Jun 17 SK Cadca Bagdad Mosh Festival

[email protected]
17 Aug 2010
Release Album “Start From Scratch!�

After recording, mixing and mastering our new album in February, March and April, attracting labels to help release it up to now, time has come to announce our new album and promote the SHIT out of it. From today you will be able to listen to the new stuff!

In this edition of your favorite newsletter:

* Stream new songs
* Release
* Shows

Stream new songs

As of today you can listen to the new songs on our website. Every Monday we will post a new song accompanied by the lyrics and liner notes. On top of that we will post a contribution to each song from people that helped recording the record, wrote songs, did guest vocals, designed the artwork; but also from people who helped the band the last couple of years: supporting us on tours, behind the scenes or on stage. Go to our site, listen to “Every Crisis Is a Moral Crisis� and read what Greg from High Five Drive wrote about it. Below you can find the track list.

* Every Crisis Is a Moral Crisis
* Buyer's Remorse
* The Hunt Is On
* America’s Worst Role Model
* Cut the Ground from under Our Feet
* "Kraken gaat door!"
* Some of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters
* Chinese Takeover
* Our Hearts
* The New Jew
* Classic Themes Never Get Old
* So Much More


The official release of “Start From Scratch!� is planned for November 1st, pre-orders being taken before that date. For the release we will be getting help from several labels throughout Europe and the USA. More labels to be announced soon. From now on these are our best friends:

Discos Rayados Records (Spain)
Effervescence Records (France)
Infected Records (Portugal)
Lockjaw Records (United Kingdom)
Shield Recordings (Benelux)
Square of Opposition Records (USA)
No Reason Records (Italy)
5 Feet Under Records (Scandinavia)


After the release we want to play the SHIT out of our new album. We will be touring everywhere and anywhere. If you want to help us get shows, let us know! Our confirmed shows so far:

* Sep 5 NL Tilburg, 013. w/ Uncommonmenfrommars, SMN
* Sep 17 NL Zeist, De Peppel. w/ The Real Danger, Scheisse Minelli
* Sep 18 NL Tilburg, Incubate Festival

* Sept 29 AVAILABLE!
* Sept 30 AVAILABLE!
* Oct 1 SWI Lucerne, Treibhaus. w/ Dead To Me, Face the Front
* Oct 4 BEL Zele, 't Verdriet

* Oct 8 NL Goes, Café de Vrijbuiter BoemTikFest 2010. w/ The Real Danger, John Coffey, more
* Oct 16 GER Wemelskirchen, AJZ Bahndamm. w/ For Heads Down, Falling Steps, Venturas
* Oct 23 NL Houten, Enter. w/ Note to Amy, Overgrown, The 101's, Smokin' A Pancake, Sidewalk, Make it Last
* Jun 17 SK Cadca, Bagdad Mosh Festival

Please check our webstore if you want to support our band, or simply need clothing. We now also have linen bags in blue and black! In the next issue of your favorite newsletter you will find some news about our new album and more shows, shows and shows. And tours.

Thanks, you made it, friends ‘til the end!
Antillectual: Riekus, Tom and Willem


19 Apr 2010
Antillectual Newsletter April 2010

This week we finished mixing and mastering our new album. We are really looking forward to the release later this year. In the meantime we are not slowing down and doing quite a lot of cool tours, shows and festivals the coming months.

- Start from Scratch!
- Tour with High Five Drive
- Groezrock
- May-June tour
- Festivals, other shows

Start From Scratch!

Indeed, that is the name of our freshly recorded album. Describing both the state of a band in bloom and a world in crisis. While recording the songs we shot some videos (Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=annzoNC1lTE and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o36WyW-gJvE), hope you enjoy. Since last week we can announce the track list with some very self-explanatory song titles:

1. Every Crisis Is a Moral Crisis
2. Buyer's Remorse
3. The Hunt Is On
4. America’s Worst Role Model
5. Cut the Ground from under Our Feet
6. “Kraken gaat door�
7. Some of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters
8. Chinese Takeover
9. Our Hearts
10. The New Jew
11. Classic Themes Never Get Old
12. So Much More

In the next newsletter more news on when and how the release will take place and a song as a preview!

Tour with High Five Drive
The nice guys from High Five Drive asked us if we wanted to join them on a part of their European tour. Since we tend to enjoy touring together with cool bands we decided to accompany these fine Canadians on the last dates of their tour. Please come out and support us! Check:

Apr 24 BE Meerhout, Groezrock Macbeth stage
Apr 25 UK London, Ryan's Bar. w/ High Five Drive, Apologies, I Have None, Without Fire
Apr 26 UK Macclesfield, The swan with two necks. w/ High Five Drive,The Shuffle
Apr 27 UK Lincoln, Library Bar. w/ High Five Drive
Apr 28 UK Manchester, Retro Bar. w/ High Five Drive
Apr 29 UK Peterborough, Club Revolution. w/ High Five Drive
Apr 30 NL Naaldwijk, de Flaat. w/ High Five Drive, Sweet Empire, Drunktank, Fortynine
May 1 BEL Oostende, OHK. w/ High Five Drive, Go Rampage
May 2 FR Le Havre, Mac Daid's. w/ High Five Drive

Our first stop on this tour will be a 20 minute set at Groezrock's Macbeth stage, on Saturday from 12:55 to 13:15 sharp. Expect some golden oldies and some songs from our new record. Our friends in Static Radio are playing the Etnies stage just before this show. Also, High Five Drive will be playing the Macbeth stage at 19:10.
Shield Recordings and No Reason Records will be present at the groezrock merch tent. Be sure to drop by, buy them a drink and get some of their great records, or perhaps some Antillectual merch.

May-June tour
Our last achievement before the summer break (as if ...) is a tour through central Europe. We are still in need of some dates, so you know the drill:

May 26 GER Freiburg, Haus der Jugend
May 27 Available
May 28 ITA Poirino (Turin), MT Beer Festival
May 29 ITA Available
May 30 ITA Available
May 31 ITA Available
Jun 1 SLO Available
Jun 2 SLO Available
Jun 3 Available
Jun 4 Available
Jun 5 A Wiener Neustadt, Entro P's Extended
Jun 6 Available
Jun 7 Available
Jun 8 Available
Jun 9 CZ Hradec Kralove, La Putika
Jun 10 POL Wroclaw, Wagon Club
Jun 11 GER Berlin, Subversiv
Jun 12 Available
Jun 13 Available

Festivals, other shows
The summer is coming up and that means festival time! Besides that we are also doing some single shows in the Benelux. As always, we are looking for cool shows and festivals; feel free to get in touch!

May 6 BEL Groot Bijgaarden, JK Paddestoel. w/ This Routine Is Hell, The Ignored
Jul 9/10 GER Verden, Break the Silence Fest. w/ Brat Pack, Oi Polloi, Vitamin X and many, many more.
Jul 17 NL Vlaardingen, Open Air Skate/punkfestival
Aug 5 NL Meppel, Cafe Clouso. Donderdag meppeldag!
Sep 4 NL Zwolle, Rock 'n' Roll Festival. w/ Peter Pan Speedrock, Fakkelbrigade, more tba
Sep 17 NL Zeist, De Peppel. w/ Rentokill
Sep 18 NL Tilburg, Incubate Festival

We ordered a new batch of shirts from the same design since they sold out
pretty fast. Check our webstore (Link: http://www.antillectual.com/store) if
you want to support our band, or simply need clothing. In the next issue of
your favorite newsletter you will find some news about our new album and
more shows, shows and shows.

Thanks, you made it, friends ‘til the end!

[email protected]
27 Jan 2010
ANTILLECTUAL newsletter January 2010: WARM WINTER TOUR

Last Saturday we played our last show ever with Yvo on bass. A crazy sold out show was a nice way to close this chapter. In Tom we found an amazing replacement presenting us a very glourious future ahead. Our first step is a tour that will hopefully get us somewhere warmer.

- Warm Winter Tour
- Dutch Export
- Recording a New Album
- Tour with High Five Drive

Warm Winter Tour

Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal seemed to be the best destinations when touring in January and February. If you live in the area, please drop by and say hi!

Jan 29 BEL Herselt, De Choke. w/ Second Base, The Ignored, Timmy Hillfire
Jan 30 FR Fumel, Pavillon108. w/ OpeNightmare, Ivan Rebroff's Armpits
Jan 31 FR Toulouse, Les Pavillons Sauvages. w/ Ivan Rebroff's Armpits (release show), Messieurs de Fursac
Feb 1 ES Torello³ / Barcelona, l'Eclectic
Feb 2 ES Zaragoza, Sala Ultimatum
Feb 3 ES Madrid, Sala Barracudas
Feb 4 Available
Feb 5 Available
Feb 6 POR Lisbon, Casa de Lafoes Afternoon show. w/ This Routine Is Hell, Albert Fish, Barafunda Total
Feb 6 POR Mouriscas, GDR Os Esparteiros. w/ Defying Control, The Wild Ones, Shake Shake and Show Me Your Pussy
Feb 7 POR Porto, Bar Altar Afternoon show
Feb 8 Available
Feb 9 ES Oviedo, La Antigua Estacion. w/ Threewordname, Mr. Lafleur
Feb 10 ES Pasaia (San Sebastian), Sala Mogambo. w/ Alaska Pipeline, Curasan
Feb 11 FR Bayonne, Bar Kixkil Ostatua
Feb 12 FR La Rochelle, La Barbarella
Feb 13 FR Brest, Espace Leo Ferre. w/ Speedball, Jeune Seigneur, Last Exit To Brooklynn
Feb 14 FR Lille, La Chimere

As you can see, we are still looking for shows on February 4, 5 and 8 in Spain or Portugal. Let us know if you can help us out.

Dutch Export
Since we are known to tour a lot Buma Cultuur (the Dutch authors- and copyrights organization) mentioned us in their press bulletin announcing that the export of Dutch pop music was raised by 15% in 2008. Read the Dutch version and the English version.

Recording a New Album
A week after we get back from tour we will be entering the studio. It has been almost 2 years since we released our last full length album "Testimony". We will record 12 new songs with Nico van Montfort at the Erock studio in Panningen. On the upcoming tour and shows we will play a lot of these songs to get them into shape. A release will follow later this year.

Tour with High Five Drive
We never promised to slow down. After we finish recording, mixing and mastering we will embark on another tour. Together with High Five Drive from Canada we will be playing shows in France, the UK and Belgium between April 25 and May 1. Routing to be announced soon. Get in touch if you feel like helping us out.

Other shows:
Feb 17 NL Utrecht, ACU. w/ Nothington, Bivouac
Feb 19 BEL Wachtebeke, VZW MaNo. w/ Shame-On-U, Rumble Fist, The Dancing Morons
Feb 20 NL Krommenie, De Groote Weiver. w/ Sweet Empire, Union Town
Feb 27 NL Nijmegen, Waalhalla. w/ Static Thought
Mar 6 NL Hoogeveen, Het Podium. w/ Nuestros Derechos, Nuclear Driven Animals

If you feel like the recession is over and your liquidity is increasing (what?!), please consider visiting our webshop to fund our upcoming recordings. In the next issue of your favorite newsletter you will find some news about our new release, and more new touring plans.

Thanks for reading, Antillectual: Riekus, Tom and Willem

[email protected]
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