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25 Oct 2011
sorry for writing in English, but my French is not that good unfortunately
We have a lot of French customers though, so always happy to deliver the goods!!

WTF Records & Distro is based in Holland and we have a brand new website: www.wtfdistro.eu

please feel free to check out our label and webshop, we hope you like what we have to offer!!

WTF Records:
WTF-009: Still Screaming - Stick At Nothing MCD out now!

distro new items:
Backtrack [USA] - The '08 Demo 7"
Cold World / Strength For A Reason Split 7" color vinyl 7" 2011 color
Floorpunch [USA] - Twin Killing CD CD 1997
Fury Of Five / Mushmouth Split 7" East Coast Tsunami Fest 7" 2011
Integrity [USA] - Walpurgisnacht CDep 2011
King Of Klubz / Providence split MCD 2011 (Deluxe Digipack)
Palehorse [USA] - Soft As Butter; Hard As Ice CD 2011
Pulling Teeth [USA] - Funeracy CD 2011
Reborn To Conquer [DE] - Homicide CD 2009
Ringworm [USA] - Scars CD 2011
S.O.S. [USA] - I Owe You Nothing 7" color vinyl 2011
Sheer Terror [USA] - Spite 7" color: brown splatter 2011
Spider Crew-Still Crazy But Not Insane CD 2011
Still Screaming [DE] - Stick At Nothing MCD 2011
Take Offence [USA] - Peace In Death 7" black vinyl 2011
Take Offence [USA] - Tables Will Turn CD 2011
The Spudmonsters [USA] - Stand Up CD 2011
Truth In Needles [USA] - Turning Grey Black CD 2011
Vietnom [USA] - Death Is The Outcome + Thru My Eyes CD 2011
XTyrantX [USA] - Extinction MCD 2011


merci et au revoir
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