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> Sabonews: Arctic Flowers: Reveries Lp Repress, Spectres + Bi Marks Tou
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this is the first newsletter for 2013.. hope you are all doing fine.. here are the news..

Arctic Flowers. Reveries LP Repress is back in stock. Unfortunatley Arctic Flowers had to cancel their upcoming tour. The tour is postponed till 2014. in the meantime they will record a new record wich will be out later on deranged and sabotagerecords.

Spectres and BI Marks tours are almost booked..please find the tourdates below. BI Marks will record a new 12'' for the tour...can´t wait to hear it.. the new 7'' on blackwater records is out and available..

Rank/Xerox lp will be out soon.. i promise... they will tour with rat columns in june/july..get in touch if you wanna do a show...

Bellicose Minds Lp will be out soon as well...more details about that later..

thats it for now.. thanks for reading

up the punks


Spectres Tour:

fr.26.4. berlin kastanie
sat.27.4. leipzig
sun.28.4 prague 007
mo.29.04 brno veglite
tue.30.4 budapest
wed.01.05 vienna
thu 2.05. munich kafe kult
fr. 03.05 basel hq
sat.04.05 . lyon sonic
sun.05.05 . barcelona
mo.06.05 spain valencia
tue.07.05 spain madrid rock palace
wed.08.05 basque
thu.09.05. bordeaux
fr.10.5 paris
sat.11.05 amsterdam
sun.12.05 bremen/friese with knuste ruter
mo.13.05. kopenhagen stengade
tue.14.05 malmö
wed.15.05.gothenborg 128
thur.16.05 oslo barrikaden
fr.17.05 aalborg 1000fryd
sat.18.05 hamburg
sun 19.05

Bi Marks tour:

tue30.0 barcelona tbc
wed01.05 tolouse tbc
thr02.05 lyon confirmed
fri03.05. switzerland
sat04.05 tĂĽbingen germany confirmed
sun05.05 aachen az confirmed
mo06.05 hannover korn confirmed
tue07.05 mĂĽnster barracke confirmed
wed08.05 bremen sielwallhaus
thr09.05 kopenhagen ungdomshuset
fr10.05 aalborg 1000 fryd confirmed
sa.11.05. Norway oslo barikaden confirmed
sun12.05 norway kristiansand confirmed
mo13.05 sweden. gothenburg harden confirmed
tue14.05 malmö tbc
wed15.05. hamburg hafenklang confirmed
thr16.05 leipzig confirmed
fr17.05 berlin kastanienkeller
sat18.05 prague confirmed
sun19.05 bratislava obluda
mo20.05 budapest tbc
tue21.05 zagreb grey room confirmed
wed 22.05. vienna venster
thr23.05 graz sub
fr24.05 munich cafe marat confirmed
sat25.05. Basel hirscheneck confirmed
sun26.05.paris confirmed
mo27.05. bordeaux tbc
tue28.05. basque tbc
we29.05. madrid rock palace
thur30.05. valencia la residencia
fr31.05 barcelona tbc


mailorder: www.sabotagerecords.net/onlineshop/

bandcamp: sabotagerecords.bandcamp.com/

facebook: sabotagerecords facebook

discogs: discogs.com/seller/sabotagerecords

Out Now:

Arctic Flowers: Reveries LP (Repress)

One of the most well known of Portland's fertile post punk influenced scene, Arctic Flowers follows up their well received debut EP and split with Spectres. Their sound builds on the foundation of UK anarchopunk meeting their previous work with such bands as Signal Lost and The Observers. This 12" has 8 songs leaning more towards the hardcore end of the spectrum while throwing in the occasional Mob influenced bit of melodic punk.

go to the shop to order or send 15 euros (postage and paypal fees inlcuded) to [email protected]

Still hot:

Sabo56: Spectres: Nothing to Nowhere LP

"Nothing to Nowhere" is the Spectre's second full length release, following up 2010's "Last Days. This new record features ten songs that explore a range of influences from early west coast punk to British post-punk and anarcho, early death rock and new wave."
limited pressin in clear vinyl available.. order it from the shop or send 15 euros (paypal fees and postage included) to [email protected]

Sabo55: White Lung: S/T 7''

Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., high-energy punks White Lung pull references from every era of punk remaining unforgiving yet melodic. Their debut LP It's the Evil (Deranged) was named Punk Album Of The Year by Exclaim! and their sophomore LP Sorry (Deranged) has managed to top the last.Spawned from East Vancouver’s dirty DIY Emergency Room scene, White Lung formed in 2006 with guitarist Kenneth joining in 2009. From the beginning they were road warriors, touring regularly, even contemplating selling their underwear just to get on the road (they eventually opted for the more practical route of saving up funds.) White Lung broke out of their incestuous local scene and brought their music across Canada and the US. They continue to tour fanatically, their live shows have been called, “effortlessly engaging and enigmatic, harnessing a controlled violence that managed to be passionate without going the least bit over-the-top” by Exclaim! Magazine.

The band’s disparate influences have resulted in a wealth of comparisons. Stylistically White Lung’s music has been called everything from noise rock to skate punk to post-riot grrl. According to Way, “When you like playing music you just want to learn, and that comes with playing as much as you can. White Lung is a really odd combination of four people who have pretty different influences.”

just order your copy from the shop
or send 9 euros (world) or 7 euros (germany) to [email protected] and paypal fees are included


To call the Ottawa punk scene incestual makes it sound too wholesome. At this point, a band family tree would be impossible. They’ve crossed the line into band forest territory; new sprouts feeding off the old growth. It’s a successful ecosystem inhabited by amazing musicians. At the end of the day, those people and their bands are releasing the most high quality records, per capita, in the entire world. The newest germination is Crusades’ debut full-length, The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In. In my eyes, all punk worth a damn is somewhat anti-Christian, but Crusades take it to a new level. They combine their disdain for organized religion with melodies four voices deep. Crusades own the night, enlisting the unholy powers of unlikely allies like The Chinese Telephones, From Ashes Rise, and Alice Cooper. Comes in gatefold, reverse board cover, with a download code.This is a split release with the fine folks from hardware records.

go to the shop to order or send 15 euros (postage and paypal fees inlcuded) to [email protected]

Sabo52: Warsong: ''The Caravan'' 12''

Here we go, from the ashes of INSOMNIO and NO ESCAPE comes WARSONG with their second release after their impressive “Ancient times” debut-LP. Five songs: all killer no filler (four original songs plus a Wipers song that hasn’t been covered to death – especially not in Spain). On a good day, this record will make out an instant classic, on a bad day you’ll have to play it twice to discover the depth and richness of this record, but you definitely won’t sell it to anyone else again, because real good records stay forever. If you want to describe the sound of WARSONG, put together a band with a young Clif Hanger (The Freeze) fronting an all star band with the best ingredients from DAG NASTY, ALL, THE WIPERS and the mighty ADOLESCENTS. Your wettest dreams come true, if their subject is pure melodic hardcore-punk in classic 80s style. The more often you play this record the bigger it grows … and it’s damn huge right now.(kalle stille)

go to the shop to order or send 15 euros (postage and paypal fees inlcuded) to [email protected]

SABO50:Terrible Feelings: ''Shadows'' LP

The album was recorded at Tambourine Stu­dios in their hometown, in January 2012. Co-producer Erik Sunding spurred them to use more than ten different guitars and amps, a quirky violin bass played over a massive amp from the 70s, old beat up drums, farfisa, hammond, piano and tons of rippling percussion. The outcome is 12 quite different songs, somehow all tied together by a common notion; walking hand in hand towards a bleak future. For those with a weakness for melancholic yet danceable punkrock, this record might just prove to be an essential staple in any collection.

go to the shop to order or send 15 euros (postage and paypal fees inlcuded) to [email protected]

Sabo48: Sonic Avenues: ''Television Youth'' LP

SONIC AVENUES are just four Montreal kids who started riffing punk tunes in 2006, but since getting swept up in the booming punk epicentre of neighbouring Ottawa, they've been catapulted into the ranks of the best pop-punk acts in Canada! After releasing a few singles, SONIC AVENUES dropped a bomb in late 2009 with their debut LP on Ottawa's infamous Going Gaga Records. Within a few short months, the record had sold-out twice, including a European repress by Germany's fine Taken By Surprise and Sabotage Records. Two years later, after obliterating eardrums from stages across North America and Europe, they returned home to record a crushing follow-up, Television Youth, for prestigious Portland-based label Dirtnap Records. Featuring more of the over-driven guitars, infectious harmonized melodies and blazing 2-3 minute songs that powered their debut, the AVES have nonetheless pushed the limits into new territories with this latest offering. In short, Television Youth is punkier, poppier, louder and dirtier than anything they've done before. Armed with this devastating new arsenal, as well as ambitious touring plans spanning the (un)civilized world, SONIC AVENUES are sure to keep fists in the air and beers a-flyin' for years to come.
Another great coop with TAKENBYSURPRISERECORDS

there is a limited version with a silkscreen cover. go to the shop to order or send 17 euros (postage and paypal fees inlcuded) to [email protected]

Sabo49: Bi-Marks: The Golden Years LP

"the golden years" 18 songs of blistering non-stop hardcore-punk, raging in the vein of ADOLESCENTS, SICK PLEASURE, or WILLFUL NEGLECT. BI MARKS featuring members of NERVESKADE and BOG PEOPLE so you know its fucking insane! comes with a huge poster..
split releases with my firend iffis label Static Age Records
Record will be here March 15th....

there is a limited version with colored vinyl . go to the shop to order or send 15 euros (postage and paypal fees inlcuded) to [email protected]

Sabo51: Mundo Muerto: Entre El Kaos LP

the debut lp by California's mighty MUNDO MUERTO! Retaining the melody of the earlier 7" and 12" eps but with a harder, faster edge this lp is by far MM's best material to date. 11 tracks of pure hardcore punk greatness. From the build up on the first track to the last note this smokes all the way through!!!! The Spanish vocals only add to the amazingness of this lp and all the "whoa" parts will have you singing along even if you dont speak the language.This is some absolutely raging punk in the Spanish tradition, equally influenced by more melodic bands like Eskorbuto and RIP and the more raw bands. What you get is basic, four-the-floor hardcore with catchy as fuck, whoa-soaked vocals over the top of it. This thing is jam-packed to the hilt with hooks... fans of Vaaska and Peligro Social will dig HARD. Catch the Histeria!!!

there is a limited version with a really great looking silkscreened envelope and colored vinyl..go to the shop to order or send 15 euros (postage and paypal fees inlcuded) to [email protected]
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