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1 Mar 2011
What’s up everybody? This is the first real update of 2011 and we have a lot to announce! As the previous update has been a while ago, we don’t want to forget to say thanks to all of you who showed up at our Reality Records fest. So thank you!

As we speak, THE MONGOLOIDS are still going strong in Europe. After a good run in the UK, they hooked up with Death Before Dishonor. You can find all the remaining tourdates on this link. Germany, Poland, Denmark, The Netherlands & Belgium will have to bow down for the mongostompers! Support the band by picking up their new 7” / EP “New Beginnings”. The Mongoloids will finish their tour in The Frontline, Gent supported by Get Wise and Vicious on 7th march 2011. More information about this event on our facebook.

MADBALL and WISDOM IN CHAINS are part of the Rebellion tour that will start on 18th march 2011. Together with Born From Pain, Trapped Under Ice, All For Nothing and Devil In Me they will roll over Europe in 16 days. Have a look on our facebook page to see all the dates and places. Be sure to be a part of this tour and experience the vibe of real hardcore.

And we have more… ALPHA & OMEGA will hit Europe for the 2nd time in may/juin 2011 supported by Mother Of Mercy. Get in touch with Avocado Booking if you want to set up a show for them. If you haven’t checked the “Life Swallower” LP/CD, no worries, just pick up a format on our online store. The european version contains 16 songs including the “Devil’s Bed” EP as a bonus and remastered. For all the collectors out there, don’t sleep on the limited vinyl pressings!

Maybe some of you were already looking forward to see NUEVA ETICA this summer, but unfortunately we have to dissapoint you. The first dates were already booked as we received a message this week that one of the singers and the bassplayer will become dad! We totally understand this and wish them, their family all the luck and healthy babies!

We are proud to announce that we are the official distributor of “24 CLOTHING”. Yep, they are back on track! Have a look at our webshop and check out some new designs and classics as well.
In need of some official FIRST BLOOD merch? Don’t look any further as we take care of it too.

Every week we update our webstore with new items, so visit the online store on a regular basis. If something is not on our webshop, just drop an email and we’ll order it for you!

Take care for now, enjoy real and independent music and let’s hang out a lot in 2011!

REALITY RECORDS ~ online store
29 Jan 2011
Yesterday The Mongoloids tour started in Belgium on a very last minute show. Kids went nuts in a totally packed and small venue! Hardcore as it should be! Tonight they'll play the first of six shows in the UK. After that, Europe will be destroyed once again by the Mongo Stomp!
Show them your support by going to one of there shows or by picking up some vinyl/merchandise.
"This is a declaration of new beginnings..."

find all tourdates and updates about it here on this link:
The Mongoloids - uk/european winter tour 2011

The Mongoloids - facebook
The Mongoloids - myspace

"NEW BEGINNINGS" - 7" / MCD - out now on Reality Records
Reality Records ~ website
Reality Records ~ facebook
Reality Records ~ myspace
22 Oct 2010
~ Reality Records news ~
Summer’s gone and we had a blast! Great festivals, great bands, great hangouts all over Europe! Allthough the days are getting shorter and colder, we at Reality Records don’t slow down at all.

~ Reality Records releases ~
First of all we are very proud to announce the European release for ALPHA & OMEGA “Life Swallower� ! their previous 7inch “Devil’s Bed� is added as a bonus, completely remastered! Tonight they hit for the very first time the European continent and the new European version will be available for the first time at the Belgian show at the Minus One in Gent october 23th 2010 together with Bane, Rise And Fall, Trapped Under Ice, At Half-Mast and Hessian. You can pick up this nice piece of hardcore and artwork at the bands merch table or our webstore! Also available on CD. Don’t sleep on this one and give the band a massive support on their 23 days european tour!

The Argentinan vegetarian/vegan straightedge mosh machine is back! NUEVA ETICA “3L1T3� presents you 11 songs of brutal hardcore in the vein of Earth Crisis, The Warriors and Path Of Resistance. Still spreading the word the of injustice, straightedge and animal liberation, “3L1T3� is the succesor on “Inquebratable�.

We don't have to say you that we are still thrilled about the new 7" of THE MONGOLOIDS "New Beginnings" that we released a few weeks ago. We still have some limited Machine Head-logo copie, only 50 were made of this on white vinyl! Get one of them while supplies last. The 7" features 4 brand new tracks and we will handle the European territory while our friends over at Six Feet Under records will do the US version. The cd will have one exclusive bonustrack and will be handled worldwide by us. “New Beginnings� is also availabe in a nice digipack.

Next to all of this we are looking forward to the release of SKARHEAD! This album will be available november 20th 2010 and will contain the “DMS� EP (featuring bonus demo sessions from 2001) . If you are lucky you just might be able to pick it up on one of the Danny Diablo or SKARHEAD shows before that date. Comes on vinyl as on CD.

~ Reality Records fest ~
On 20th november 2010 we are organizing our first edition of the Reality Records fest! SKARHEAD will play an exclusive belgian show at JOC Ieper together with NO TURNING BACK, MANS RUIN (last show ever!), TRENCHFOOT and a bunch more. Go to our facebook page to catch up with the latest news, all the bands that will play and so on…

~ Reality Records mailorder ~
Furthermore we will start uploading our merch on the website in the next few days. Those who seen us at a festival this summer knows we have a ton of different designs. If you look for something and can't wait drop us a line. Also if we not have it yet, there is a big chance we are able to order it for you. On top of that we have some Terror, H2O and Have Deart designs in hoodie that were made exclusively for Reality Records!

That’s it for now! More news is coming very soon. See you around and keep hardcore real!

~ Reality Records ~

Reality Records – website & mailorder
Reality Records – myspace
Reality Records – facebook
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