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bones brigade
posté 25.07.2011 - 21:59
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The following list are the last records we received for the distro, all articles are available on our grind-shop: http://www.bonesbrigaderecords.com
You can contact us for any questions, reservations, post cost…

Paypal accepted.

Reservation: ++ (0)3 21 86 72 91

Compact Disc

D-CD AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Altered States of America” (US) 15 Euros
Reissue + Bonus, 100 hits of pure acid-grind! Delivering completely inhuman music.

NEW!! Pure Sonic Aggression & Violence from both band!!!

3 Way Split CD ANATOMIA / GRUDGE / COFFINS (100% Jap) 10 Euros
Rare 2007 tracks from Cult Doom Death bands!!!

CD BROKEN BONES “Fuck you & all you stand for!” (UK) 10 Euros
New album: strong tunes both aggressive and catchy with intense riffing and motherfucking attitude. Metal, Thrash & HC which made of their style unique.

CD BRUJERIA “Mextremist Hits” (Greatest Hits) 10 Euros
19 tracks of Pistoleros Grind violence, Live – Remix – Full EP discography!!

CD GASP “Drome triler of puzzle zoo people” (US) 10 Euros
Slap a Ham Records Classic!! They use elements of grindcore, power violence, psych, ambient noise, tape manipulations and down-tuned sludge…

CD HEAD HITS CONCRETE “Thy Kingdom come undone” (Can) 10 Euros
47 Tracks, complete Discography, Total Grind with original touch and anger.

Split CD KALIBAS / RUNE (US/US) 5 Euros
Kalibas : Tech-grind powerhouse / Rune unleash four tracks of intense, palpitating extreme music incorporating dark, perplexing metal and experimental electronics. This is music to mangle your mind!

CD KILL THE CLIENT “Set for Extinction” (US) 10 Euros
New Album, 19 Tracks, Grindcore with a Swedish touch, Pure Blasting Violence!!

CD LOSS “Life Without Hope…” (US) 10 Euros
Funeral Doom without compromises, + Katatonia cover.

MCD MAGRUDERGRIND “Crusher” (US) 7 Euros
New Tracks, Pure Blasting Grindcore Violence + 1 Sludge song. Don’t miss!!

Split CD MONARCH / ELYSIUM (Fra/Fra) 10 Euros
The perfect split between Mega slow with Monarch in the Drone Style and Elysium with Fast Power Grind. Ultime!

D-CD NASUM „Grind Finale“ (Swe) 13 Euros
152 Tracks means Total Discography, Total Grind!!!

CD RECTAL SMEGMA “Because we care” (Nl) 10 Euros
New Album, catchy riffs, Mega Gore Groove and amazing sound evolution.

CD SPLATTERED MERMAIDS “Stench of Flesh” (Swe) 10 Euros
Swedish brutal gore death/grind with members of Deranged ,first full official CD.
10 aggressive songs with really amazing production.

CD UNDERGANG “Indhentet af Doden” (Den) 10 Euros
Death Metal in the pure tradition, Old School in the vein of Autopsy, Incantation, Rottrevore.

CD WITCH HUNT “… as priorities decay” (US) 10 Euros
Political Crust-Grind, great pissed off energy!

12” LP & 10”

Split LP BLOOD I BLEED / MASSGRAV (Nl/Swe) 10 Euros
Grindcore fury / Power Crustified Violence.

LP BLOOD I BLEED “Gods out of Monsters” (Nl) 10 Euros
Ultra fast Grindcore from Netherland! Amazing new album!

LP BROKEN BONES “Fuck you & all you stand for!” (UK) 10 Euros
New album: strong tunes both aggressive and catchy with intense riffing and motherfucking attitude. Metal, Thrash & HC which made of their style unique + 4 BONUS TRACKS!!!!!

Gatefold LP CAPTAIN CLEANOFF “Symphonies of Slackness” (Aussie) 12 Euros
Finally available on Vinyl, limited Edition, Old School Grindcore right in your face!!

LP CHIENS “s/t” (Fra) 7 Euros
1 sided first album ! Great Grinding and Fast Violence. With Ex-Blockheads member.

Picture LP COFFINS “Sacrifice to Evil Spirit” (Jap) 10 Euros
Limited Edition, Remasterd tracks from 2005, Venom Cover + live.

from Tokyo, Japan’s brutal grindcore blasters F.I.D.!!! These four women deal out insane grinding cyclone damage, think Assuck, Phobia and Insect Warfare!!!

Split 10” F.U.B.A.R. / K.S.K. (Nl/Ger) 7 Euros
Grindcore Violence / Fast “in your face” core Grind.

LP F.U.B.A.R. “Justification of Criminal Behaviour” (Nl) 10 Euros
Repress White Vinyl Wax, Fast, Grind and pure energy!!

Split 10” KINGTERROR / AGATHOCLES (100% Bel) 7 Euros
With ex-VUUR members, Fast Hardcore / Mincecore fury.

Double-LP MACHETAZO “Ultratumba” (Spa) 15 Euros
180 Gram Heavy Vinyl, Limited to 400 copies only ! Collection of all split 7” and EP.

LP MAGRUDERGRIND (Yellow Album) (US) 12 Euros
Total Grindcore Explosion in your face! Don’t Miss!!!

New ripping crossover thrash attacks from Brazil legends R.D.P / Spains political grindcore kings devastate with a shelling of torrential explosive grind.

LP ROMPEPROP “Gargle Cummics” (Nl) 10 Euros
New Album on Limited Vinyl version. Groovy Gore Grind.

10” SHORT FAST AND LOUD N°24 10 Euros
Ten year Anniversary issue w/ 10" compilation vinyl and zine, unreleased rippers from Larm, Coke Bust, Voetsek, Lack Of Interest, Seein Red, Brutal Truth, Extortion, Superbad, Noisear, Catheter, Enemies Of Inertia, Brodys Militia, Wasteoid, Pretty Little Flower, Slight Slappers, Street Pizza, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation, Conquest For Death, Torture Unit, Total Fucking Destruction, Gride and Lahar!!!

Double-LP SNOWBLOOD “Being and Becoming” (UK) 12 Euros
Post Metal for fans of Neurosis & Isis with Dark Ambient elements.

LP TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION “Peace, Love and total fucking destruction”
Back in stock, comes with a poster. Feat. Rich Hoak of Brutal Truth!!! Killer Album!

LP UNHOLY GRAVE “Blast Mayhem” (Jap) 10 Euros
A Collection of Raw Rehearsal from 1994 to 2010.

LP WORMROT “Dirge” (Sing) 12 Euros
Total Blasting!!! A Futur Classic Album is born!! Hyper Intensity, fast and riffing! for fans of Insect Warfare, P.L.F. Scum Yellow color Vinyl Wax - Limited.

LP WORMROT “Abuse” (Sing) 10 Euros
First Fury! First album, Ultime Grindcore, Original label press.

EP – 7”

Split 7” BLOCKHEADS / MUMAKIL (Fra/Ch) 5 Euros
Limited split 7”, the vinyl version of the split mcd on Bones Brigade Records.

T-Shirt / Merchandise

1 side printed, Black shirt / white print. M , L & XL Size.

TS IDIOTS PARADE « Satan Kick Ass » 10 Euros
Black Shirt, Both printed sides. M & L Size

Black Shirt, both sides printed. L & XL size.

TS LYCANTHROPHY “Chaos” 10 Euros
Black Shirt, 1 printed side. L size

Black shirt, 1 side printed. M, L & XL size

TS P.L.F. “Crushing Fury” 10 Euros
White shirt, 1 side printed. M & L Size
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bones brigade
posté 29.07.2011 - 02:09
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Membre n° 13301

Lycanthrophy full length album coming soon

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