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1 Apr 2010

After the endless bullshit of dealing with the pressing plant "Zenith" in which they delayed the release of Sabbat Noir by six weeks causing it not to be available for the Australian tour it was intended for, SABBAT NOIR is now finally released and among us!

I have to say, many thanks go out to not only Monarch, who did a great job designing the artwork, but also to Xavier Irvine and the folks at Madman Printing for doing the layout and making the packaging look totally amazing, this is now Heathen Skulls best release to date, we're really proud of this one.

Ok, lets talk Sabbat Noir!
Packaged in nice thick cardboard with silver layered, hi gloss artwork, Sabbat Noir is on 180 gram wax and is super limited to 400 LP's. It's not cheap, but that's Australia for you, it cost a shit load to press and print in the land down under so the retail price is $25 + $20 shipping international, $10 postage in Australia.
There's the possibility it maybe re-pressed and re-released Internationally, but I wouldn't be hopeful, if you want a copy of this record the way it was intended, limited deluxe edition on Heathen Skulls, you'd better get in quick.
We've have a lot of pre-orders and it's selling super fast.

For all customers that have pre-purchasd copies, your LP's will be shipped out as of Monday 29th of March.
For orders, please email: [email protected]

31 Mar 2010

Monarch : raw blackened female-fronted funeral doom/sludge from Bayonne, FR + Melbourne, AUS.
Black Widow : minimalist guitar based droning ambient soundscapes from Melbourne, Australia.


- 8/04/2010
Txiriboga Ostatua
Bayonne, FR

- 9/04/2010
Santana 27 w/ Kylesa + Dark Castle
Bilbao, ES

- 12/04/2010
Héretic w/ Aguirre
Bordeaux, FR

- 13/04/2010
CIP w/ Desecrator
Paris, FR

- 14/04/2010
Tba, BE

- 15/04/2010
Roadburn w/ Kylesa + Eyehategod + Goatsnake + etc.
Tilburg, NL

- 16/04/2010
MS Stubnitz
Rostock, DE w/ Golden Cup

- 17/04/2010
JUZ Mannheim
Mannheim, DE w/ Sailing On + Horse?

- 18/04/2010
L’ Usine w/ Impure Wilhelmina + Solar Flare
Geneva, CH

- 19/04/2010
Lyon, FR
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