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> Festival Anarcho-punk, Street-punk Et Plus Si Affinité, à la Miroiterie @Paris le 06/07/08
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Plus d'infos bientôt !

Serait-il possible de changer le titre ? En rajoutant Avril, merci smile.gif


Stand maloka...

Aprés le festival d'ovembre et la zombie académie, un nouveau bordel :
FESTIVAL UNPLEASANT MEETING à la Miroiterie 88 rue ménilmontant 75020 Paris

Un WEEK-END punk & post punk de trois jours et le lundi est férié pour récupérer avec

-- Vendredi 6 avril
(Synth punk Paris 1981)
(Post Punk Pays de Galles, 1986)
(Anarcopunk uk, 1983 sortie sur Motorhate)
(Anarcopunk uk avec le Guitariste de Subhumans 1982)
(Electro-Gothic ‘Batcave’ band from Belgium)
(Punk Hardcore uk)

-- Samedi 7 avril
(Punk rock oi uk 1979, première fois en France)
(Anarcopunk Oi écosse début 80 )
(Cover oi & punk avec le chanteur de Oi Polloi)
(Coldwave, nouveau projet du chanteur de Frustration)
(Punk hardcore Usa 2006)
(Sortie release new wave de Saint Etienne)
(Streetpunk Usa 2005)
(Duo Coldwave Paris avec membre de Dolina et de Froechar)

-- Dimanche 8 avril
(Punk rock pathétique Uk 1976)
(Punk Hardcore Uk 1995)
(Post Punk Spain, 2010)
(Post punk de paris)
(Post punk anarco de Cardif 1982)
(Streetpunk suisse 2010)
(Streetpunk parisien 2010)

PAF pour le défraiement de 25 euros
Réservable sur [email protected]

JOUR 1 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Vendredi 6 avril 2012 à 18h00
After à la cantada toute la nuit sous présentation du bracelet

23h00 00h00

22h00 22h45 INTERNAL AUTONOMY (Post Punk Pays de Galles, 1986)
Internal Autonomy was formed in 1986 and although originally inspired by Anarcho-Punk also drew on a wide variety of influences, going on to record the album "Inquiry" for Recordrom Records plus two ep's "Love and Life", and "Only You Have the Power" ( a double 7in on Profane Existence) as well as appearing on vinyl compilations and numerous cassette releases. IA disbanded in 1993 and was later reformed in 2010 by founder members Al and Nikki, who with others (including Azia of Les Modules Etranges) have since completed a new album "Ferox" to be released in 2012.

21h00 21h45 LIBERTY (Anarcopunk uk, 1983 sortie sur Motorhate)
Liberty were formed in 1983 from Dartford Kent by three school friends, Mark Wallis (vocals), Graham Clench (bass) and Dereck Banks (drums). After several gigs and a couple of guitarists Mick Harrington joined in May 1984.In September that year we went in to DTS studios of Chatham to do a demo tape. Loads of gigs followed. A couple at the Wolwich Polytechnic brought us to the attention of Colin (Conflict/Mortarhate) who asked us if we would like to contribute a track to a compilation album he was putting together, so we went back to DTS and recorded ‘Diluted Rebellion’ for the ‘We Don’t Want Your Fucking War’ LP.The demo and LP track led to gigs all over the country and loads of positive feedback (cheers everyone) and Colin asked us to do an EP for Mortarhate. In came Steve Flack on vocals to give Mark a hand and in April ‘85 we trekked up to London to Alaska studios to record the ‘Our Voice is Tomorrows Hope’ EP.A couple of bass players later (cheers Gonk & Paul) with new drummer Oggy and a new bassist Ray on board the LP ‘The People Who Care Are Angry’ followed again on Mortarhate. With a national tour alongside Conflict and Potential Threat nearly complete you would think things could only get better but - DOH! - just as an offer of a US tour and tracks on Pusheads ‘Cleanse The Bacteria 2’ LP were on offer, we split up!!!!
Liberty reformed in 2005. We thought and still do that there is a lot wrong in todays society. We all have ways to show our disgust for a system that works to keep Mr & Mrs Average as cannon fodder, to keep the Machine working, our way is to write and perform songs.
The Current line up is: Luke. (vocals), Mark. (bass), Mick. (guitar), and Del (drums)

20h00 20h45 A-HEADS (Anarcopunk uk avec le Guitariste de Subhumans 1982)
The Warminster youth centre 30 years ago was a vibrant place with many
local bands learning their trade. In one room were Wiltshire’s finest Anarcho punk rock heroes the Subhumans, next door, their counterparts were the A-Heads. Where as the Subhumans have gone on to become a band admired and influential throughout the years, the A-Heads have remained in their shadows for the last 3 decades.
For the A-Heads the past 4 years has seen them emerge from the shadows
and become a force in America with their melodic punk rock style of music.
Along with their early material from the 80’s and their recent self released
album `Ash to the Soil’ interest in America has seen one US record company
release the band’s discography. Initial sales have sown the seeds for a possible fourth stateside visit in 2012 and plans are being made for European gigs in April.
The band’s roots are from the Anarcho punk scene of the 1980’s. The band differed from their counterparts of that scene due to their lyrical content being of social & personal observation. Where many other bands were strong on political statements the A-Heads grasped the DIY ethos and stood for self motivation & self preservation in how they lived
Whilst the band still maintain strong links with their past as their drummer is
the Subhumans guitarist, their connection with other local bands such as The
Blunders is strong as they both share guitarists & a touring drummer.

19h00 19h45 26 TEARS (Electro-Gothic ‘Batcave’ band from Belgium)
With a concept based in comic horror, Twenty Six Tears is sometimes dark, sometimes sad, but always with a hint of humour. Live, the band always manages to capture the imagination with their attention-grabbing performances and have firmly established themselves on the Goth/New wave/Deathrock scene in Belgium.
http://www.myspace.com/twentysixtears http://www.reverbnation.com/26tearscom/26Tears

18h00 185h45 DEAD SUBVERTS (Punk Hardcore uk)
Dead Subverts are a hardcore punk band from the UK. In Dead Subverts we feel that politics and the way in which we live is as much (if not more) important than the music, the music is simply a way to vent our thoughts and hopefully make a connection in a way we might not otherwise be able to achieve. We all have our own ethics, our own politics and cover various issue depending on who wrote the song, but we all agree on the fact that fascism has no place in any society. We play anti-fascist anarcho punk and try to tour as much as possible.

Ouverture 18h00

JOUR 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Samedi 7 avril 2012 à 17h00
After à la cantada toute la nuit sous présentation du bracelet

23h00 00h00 INFA RIOT
(Punk rock oi uk 1979)
Première fois en France et seul date en France

22h00 22h45 DANGER
(Coldwave paris 2011)
Nouveau projet du chanteur de Frustration

21h00 21h45 DESTRUCT
(Punk hardcore Usa 2006)
Four piece hardcore punk commando from heart of Los Angeles. They play such as Conflict or Broken Bones but with power of nowadays bands. Destruct played couple of full USA tours and also 3 weeks Europe tour in 2008 along with T´they label mates MAD PIGS from Czech Republic. Destruct released s/t 7“ EP, split CD with MAD PIGS and last year they full-lenght LP called „New American Nightmare“ released on Voltage records. Destruct bring to Europe thein brand new 7“ EP!

20h00 20h45 OI POLLOI
(Anarcopunk Oi écosse début 80 )

19h00 19h45 MERCI LA NUIT
Sortie release new wave de Saint Etienne

(Cover punk & oi avec le chanteur de Oi Polloi)

17h00 17h45 DCOI (Streetpunk Usa 2005)
DCOI means Dealy City Oi! And those bastards kill you! Very fast-forward hardcore punk sounds like early Final Conflict but DCOI are way harder in good way! Very active band who´s touring several month in year over whole USA or Canada and this time is their first hit of Europe time with brand new LP on Voltage records called „When History Repeats“

Duo Coldwave Paris avec membre de Dolina et de Froechar

Ouverture 16h00

JOUR 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dimanche 8 avril 2012 à 17h00

23h00 00h00 SPLOGENESSABOUNDS (Punk rock pathétique Uk 1976)
Having seen it’s 30th anniversary, punk rock is now “exploding” to become the next big cult for the latest generation of kids. Along with the new wave of punk, a number of original punk bands have reformed, including the Sex Pistols, whilst a few, Splodge amongst them, have never stopped!
Renowned for the “lyrical masterpiece” "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please" and the Rolf Harris cover "Two Little Boys"; Splodge brings a unique mixture of "pathetique" punk and bawdy beer swilling humour to the stage. Spawned from the birth of the punk movement, and later, further labelled as “OI”, the band won the Melody Maker band competition in 1976, where they appeared naked with cardboard boxes on their heads (full marks for originality). Splodgenessabounds went on to become a national name, with appearances on Top of the Pops, complete with a nine piece band and a dog called "Two Pint's Pearson", and a National Number One!
Splodge have recently completed a “world tour”including their first ever tour of the USA where they played in 5 states on the East Coast, including the sadly missed CBGB’s in New York, as well as 2 dates in Canada. This was followed by a European tour including Germany, Austria and Italy. The band have also played all over the UK from Bristol to Scotland, as far north as Mid Yell in the Shetlands, as well as the Irish Republic and have completed successful tours of Holland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The bands’ current line up includes Matt Sergeant ( from Sham 69) on bass, Richard ‘Johnny Chunders’ and Ronny Rokka on guitar, Nigel Harry Monk on drums, and Max Splodge on vocals and lager.
The first album “Splodgenessabounds” has been re-released on the Captain Oi label and includes a host of bonus tracks. This follows the release of the album ‘The Artful Splodger’ recorded by Sex Pistols producer, Dave Goodman (RIP) released on the Captain Oi label and the previous “I Don’t Know” album. The last album featured guest musicians including; Micky Fitz from The Business and Wurzel (RIP) from Motorhead.
So if you're the type that doesn’t like Lager, Vic Reaves, Viz style humour, loud music or Rolf Harris, then don't come to the gigs!

22h00 22h45 THE RESTARTS (Punk Hardcore Uk 1995)
The Restarts are now in their 16th year of rabble rousing, a tight three piece, multi-genre punk outfit based in East London! They play thrashy anarcho power chord punk laced with Ska breaks and pogo inducing basslines earning them a loyal following of punk lovers of all ages. The Restarts have been hammering their way through the squats of Europe and DIY house shows across North America with reckless abandon, lending amplification to unheard voices, playing benefit gigs for various social causes earning them the right to being requested to play along side such heavy weights as Steve Ignorant’s CRASS, Jello Biafra & GSM, Millions of Dead Cops, The Casualties, King Blues, Star Fucking Hipsters and Subhumans.
Over the course of five albums and numerous EPs, their latest offering is Mobocracy: a scorching split release with American punk legends MDC (Millions of Dead Cops). Released on their own No Label Records, Mobocracy finds the Restarts rallying for us to move forward in the face of corporate and religious institutions who they see as taking us backwards. The Restarts have continued to stick by their DIY guns, all the while employing wit, cynicism, and hard-hitting catchy anthems!

21h00 21h45 BELGRADO (Post Punk Spain, 2010)
Energetic Post-Punk band heavily influenced by 80's Anarcho/Peace/Post-Punk and its D.I.Y. ethics. Born in the Barcelona squatting scene on late 2010, Belgrado mix obscure sometimes catchy melodies with punk attitude and dancing beats.

20h00 20h45 BLUE VOID
(Post punk de paris, 2010)
With 80's bands like Violators, Siouxsie and the Banshees or Rubella Ballet as an inspiration, Blue Void combines a raw guitar sound, rich bass lines, rough and bouncing drums and visceral, powerful female vocals. The result is a range that goes from early post-punk and tribal, anarcho sounds to some hypnotic tracks. Based in Paris, Alicia and Marc started composing in early 2010 and recorded some tracks with an old rhythm-machine. Later in 2011, they completed the formation with Anthony and Louis, adding new songs and influences, recording some demos and starting to play live.

19h00 19h45 NO CHOICE (Post punk anarco de Cardif 1982)
I suppose its fair to say that musically No Choice are a bit hard to bracket. Theres a touch of everything thrown in as and when we like, after all, there's no rules in music.....maybe thats why we like it ? We set about this "thing" 30 years ago making a racket in an old wharehouse in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Our 1st single, Sadist Dream on Riot City Records was a 3 track microcosm of what was to come i guess, Three totally different tracks but they all contained that socio political stance that has remained with us ever since and its that integrity that i'm proud of as much as all the songs we've written since. Dry River Fishing was our 1st studio album,. Followed by Anaesthetize This....Anihilate That ! Our next album..."Thru It. is already recorded and somehow we will get it out in 2012, so look out for it. We aren't one of those bands that gig a lot, mainly down to our families coming 1st but when we do, we like to make it a special occasion for us and for those that turn up to watch us or support the benefit gig that we are there for. Post Punk Rock i guess ? Political ...Definately ! We are just a band tho' and if we play your town, just be sure to come and say Hello.
No Choice x

(Streetpunk suisse, 2010)

17h00-17h45 BREAKOUT (Streetpunk parisien, 2010)
Formée en 2011 par un groupe d'amis de la banlieue sud de Paris
BreakOut pratique un punk influencé Street Punk/Hardcore Punk assez énervé! il est composé de 4 jeunes Punx impliqué dans la scène Parisienne (asso d'organisation de concert, petite distro, ex membre de Time Bomb et d'autres groupes...)

Ouverture 16h00


PLACES LIMITEES : PASS 3 JOURS : 25 euros, préréservable sur [email protected]

Table/infos soutien pour Food Not Bombs
Distro Maloka

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