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27 Apr 2017

I just chop a scratch, everything is fine except that it has morfle level body, So I intend to sand it down to the wood, but not entirely, a kind of relicing in some way, blows I had a question, is it possible to leave the part or the wood will appear without any treatment? Therefore no varnish or dyeing, since the wood is no longer "protect" on these zones, is there a risk to leave it naked?

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27 Apr 2017
We have a mesa boogie studio preamp (in rack) We plugged it on a vox ac10 and we could output a very correct sound So I suppose (being not at all specialist preamplifier & rack effect) that the Vox had to color a minimum sound (it had been cleaned for info) So the goal is to buy a power amp (we say so?)

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27 Apr 2017
Since I have changed a bit of config, I have a correct amp (head ENGL Blackmore + VHT 2x12) and I work under Cubase LE with a relatively good digital audio interface, + DFH Superior for drum programming.

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27 Apr 2017
I intend to change guitar in two or three months and I hear a lot about the Duesenbergs.
I would like to ask what you think of the special starplayer as they are in a reasonably priced range and if it will go knowing that I play a bit of
everything from rock to punk to metal on a jcm 900

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