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> Darvulia "l'alliance Des Venins" Lp Out Now!
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Out now on BATTLESK'RS Prodz:

"L'Alliance des Venins"

LP - SK'R012-LP
Black Metal (France)

outer cover + printed innerbag
including A2 poster
and a bonus track "Le Silence d'Anna"
from an old recording session.

Limited to 500 copies

15 € without shipping

exclusively distributed by NWN! (americas) and
Necrocosm (Rest of the world)

Description by J. Campbell:
Released on CD in 2005, “L’alliance Des Venins” has long been considered by many to be among the most prominent recordings in the canon of French Black Metal. While Darvulia’s influence may not be as widely recognized as some other French acts such as Peste Noire or those in the LLN camp, the band’s 15 years of existence is a testament to the power of the music. That the band only has eight official releases (including just three full-lengths) to its name during that time is evidence of the deliberate manner by which Darvulia sets about writing and recording material and explains the remarkably high quality of the band’s catalog. “L’alliance Des Venins” is arguably the most substantial statement made by the band, and may easily be considered among the most impressive, if often overlooked, Black Metal releases of the past decade. Darvulia incorporates melody, intensity, and discordance in equal measure into the overall tapestry of its sound. Assertive passages of rapid and sprawling melody give way to mid-paced and down tempo atmospheric segments pregnant with the tension of restraint. Woven throughout the album are astounding riffs that shimmer with melancholy minor key dissonance. The effect calls to mind some of the more atonal aspects of Piggy’s playing in Voivod, but the riffs here are firmly embedded in the sweeping, sorrowful, and decidedly French, Black Metal tradition. The overall impact is wholly unique. No other band in Black Metal quite utilizes shifts in tempo and prominently misaligned harmonies to such tremendous effect. The production on “L’alliance Des Venins” also deserves comment. The album is never blown out or overdriven, leaving intact the disorienting interplay of incongruous notes while also maintaining and merging the visceral attack of each instrument. The production, like the songwriting, never incorporates any extraneous and unnecessary elements, and, in this way, Darvulia relies precisely upon those sounds needed to achieve the desired effect and nothing more. The cover art, a simple rendering of the main de gloire or hand of glory, is as evocative and austere as the music within and bespeaks the potent and mystical aura of death that the album exudes. At its summits, “L’alliance Des Venins” attains a state of grandeur and brilliance of form that casts the album alongside the greatest in the genre.

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Exclusively distributed by:


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CHARON "Sulphur Seraph (The Archon Principle)" CD - Mystic and Luciferian Black/Death Metal - CD with slipcase [Label: Sepulchral Voice] 9.90 €

CONDEMEK "Technological Shack Job" CD - Industrial / noise from New York, recorded '95/'97. [Label: Functional Organisation] 9.90 €

DARK FURY "The price of treason" CD - Ns Black metal with members from Thor's hammer and Othar. For fans of Der sturmer, Wolfnacht... [Label: true underground productions] 6.90 €

DARKTHRONE "Sardonic Wrath" CD - Brazilian version on Black Metal Attack Records. [Label: Black Metal Attack] 10.00 €

DARVULIA "L'Alliance des Venins" CD - 2nd full length of fascinating Grim Black Metal. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 9.90 €

DARVULIA "L'Ombre Malicieuse" CD - Released for the first time on numeric format, originally recorded in january 2002, the first masterpiece of this obscure, grim and raw Black Metal band. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 9.90 €

DARVULIA "Mysticisme Macabre" CD - 2 copies back in stock after inventory. C. Kobal has still open the gates of his morbid soul to composed 8 sinister hymns. This 3rd full length opus marks a new Era of total transcendence. Mysticisme Macabre will infect you to Death. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 11.90 €

DOCTOR LIVINGSTONE "Contemptus saeculi" CD - A demented mix between black metal and punk. With members of Mütiilation, Alien Deviant Circus and Zoldier Noiz. [Label: Osmose] 10.90 €

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FUNERAL GOAT "Mass Ov Perversion" CD - Raw and hateful religious black metal! Side project of two SAURON's members. [Label: Daemon Worship] 9.90 €

FUNERAL WAR "Pas de compaSSion" CD - First album of Funeral War, with Azziard (french death metal) and Moonreich (french black metal) members'. [Label: self released] 4.00 €

GRANDMA "Obscure Grandma Necrocadaveric Vomit" CD - Modern Grindcore with a very powerful sound. [Label: Obskure Sombre] 2.90 €

GRIM FUNERAL / SPECTRE "A grim funeral for humanity / Coldness in the howl" CD - Two way split for these spanish bands. One hour of cold and to-the-roots black metal. [Label: Solistitium] 6.00 €

HAEMOTH/AD NOCTEM "Mortuales Delecti" CD - Split - Depressive Black Metal/Symphonic Black Metal. Limited to 1000 kopiez [Label: Hohenstaufen] 8.50 €

HEART IN MOUTH "The Bigger Picture" CD - Quote from label: Vast, beautiful cosmic French electronica / prog isolationism, deep tones and rich textured cathedrals of sound. Almost choral in places, epic and bombastic with chiming bells and pulsing tones to dark, glacial ambient electronica that is pure astral. Hints of classic European avant-prog (Magma, Univers Zero) are subtely apparent throughout too. "The Bigger Picture" is a great triumph in modern composition inspiring, emotional and provocative to the senses. [Label: Paradigm] 8.00 €

HEL "Orloeg" CD - Pagan Black Metal, 2006 reissue. [Label: Det Germanske Folket] 9.00 €

HOLLOWING + MAOR APPELBAUM "Collaborating Torture" CD - Quote from Label: "Collaborating Torture is one of the last known recordings made by Matt Gibney AKA Hollowing, who died in January 2006. Gibney, a member of SOIHADTOSHOOTHIM who was also running the important Rectrix label and mail-order, was joined here by the prolific Maor Appelbaum (Grave in the Sky, Poochaltz and Maurizio Bianchi, to name a few) to create a brooding and massive 54 minutes track of dark pitch-black ambient of hypnagogic swirls and industrialized drones. Sometimes subtle, yet mostly haunted and delirious, this is highly recommended if you like Wilt, Murderous Vision, Brighter Death Now, Aidan Baker, Z'ev, Daniel Menche, The Caretaker and John Duncan." [Label: Heart & Crossbone] 5.90 €

HYBRYDS "Soundtracks For The Antwerp Zoo Aquarium" CD - Quote from label: The reissue of a long-deleted classic album by this legendary Belgian project. 'Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium' is an unusual album, even in comparison with other Hybryds works. It was created especially for the 150th anniversary of the Antwerp Zoo. Music composed by Sandy and Hermann (of Ah-Cama Sotz) was woven in between the sounds of dolphins, killer whales and the noise of the underwater world. [Label: Zoharum] 9.00 €

ISÄNMAA "Yli Peltojen, Vetten Ja Tunturien" CD - Finnish black metal, side project of Impaled Nazarene's ex-guitarist, Kimmo Luttinen. [Label: Primitive Reaction] 5.90 €

LAETHORA "March of the parasite" CD - Original death metal, a side project of Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity). [Label: Osmose] 10.90 €

LAMBWOOL "Fading landscapes" CD - A collaboration between Lambwool (dark ambient), photographer Peter Begtsen and author Nico Bally: cd + 20pages booklet including black and white photos and a three pages novel. [Label: Divine Comedy] 10.00 €

LETHAL DOSE 50 "21st Century Awakening" CD - (LETHAL DOSE 50 is the poison dose injected into the veins of persons sentenced to the death penalty in some states of the United States.… but LD50 is also a Belgian trio which has been existing for years in the fields of electronic musics. After a self-released first tape and a first CD-R, we are proud to offer you the first fullength CD by this talented unit. Using some digital instruments – synths, samplers- as well as some analogue ones –synths, rhythm’n box, effects-… LD50 develops an atmospheric music which is at the same time dark but warm, cosmic and experimental, melodic and deep, meditative but aware, often underlaid by some sampled voices and sound-collages, sometimes intermingled with/ intersected with some hypnotic rhythms. Being fully mastered and definitely original compared to some nowadays releases from the dark-ambient genre, "21st century awakening" will both appeal to the nostalgics of the 70ies and 80ies sonorities -old-school space-electronics from the 70ies and 80ies such as TANGERINE DREAM, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS-.as well as to the lovers of some nowadays dark ambient acts such as SCHLOSS TEGAL, INADE, HERBST 9 or FIRST LAW… LD 50 is certainly the sole musical project able to set a bridge between these two tendencies, these two sounds, these two periods… Fans of sterilized lap-top generated or of cheap new-age ethno-ambient can go their way. "21st century awakening" will appeal as much to the soul as to the body, to the mind as to the heart. At first listening, this record may seem a little bit strange to you, like being out of phases, but the following listenings will draw you into an endless spiral similar to the one painted on the sleeve. Allow yourself enough of freedom for that... CD re-mastered by Christian RENOU, housed in an original A5 size silk-screened fold-out cover. Paintings by Leyla ERSEN [Label: Nuit et Brouillard] 7.00 €

LIK "Besvartade Strofer" CD - Black/Folk/Rock Metal with memùber of Armagedda and Volkermord. Primitive with accoustic and atmospheric parts. [Label: Agonia] 5.00 €

LIK "Lekamen illusionem kallet" CD - Primitive Black/Folk/Rock Metal with member of Armagedda and Volkermord. Original with a touch of Atmospheric Rock/riffing. [Label: Agonia] 4.00 €

LUNAR AURORA "Elixir of Sorrow" CD - Symphonic Black Metal [Label: The Oath] 7.90 €

MALHKEBRE "Prostration" CD - At last, CD version of their MLP of 2006 with slipcase & 16 pages booklet \"Four messages of black proselytism resulting from reflections about Nothingness and Final Salvation, destined to glorify the Unique and to remind you how unfathomable His splendour is.\" [Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio] 8.90 €

MAVETH "Breath Of Abomination" CD - This release features their "Of Serpent and Shadow" and "Impious Servant" MLPs with all new artwork from Daniel Selfdesecrator. [Label: Nuclear Winter] 8.90 €

MELEK-THA "Apokalypsia" CD - Occult dark ritual industrial ambient at it's best. Last copy in stock! [Label: Necrocosm] 9.90 €

MORBOSIDAD "Muerte de Cristo en Golgota" CD - Last full length of these mexican fanatics! [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 7.90 €

MORTUARY DRAPE "Into The Catachthonium" CD - For fans of raw death / black metal. Combines the EP Into the Drape (1992), with the full-length All the Witches Dance (1995), and a live track. [Label: Hell Institute] 11.50 €

MOURIR ET REVENIR "Pourquoi ces Sanglots ?" CD - French Black Metal. [Label: Nihil Voces Productions] 4.90 €

MÜTIILATION "Destroy Your Life For Satan" CD - "Official release cursed by Meyhnach" Track 5 is a cover of Venom. Originally released in 2001 on tape format in an edition of 100 copies and re-released by Dark Adversary Productions in 2008 on red vinyl. Limited to 1000 copies. [Label: Dark Adversary] 10.00 €

MÜTIILATION "Majestas Leprosus" CD - Released by Dark Adversary Productions in 2012. [Label: Dark Adversary] 12.00 €

MÜTIILATION "Rattenkönig" CD - The same black coma remastered for Him ! [Label: Dark Adversary] 10.00 €

MÜTIILATION "Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul" CD - reissue of the 2nd full length [Label: Drakkar] 9.90 €

MÜTIILATION "Sorrow Galaxies" CD - Composed, performed and recorded during sorrow year 2006, except session drums (winter 2007). Total running time: 44:38 [Label: Dark Adversary] 10.75 €

NARTVIND "Ruinous" CD - Raw Underground Black Metal. [Label: Grievantee] 7.00 €

NICODEMUS "The Supernatural Omnibus" CD - Heavy/horror Metal. [Label: Dark Symphonies] 10.50 €

NO RETURN "St" CD - 6th Album of the band [Label: Season of Mist] 5.00 €

NOKTURNE "Black Metal Kampf" CD - Compilation from various album tracks.NS Black Metal from the 90's. [Label: Frozen Darkness] 9.00 €

OCULTAN "Lembranças do Mal, A Crucificação" CD - 2nd Album from this old Evil Black/Death Metal horde. Slipcase version. [Label: Evil Horde] 9.00 €

OLD WAINDS "Where The Snows are never gone..." CD - 2nd edition on an american label this time. Excellent eastern black metal! [Label: Negative Existence] 7.90 €

OSCULUM INFAME "Manifesto From The Dark Age" CD - Re-issue and remastered of demos from 1994 to 1996. Tracks taken from: 01-05: Sadomatic, Impure Artgoat Demo 1994 06-12: I'a Aem'nh S'hat'n Demo 1995 13-14: Osculum Infame / Funeral Split 1996 [Label: Ordo Decimus Peccatum] 9.50 €

PAULIN BÜNDGEN "Etrange Septembre" CD - Audio counterpart by french classical singer and composer PAULIN BÜNDGEN to the book "Etrange Septembre" released the same year. Limited edition of 472 copies. [Label: Cynfeirdd] 8.00 €

POGROM "Mort au peuple" CD - Compilation from this NS French Black Metal Band with French lyrics. Contains Demo and Album tracks. [Label: nihil voces] 5.00 €

PROFANE "Heretique Arya" CD - Brutal NS Black metal with French lyrics. [Label: Othal] 5.00 €

PROJEKT K-OZ "The One Eyed God" CD - Side-projekt of Guru Deadlock (Meyhnach - Mütiilation) Guests : Azat (Alien Deviant Circus) - Tankvinss (Zoldier NoiZ) [Label: Dark Adversary] 12.00 €

PURITAS VIRGINUM "Décennie de Souffrance" CD - French black metal. [Label: Semen & Blood] 4.00 €

RASALHAGUE "Rage Inside The Window" CD - Special packaging DVD Digipack format. One man project, now living in N.W. Indiana. His debut 3 inch self-release is a swirling black mass of brooding drones and weighty cosmic doom. For fans of Vestigial, Terra Sancta, Cyclic Law... [Label: Malignant] 13.50 €

REGNANT AND THRALL "Sex Polizei" CD - French black metal. [Label: Nihil Voces Productions] 4.50 €

SILENCER "Death - Pierce Me" CD - Suicidal Dark/Black Metal with screaming voice. Feel the caress of the razorblade ! [Label: Autopsy Kitchen] 10.50 €

SKON "At the end of a journey" CD - Doom metal including a Katatonia cover, limited to 500 copies. [Label: Hexencave] 5.00 €

SOFA KING KILLER "Midnight Magic" CD - Ohio's Sofa King Killer are on a bender. Blending hook-laden doom riffs, grooving tempo shifts, blues licks and whiskey-burned vocals, SKK are out to kick your ass. High-quality sludge/metal/hardcore, that draws from the likes of Down, Eyehategod and Entombed, yet with a feel of their own. Well-executed and heavy as hell, Sofa King Killer's memorable grooves will leave you deaf. -Thunderdome Booking.com Founded in 1999 as a jam project SKK quickly turned heads after releasing the Leechmilk/Sofa King Killer split on Tee Pee Records. After touring the US several times, SKK recorded the 'Lust, Crime And Holiness' ep for At A Loss Recordings. In May 2004 Sofa King Killer released the long awaited debut lp MIDNIGHT MAGIC on the UK's Retribute Records. MIDNIGHT MAGIC is the most fully realized release to date, defining what SKK is all about: THE RIFF. [Label: Retribute] 10.50 €

STELLADRINE "Not From This Earth" CD - Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. Artwork design by Milounitch Studios. [Label: Mechanoise] 7.50 €

SUSPERIA "Vindication" CD - Melodic Black/Thrash Metal with members of Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Old Man's Child [Label: Nuclear Blast] 8.00 €

SYNDROME "Floating Veins" CD - Drone / Ambient music by a member from AMENRA. [Label: Consouling Sounds] 7.50 €

TAAKE / EVO ALGY / SIGH / THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL / THUS DEFILED "Swine of Hades" CD - Five way split cd. [Label: Godreah] 7.90 €

TAPHEPHOBIA "Black City Skyline" CD - Dark Ambient from Sweden. Recorded at Messy Room Studios [Label: Reverse Alignment] 5.50 €

TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE "Condemnation" CD - A killer opus! [Label: Nuclear Winter] 8.90 €

THE JOY OF NATURE "The Empty Circle Part.I" CD - Quote from label: The Joy of Nature is a multimedia project from the Azores, with music as its main focus (the Azores are a group of 9 islands between Europe and North America, belonging to Portugal) . It was created in 1999 as "The Joy of Nature and Discipline", and reduced to "The Joy of Nature" in 2006, following a change in its sound - more organic and acoustic. Musically, "The Joy of Nature" is like a serpent always renewing itself - never resting in one shape, changing the form but keeping the same essence. ?Swirling Lands of Disquiet and Catharsis? is the first part of a trilogy entitled ?The Empty Circle?. Each part of the trilogy has a correspondence with the three main hermetic-alchemical phases: Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo and, at the same time and correspondingly, to individual experience, inheritance of our ancestors and, finally, the overcoming of a mere individual state of existence. This first part corresponds to Nigredo. The subtitle of this work - ?A Theatre lost in The Vast Abyss of Starry Skies? came in a lucid dream in which appeared the idea that this world in which we live our day-to-day lives can be compared to a small theatre in a vast abyss of starry skies. This album is about a world of disquiet, in which a catharsis should be done. To gather the impurities, realize their nature and build something pure from there. The music follows the concept - there are elements of Folk, Ambient, Psychedelic and Experimental music, mixed in a coherent way, creating a unique sound and a breathtaking atmosphere, predominantly acoustic and with dark tones. 62 min. / 12 songs [Label: Ahnstern] 5.00 €

TONY WAKEFORD "Not All Of Me Will Die" CD - Quote from label: «Non omnis moriar»—«Not all of me will die». Over 2000 years ago, the Roman poet Horace wrote this line. Its poignant defiance of human mortality and faith in the transcending power of art rings out down the ages, finding an echo in this new work from Tony Wakeford, best known as the founder of seminal English dark folk band Sol Invictus. Not All Of Me Will Die is Tony Wakeford’s fourth solo studio album. It commemorates the life and work of the Polish-Ukrainian Jewish poetess Zuzanna Ginczanka, who was executed by the Gestapo in Kraków in 1944. All of the album’s lyrics are based on Ginczanka’s verses. As with his last solo outing, 2007’s Into The Woods, Tony Wakeford is joined here by a range of guest musicians and vocalists, including avant-garde composer Susan Matthews and members of Orchestra Noir, Zunroyz and Sol Invictus. [Label: The Eastern Front] 6.90 €

VINTERRIKET/NORTHAUNT "s/t" CD - Dark Ambient collaboration limited to 1000 copies. Nice 16 pages booklet. [Label: Flood The Earth] 1.90 €

VOIVOD "Spectrum Live 09.1987 " CD - Cult Thrash Metal! [Label: n/a] 5.90 €

VON SIRIUS "The Mystical Doktryn of Spiritual Accomplishment" CD - French gothic / dark metal. [Label: Nihil Voces Productions] 5.50 €

WESTWIND "Tourmente II" CD - Part 2 of a triple release, the other two being on vinyl. This series is dedicated to the victims who perished in Brest during WWII. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Nihil Voces Productions] 7.00 €

WICKED KING WICKER "God Is Busy... Save Yourself" CD - 6th full length from this extreme doom act. [Label: Cold Spring] 7.00 €

ZLYE KUKLY "Strange Tomorrow" CD - Russian folk band based in Jerusalem. [Label: Ahnstern] 5.50 €

ZOLDIER NOIZ "Regression Process" CD - 2nd album from this primitive thrash metal band. Influences come from the old days of Deathstrike/Bolt Thrower to Motorhead and Discharge. Don't expect another Destruction/Kreator Rip Off... [Label: dark descent] 10.00 €

AD OMBRA "Rites of Genesis" CD Digipack - quote from label: Romanian project Ad Ombra’s debut album “Rites of Genesis” (equinox tremendum) offers a suite in 15 parts of Dramatic Orchestral art, rooted in the timeless fragrance of Classical music, adorned with Eastern lullabies, funeral dirges, monumental choirs and operatic female chants, theatrical soliloquies, industrial hues of a dark disturbing manner, all coagulated in order to depict the aesthetical testimonies of the project’s mastermind, George D. Stanciulescu. A spiral of emotions, thoughts, opalescent visions, essential recurrences, for Creation’s shrine that stands as a living mirror where everyone can reflect the(m)selves. For fans of Elend, Stoa, Sophia and Chaostar. 15 tracks, 42 minutes, 3 panel matt digipack with original artwork by Luna. [Label: Rage In Eden] 7.00 €

ANTIKATECHON "Woe is the Reward" CD Digipack - Davide Del Col has been working in the specific and uncompromising ritual dark ambient genre since the end of the 90s, this firstly under the moniker of Ornament for a couple of very rare limited editions then as Antikatechon which now represents the highlight of his artistic and stylistic creativity. A first full length album has been published on Silentes Minimal Editions back in 2011, this one provides a very accomplished effort in the realms of hauntingly dark ambient music with a touch of melancholic-spiritual inflected nihilism. Signed on Rage in Eden, "Chrisma Crucifixorum" is an other eloquent and complex release which oscillates between stately gazing drone sequences and original audio treatments, the whole thing surrounded by a sacral aura. 2013 saw the rise of a collaborative effort with the pioneering ethno-noise ambient act Nimh, also from Italy. This musical meeting gave birth to a passionate and typical dark ambient offering. The conceptual-visual background is connected to the visions and powerful painting works of Goya. Davide Del Col presents here his new catchy electronic dark ambient release entitled "Woe is the Reward", welcomed by Rage in Eden Records. A tremendous, entrancing and blasting dark ambient odyssey full of majestic sound sculptures, huge resonances, bleak noises, metallic reverbs and many more. This sonic, soundtracky and "acoustically haunted" ambient symphony will totally enthrall and ravish the listener. Be prepared to this intense sonorous adventure. -- Philippe Blache [Label: Rage In Eden] 7.90 €

BLOODYMINDED "Within the walls" CD Digipack - Power electronics from the rusty New York City. Recommended. [Label: Bloodlust] 9.90 €

C.O CASPAR "Reports From This Lunatic Asylum" CD Digipack - CoCaspar lives in Berlin and Sweden as a datoist, conceptor, constructor, author, theoretician and xeroxer. He works as a soloist, workshop organizer, actionist and musician with sound tools as installation, with projections, with light art. His medium is the processing of concrete tones and noises by means of digital equipment. Sound is planned as scenaric tone and speech acts, and is spontaneously developed from the original impulses of the sounding body - also in cooperation with other players. During: 57:36 home.scarlet.be [Label: Hau Ruck!] 10.50 €

CAPRICE "Kywitt ! Kywitt !" CD Digipack - Caprice is a neo-classical ensemble from Russia distinguished by Inna Brejestovskaya’s heavenly voice and an acoustic sound (harp, flute, clarinet, violin, cello) with a touch of electronics. [Label: Prikosnovénie] 11.25 €

CONTROL "Deadly Sins" CD Digipack - 11 years after making his debut on Malignant side label, Black Plague, the legendary Control returns home to roost, with another pulverizing display of power. 7 tracks, thematically centered around the 7 deadly sins (with each track clocking in at the 7 minute), originally released as lmtd CDr for the Elektroanschlag 11 festival. There is no atonement here, nor redemption offered. Just cold, jarring currents of massively built power electronics and horror filled death industrial, full of clamoring factory debris, razor sharp sheets of sonic violence, and grisly metallic grind, rounded out with Garrison's trademark vocal devastation. In 4 panel digipak, designed by John Balistreri of Slogun. Mandatory! [Label: Malignant] 8.50 €

DEATHSPELL OMEGA "Kénôse" CD Digipack - "The immediate follow-up to 'Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice', in the sense that it is a conceptual appendix to this release, and that it constitutes a preamble to the actual second chapter of the trilogy.” [Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli] 9.90 €

EIDULON "Idolatriae" CD Digipack - Quote from label: With the release of Eidulon’s debut CD Idolatriae, we at Malignant are pleased to welcome another new project into the cozy confines of our slowly expanding roster. 7 tracks of ultra bleak, abstract atmospheres, with sounds and textures that seem to seep from catacomb walls and come slithering out of subterranean chambers. Certainly, this can be classified as a dark ambient record, but at it’s core, it’s more than just that simple classification. There’s a gritty, more jagged edge here, with tetonic shifts, deep rumblings, and crackling, climatic squalls buried under a bed of ghostly reverb and haunting tonal resonance. Fits in nicely with past Malignant releases such as R|A|A|N's 'The Nacrasti', Heid's 'Arktogaa', and even Caul's 'Crucible' CD. In elegant 6 panel digipak, with stark black and white, carefully arranged illustrations inspired by Taschism and Spatial art. [Label: Malignant] 8.00 €

FROZEN FACES "Broken Sounds Of a Dying Culture" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "The year is 1996 I was surfing on cold waves through the very heart of Linkopia, night after night it was all the same. Sleeping in the Karmanik basement seduced by delerium echoing between white concretwalls. I could hear the equiptment slowly disintegrating as I put out the light, broken sounds of a dying culture. This might be the erosion of history eternally scraping on the crown of mankind...or was it just the decline of my personal belongings after years of abuse... and was there any diffrence between the two theories? I streched out my limb and pressed the record-button." - Lina Baby Doll. Originally released by Entartete Musikk in 1996 as a limited edition LP. Now available in cd format with totally remastered sound, new artwork and bonus tracks from the Religion of Hate 7" in original extended versions. A must for all the fans of Lina's works who somehow missed the vinyl version! A5 digipack format. [Label: Wrotycz] 6.00 €

FUNERARY CALL "Fragments From The Aethyr" CD Digipack - The grand master of black ambience returns with this new missive from beyond the chthonic depths. Featuring three extended descents into jet-black drift, funereal chamber music, monstrous metallic noise, booming ritualistic percussion, slit-throat recitations of formless horror, and further abyssal abominations. Fragments From The Aethyr presents a triptych of long, sprawling pieces that descend through dark layers of cinematic sonic horror. The music shifts between violin-led passages of pitch-black, dissonant chamber music backed by booming kettledrums and traces of modern music composition and the rotting exhalations of the dead, to blasts of crushing shapeless doom where huge metallic chords thunder in the deep, sending tremors of doom-laden dronemetal rumbling through the strata of Funerary Call's demonic industrial nightmares. The sound of Fragments sometimes resembles a Bela Bartok piece drifting through a fog of black-mass ambience and the murmerings of the long dead, the sound imbued with a deep ominous feel but also glowing with a mysterious dark beauty as it builds to a crescendo of black majestic power, as on the nearly twenty minute centrepiece of the album "Fragments". There are noisy elements that appear here that threaten to push the music into ear-destroying industrial cacophony at times, but even when the sound is at it's most chaotic, it's held together by the searing melodies of the stringed instruments, tethering the plumes of black industrial noise to the graveyard ambience that soaks deep into the surface of the album. Absolute lightlessness from this seminal artist, highly recommended to fans of Gnaw Their Tongues, Megaptera, Nordvargr, TenHornedBeast, MZ.412 and Aghast. Released in a matte-finish digipack from Crucial Blast. [Label: Crucial Blast] 7.90 €

GALLHAMMER "Ill Innocence" CD Digipack - Second album of the cvlt Japanese black metal girl band. [Label: Peaceville] 9.50 €

GENOCIDE ORGAN ":Under-Kontrakt:" CD Digipack - Masters of Industrial music from Germany ! "We are here to have a good time, we don't want to cause any trouble..." [Label: Tesco] 12.50 €

GHOSTS OF BRESLAU "Sacred Place" CD Digipack - Compilation. [Label: Twilight] 4.50 €

HOROLOGIUM "Labyrinthos" CD Digipack - “The most spiritual men, as the strongest, find their happiness where others would find their destruction: in the labyrinth, in hardness against themselves and others, in experiments. Their joy is self-conquest.” „Labyrinthos” may be regarded as the musical summary of Horologium’s work thus far, starting with the debut album „The Fire Sermon” and ending with their „Du Grand Désir”, enclosed within nine new tracks. This full-length takes you on a journey filled with military and ritual drumming, ambient film score muzak, sublime recitation and fiery sound collages. An invitation to the labyrith, marking the tenth anniversary of Horologium, presented by Rage In Eden. [Label: Rage In Eden] 8.90 €

HOROLOGIUM "Le Paradis Des Chasseurs" CD Digipack - HOROLOGIUM is one of the most important acts in Poland if we talk about dark ambient , martial music. With lot of works in different labels and important collaborations with important bands they return with a new beautiful worktrought Twilight Records. We think we are an exotic label and Horologium is an exotic band too. The title of this release is "Le Paradis des Chasseurs” and it contains material from "Songs For Hunters” and "Paradise Inverted” – two mini albums that embody Horologium’s most bombastic recordings to date. [Label: Twilight] 7.00 €

HYIOS "Consuetudines" CD Digipack - dark ambient, six panel digipack [Label: Malignant] 8.00 €

IN MEDITARIUM "The Great Limbo" CD Digipack - Quote from label: In Meditarivm is an Ukrainian apocalyptic ritual & dark ambient project organized in 2000 by Olegh Kolyada known by his projects First Human Ferro, Ostarbeiter and Oda Relicta. The albums like “Les Fleurs du Mal” and “Uterus” outlined the old school approach of the project clearly influenced by highlights of Morthound, Ildfrost, ConSono or Archon Satani. "The Great Limbo" is based on the re-engineered early works selectively crafted anew in summer 2009 at Olegh's Oda Relicta home studio. An elusory history of the project proceeds with a special Wrotycz Records release. The record, accompanied by a talented artwork of Kati Astraeir, comes as a limited to 500 copies 4-panel UV-varnished digipack with a poster. [Label: Wrotycz] 5.00 €

INNER VISION LABORATORY "Perpetua" CD Digipack - Quote from label: The focal point of the album is the condition of mankind entangled in the cycle of creation, stagnation and destruction. Creation is an idealistic picture, it dwells in an idea of fiat lux et facta est lux. It is a blueprint for the musical narrative that is comprised of unrestricted admiration of life, of order that is mankind’s objective, and ultimately of conflict which is the most inherent human condition. In the war of mankind against itself the ideals permeating creation become obscure and only annihilation brings forth a new illusion – a promise of another beginning. The ubiquitous illusion is an all-encompassing device that folds these non-recordable events into a cycle. It is channeled in the unifying wave of music of Karol Skrzypiec – an artist more complete, yet still debating the finality of his form of communication. Syntactically, the latest release of INNER VISION LABORATORY is an effect of thoughtful construction. Perpetua is an unconventional harmonious image which draws also from beyond of the repertoire typically associated with the instrumentarium characteristic of its genre, the accord of the album’s narration, however, is not lost. [Label: Zoharum] 10.00 €

INNFALLEN "Three Days of Darkness" CD Digipack - Limited to 1000 copies. Packaged in a retro uncoated A5 size digipak. [Label: First Fallen Star] 8.00 €

JARL "Wound Profile" CD Digipack - Drone / dark ambient, a collection of various recordings 1999/2000. [Label: Autarkeia] 10.50 €

KNIFELADDER "Music/concrete" CD Digipack - Dark Ambiant with folk and industrial parts [Label: Cold Meat Industry] 9.90 €

KRISTOFFER NYSTRÖMS ORKESTER "BrakeHEAD" CD Digipack - Promising noise and ambient album. Very interesting release! [Label: Malignant] 9.90 €

KRUK "Drowned in a Swamp Heart of Europe" CD Digipack - Compilation of both Demos. Pagan Black Metal [Label: Possession] 5.00 €

KÖRPERWELTEN "Avatars Of Rape And Rage" CD Digipack - This collaborative project between Swedish powerhouse Nordvargr and US apocalyptic industrialists Navicon Torture Technologies having been re-worked and re-structured as a perilous 40 minute plunge into a black hole of sound. Waves of grim, doom filled atmospheric sludge crossbred with buzzing black drones, grinding distortion, and a seething underbelly of rhythmic pulsations, ultimately delivering everything you might expect from these two giants of the industrial scene. In 6 panel digipak, with extreme and controversial, Artwork: Jonathan Canady (http://art.malsonus.com/) [Label: Malignant] 9.00 €

MINAMATA "Cyclator" CD Digipack - Full lengh album including a DVD which contains contains the complete live performance and video used for this show from Antwerp on 21.04.2007. 6 panel digipack, limited to 500 copies. [Label: Les Nouvelles Propagandes] 9.00 €

NEGRU VODA "Vald De Luxe" CD Digipack - Quote from label: Originally begun as a side project to the new defunct Megaptera, the purpose of Negru Voda was to be a more personal and expressive solo outlet for death industrial veteran Peter Nystrom. Compared to the perhaps darker, more layered sound of Megaptera, Negru Voda is stripped down, unrefined, and to the point – old school, true to form, and primitive industrial music heavily influenced by pioneering electronic artists such as Test Dept, S.P.K., The Klinik, Cabaret Voltaire, Severed Heads, and the like. Primarily built upon a strong foundation of punishing and persistent rhythms and cold, analogue pulsations, these are colossal soundscapes, where harsh, factory corrosion is met with insidious waves of distorted, electro-shock blasts streaked with highly ominous and bleak atmospherics as fueled by pints of lager, drams of Islay single malt, alienization, media wastelands, and cold Scandinavian winters. 8 panel digipack, 3 CDs compilation. [Label: Malignant] 9.99 €

NEO INFERNO 262 "Hacking the Holy Code" CD Digipack - Industrial Black Metal to socialize your children. !follow the new order! Following the musical path of Aborym, Diabolicum & Mysticum, this French project has nothing to prove with their first full length. Enter in their Evil vortex, and join the Neo Inferno 262 Order or Die. http://www.neoinferno262.org [Label: Necrocosm] 10.50 €

NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE "Jupiter Temple" CD Digipack - Neoclassical music by an ex-member from BETHLEHEM and DEINONYCHUS. Released in A5 sized digipak. [Label: My Kingdom Music] 9.00 €

NO COLOURS COMPILATION "Victory Through Total Domination Vol 3" CD Digipack - Compilation of NS bands like Lord Wind, Weltmacht, Graveland, Thor's Hammer... [Label: No Colours] 12.00 €

ODA RELICTA "Leper Mass" CD Digipack - Quote from label: This is a master piece , very intense, atmospheric and deep, a work and sound unique and very personal. Oda Relicta´s third album will show you the true beauty of the liturgical chants in their moreprimitive expression. [Label: Twilight] 7.00 €

ORGANISATION TOTH "Gloria Victis !" CD Digipack - "Eight black anthems dedicated to the struggle for Light & Truth. Combining dark and ritual sounds with martial rhythms, choirs, piano & cryptic chants. A sweet indoctrination. Faith is Everywhere! In these words French act Organisation Toth, known from previous Old Europa Cafe and Athanor releases, is describing its newest album" [Label: War Office Propaganda] 9.50 €

OSOKA "Caustic Smoke" CD Digipack - Quote from label: Rage In Eden Records presents the debut album of Russian experimental rock group Osoka, based in Rostov-on-Don. Their sound draws from influences ranging from sludge and doom metal, with stoner rock background to dark ambient and industrial music on the other pole. It can be referred to post-rock, post-metal. The band inspirations are Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Isis, Meatjack, Khanate, Nadja, Sunn O))), Halo. "Caustic Smoke" is one expanded track, 45 minutes long, slow, repetitive and crushing, with heavy sections of distorted guitars often interspersed with dark ambient and industrial interludes. CD in 3 doublesided panel digipack. [Label: Rage In Eden] 4.25 €

PHAENON "His Master's Voice" CD Digipack - Dark Ambient / Drone. Inspired by St. Lem's book "His Master's Voice". Recorded at Quantum Ontology Studio, 2007-2009. Packaged in a six-panel digipack. [Label: Malignant] 9.90 €

PHRAGMENTS "Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood" CD Digipack - Quote from label: You’'ve seen it before. Certain bands or artists delivering their finest work with their first recording. Then, in futile attempts to capture some of the same magic, becoming formulaic and stale, rehashing ideas and never really achieving the same caliber of work. Others, expanding on the elements of their prior releases, and through a natural maturation process, get stronger with each release. That would certainly be the case with Phragments. With their third full length studio CD, this Slovakian duo have made remarkable strides not only in quality but in scope. Equipped with an enriched sonic palate, Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood mixes forceful brass and dark orchestral strings with rolls of powerful tribal percussion, somber wind instrumentation, ominous atmospheres, industrial clangor, and a strong and commanding vocal presence, particularly on tracks like “Over Deadlands” and “The Kin of Cain”. Cohesive, complete, and epic, this is a release that will open some eyes to new found authority of Phragments. Yours to discover. In 6 panel digipak. [Label: Malignant] 5.00 €

SANTAAGOSTINO "Operazione Paura" CD Digipack - Quote : SantAAgostino tell of the Noises from Beyond the Gate. SantAAgostino play the Journey of No Return from the Death Phase. SantAAgostino sing the Dark Zone of those who met the pain-soaked Demiurge and came back to Earth without forgiveness for their sins. SantAAgostino write about the laments and the looks of those who saw beyond the coma and came back. SantAAgostino feel the return of those who died and are reborn more rotten and foul than before. Operazione Paura is a tribute to music and cosmos energy: the same energy that santAAgostino trio was permeated with during the opus and the esecution of the pieces. Operazione Paura is a total turning not just for the band but for dark, ambient music and noise, generally speaking. That’s because santAAgostino is like a meteor crashed onto the Earth disarranging all the balances, rhythmes and cycles. After the crash the planet seems to be perished but, in the inner part, the new fire of life is burning. A brand new energy developed in a new way of living, of thinking and being. Operazione Paura speaks of the filmic and horrorific fear, mind trap “to kill” atavistic thoughts and all those mental factors that trapped the man into a selfmade cage in his own mind, through the mind itself. Operazione Paura is an awl that, slowly but inexorably, drives the listener to a dimension where there is no thought, no images, no more conceptualizing, nothing still exhists: there is just a huge solitary desert now, where sounds spontaneously flow creating new monster beyond space and time. It’s a place where new divine dynasties born, spreading their seed, in order to bear a brand new reign far from the borders that we can’t even imagine. [Label: Greytone] 9.90 €

SATANISMO CALIBRO 9 "Typhon Rising" CD Digipack - After "Isis Rising", the new album "Typhon Rising" sings deep to the mind. Typhon's time has come to light the fires and rise through the Path of Power. We went beyond fears, reaching Isis, and now it's time to emit our breath and enlarge our minds, straight to Typhon Rising. Seven tracks and a Death Ritual by Tempio 328, more than 60 minutes for this second chapter of the Rising Trilogy, only for true devotees of Infernal Ritual Industrial. [Label: Rage In Eden] 9.90 €

STROSZEK "Songs Of Remorse" CD Digipack - Containing members of black metal band Frostmoon Eclipse. [Label: God is Myth] 6.90 €

SVAIXT "Virsme Versmé" CD Digipack - Limited edition of 500 copies, 4 panel digipak, golden CD. English tracklist: 1. Mysterious Place. 2. The Light Met Them With Bread And Salt. 3. The Whirls Of Marsh Openings Dispel The Sufferings... 4. Gateway To The Land Of Blacksmiths, Hammer And Forge. [Label: Autarkeia] 12.75 €

URUK-HAI "Tawantinsuyu" CD Digipack - Pagan battle ambient-project, comes in a 4-panel digipack. Limited edition of 1000 copies [Label: Morningside] 9.90 €

VON THRONSTAHL "Bellum, Sacrum Bellum !?" CD Digipack - Design by Oleg Galay (Tantric Harmonies - Other Voices Records) [Label: Eternal Pride] 8.00 €

WATAIN "Lawless Darkness" CD Digipack - Deluxe Digipack. their 4th opus. Including a cover of Death SS. [Label: Season of Mist] 15.00 €

WOLFSKIN / LAST INDUSTRIAL ESTATE "Stonegates Of Silence" CD Digipack - Wolfskin is the dark ambient/ritual/industrial project of Portuguese musician Johan Aernus. Artwork: Traces Of Paint. [Label: Malignant] 12.50 €

WULGATA "Echoes From The Past... Not Far Away" CD Digipack - WULGATA is our Polish musical project, who for the past few years was creating dark ambient and industrial sounds in quiet spots of Silesia. "Echoes of the past...not far away" is a compilation of what best in WULGATA, most bold and most varied. Deceitful album, from one side announcing the coming of a mortal threat, and from the other, a reflection of some inner strenght, that tries to break free and whispering calm the spirit. 55 minuts album composed from grim dark ambient sounds to rhtmical and industrial elements. Varied album depicting early Cold Meat sounds combined with what the best od Coil's "Musick to Play in the Dark”. Unconventional release made from brown and printed cardboard. Uncommon shape after folding creates 130mm x 180mm package. Inside there's colour insert with CD mounted on rubber dot. All handmade, numbered and waxed, limited to 444 copies. [Label: Beast Of Prey] 8.00 €

CIANIDE "Ashes To Dust" CD Double - THE compilation of all Cianide's demos since 1990... CVLT AND RARE! [Label: From Beyond] 21.50 €

KATATONIA "December's Songs - A Tribute to Katatonia" CD Double - Compilation of bands paying a tribute to Katatonia. Featuring Foscor, Xasthur, Dark Fortress or Forgotten Tomb... [Label: Northern Silence] 9.00 €

GUTROT "Liber Mortis" CD Slim Carton - Grind/death band from South of France. [Label: Autoprod] 6.00 €

VISIONS "Lapse" CD Slim Carton - Quote from label: This sonic venture takes us on an intense, solemn ambient journey through the minds eye and beyond. A transcendental voyage through thick, droning layers immersed in richly obscure, ever evolving abstract sonorities fused with mystically charged passages, this is a relentless visionary experience through time and space, to realms beyond our imagination. [Label: Greytone] 7.00 €

[MULTER] "Berge Im Bunker" CD Slim Carton - Hand-made, screen-printed cover artwork, hand-numbered edition of 200 copies. [Label: Consouling Sounds] 7.00 €

HAYRAS / D-STRAMONIUM "s/t" CD Slim Plastic - Black Metal / Ambient by an ex-member from Seigneur Voland, Blessed in Sin and Kristallnacht. Limited to 300 copies. [Label: Semen & Blood] 7.00 €

BEKHIRA "Demo 06" MCD - Demo 1996 reissue with bonus track Destructive Hate [Label: Elegy Music] 9.90 €

DEAD CONGREGATION "Purifying Consecrated Ground" MCD - Back in stock - reedition of this long sold-out release of this new Greek Death Metal Kult! [Label: Nuclear Winter] 6.50 €

INPESTAE "Cold & Dead" MCD - Haemoth's new projekt, 5 tracks of Great Harsh & Aggressive Black Metal. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 8.90 €

KERASPHORUS "Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn" MCD - The persistent dissolution of the cosmic order precipitates the onset of eternal recapitulation. An awareness of this imminent cycle of destruction and rebirth affords one the ability to reach into the penumbra of the impending chaos without fear. The sound of Kerasphorus contains the seed of this power. It is a sound that violently propounds its triumphant heresy throughout the halls of Heaven. Being the new project of P. Helmkamp (Order From Chaos, Angelcorpse, Revenge), those familiar with his work will find familiar traces in the vocal and bass performance on this EP, but will also witness the unfolding of new dimensions within his work. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 7.50 €

MARDUK "Fuck Me Jesus" MCD - Reprint of their killer demo [Label: Osmose] 8.66 €

PHLEGEIN "Ancient Battlegrounds" MCD - 1st opus for this finnish black metal horde keeping the flame of tradition and cold black metal. [Label: Northern Heritage] 6.66 €

SECT PIG "Slave Destroyed" MCD - Steeped in hallucinatory dissonance and unsettling imagery, the backbone of Sect Pig’s sound is reminiscent of Von in its tendency toward hypnotic repetition and sinister chord progressions. Perhaps the most distinctive and pronounced element of the music, here, is the vocals. Awash in effects that enhance their musicality, the vocals warp and disfigure the structure of the songs at an elemental level. Few bands can utilize such heavily effected vocals to enhance the impact of the music, but Sect Pig use these techniques to accentuate the genuinely deranged effect of the songs. Further contributing to the schizophrenic environment of “Slave Destroyed” are the many intros and outros that fill the interstitial spaces between the tracks. Each of these pieces contains samples depicting emanations of murderous violence, mental decomposition, and the hive-mind effect of cultic manipulation. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 6.50 €

THRONEUM / LEICHENGOTT "Trupi Jad" MCD - Limited to 666 handnumbered copies. [Label: Societas Oculorum Arcanorum] 6.90 €

DEATHSPELL OMEGA "Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum : Chaining the Katechon" MCD Digipack - Another ultimate Opus! [Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli] 9.90 €

SPIRE "Metamorph" MCD Digipack - Quote from label: This is the second part of Spire. They didn't change anything of their music-the nihilistic atmosphere of the first part is always there. But its the consequent progression and metamorphosis that all future will bring. Limited to 500 copies in a nice digipak with 8 pages booklet. [Label: Art of Propaganda] 6.90 €

MULTIPOINT INJECTOR "Disseminator" CD-R - Comes in a 450 x 180 mm cardboard stripe, folded in 3 parts and glued around with color photos. Professionally made CDR with a print. Limited to 150 handnumbered copies. [Label: Beast Of Prey] 5.00 €

MULTIPOINT INJECTOR "Disseminator" CD-R - The unconventionally released album made of a 450 x 180 mm cardboard stripe, folded in 3 parts and glued around with color photos. Professionally made CDR with a print. The whole is folded by hand and numbered up to 150 pieces. [Label: Beast Of Prey] 5.90 €

NOSENS "The Final Step" CD-R - French Neo-Classical project, CD-R limited to 100 copies. [Label: Contagious Programm] 7.00 €

ANTARABHAVA / THE SIX REALMS "Contemplatron" CD-R Slim Carton - Sound structures inspired by 'The Tibetan Book of the Dead'. Limitation: 500 Copies. [Label: Wrotycz] 9.25 €

LIQUID SPHERE "Dots & Waves" CD-R Slim Carton - Experimental Ambient Music [Label: L.S.I] 3.00 €

DVD's :
AUTOPSY "Born Undead" DVD - Digipack + Booklet Live of Maryland Deathfest VIII 2010, Party San Open Air 2010, Hole In The Sky Festival 2010, Slaughter By The Water 2011 and more extras... for 293 minutes ! [Label: Peaceville] 14.50 €

BLASPHEMY "Live In Denmark 1993 & Vancouver 2000" DVD - Two lives of Blasphemy : Live in Denmark 9/11/1993 - Live in Vancouver 7/21/2000 Distributed by blackmetaldvds.com [Label: n/a] 5.00 €

GENOCIDE ORGAN ": Live In Japan 2003/2007 :" DVD - DVD + CD Live in Japan - 1.3.2003 : 56:17 Live "Die Pratze" - 5.3.2003 : 43:52 Live In Japan 2007 : 41:12 [Label: Tesco] 15.50 €

MYSTICUM "Live in Bradford - 1996" DVD - Performing Live in Bradford - 10/17/1996 [Label: n/a] 5.00 €

NORDIC AUDIO MODERN "2004 DVD" DVD - 5 way split dvd with Raison d'être, Deutsch Nepal... Recorded live during the first Nordic Audio Modern festival in Vilnius on 2004/03/06. Comes in a small DVD-box limited to 500 handnumbered copies. [Label: Autarkeia] 17.90 €

OCCULT "To be Thrashed" DVD - The Complete Story Of The Occult 1990-2003. 84 min of the band story and english subtituled. [Label: Lowlife] 6.00 €

ABAZAGORATH "The spirit of hate for mankind" EP - 2 tracks 7"ep from this american horde. Comes with two-sided lyrics insert. [Label: Blood Fire Death] 6.00 €

ANTITHESIS "s/t" EP - Solo project by Kaiser W. from AD HOMINEM. Industrial Black Metal inspired and dedicated to Mysticum and Friedrich Nietzsche. [Label: Blazing] 6.00 €

ATOMTRAKT "Inmitten Von Trümmern Und Ruinen" EP - Neo-classical / ambient, limited to 500 copies with postcard. [Label: Mercenary] 6.00 €

AUN "Utica" EP - Somewhere between psychedelic, industrial and ambient music. Limited to 300 copies, white vinyl version. [Label: Drone] 5.00 €

AXON NEURON / VAGWA "Lohe" EP - Normal edition of 3oo copies include postcard and insert. [Label: Eternal Soul] 7.00 €

BAEL "Néant" EP - All that is Dead will never Die! New EP strictly limited to 500 copies. Two tracks of harsh Black Metal. No repress. [Label: Battlesk'rs] 3.50 €

BITTER "Make A WIsh" EP - Totally insane Power Electronics. Includes a CD-R containing the recording of two live performances. Limited to 520 handnumbered copies. [Label: Vene] 7.00 €

BITTER "Make a wish" EP - 7"ep + cd with different live tracks. Limited to 520 copies. [Label: Vene] 6.50 €

BOYD RICE & Z'EV "s/t" EP - Edition of 1000 copies on dark red marbled with black vinyl, promotional sticker on shrink-wrap. [Label: Cold Spring] 8.00 €

CTEPHIN "Duad" EP - Dark ambient. Golden vinyl with marble effect & silver-gold labels. Black covers with thick white or yellow paint stamped on. Red one-sided 7" square sized info-sheet with golden print. Limited to 300 copies. [Label: Drone] 6.00 €

DEATH DIES "The art of domination" EP - Romanic black metal with psych and classical influences. Side project of Evol members. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Maggot Records] 6.00 €

DOOMBRINGER / GOAT TYRANT "The Darkside's Calling Into The Crypts Of Oblivion" EP - Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl housed in gatefold cover. [Label: Grave Ritual Productions] 6.00 €

ENOID "Ad Nilem" EP - 7"ep + cd-r with demos and rare tracks. [Label: Rotten Vomit] 5.00 €

FAUX PAS "Stoy = Gull" EP - quote from label: "Lasse Marhaug joins Sten Ove Toft in a true Harsh Noise collaboration project. They hail from Norway and make harsh and unforgiving music. What's not to like? Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl." [Label: Turgid Animal] 5.00 €

GOATLORD CORP. "Horns Of Resurrection" EP - Killer Black/Death Metal [Label: Battlesk'rs] 5.00 €

HUM "Ether Rider / Crucible" EP - Quote from label: “Drone Records is proud to present HUM, another newcomer from the growing russian experimental scene, who had out before a few most promising self-released CDrs on his own label. HUM (originally a reduction from “hum-an”) sees his work as a representation of emptiness and sound, derived from tantric tradition. The basic intention is the “restoration of mythological time”. This release, being dedicated to “magic flight”, enlights on the first track with full vibrating “cosmic” drones, sounding like a swarm of low-pitched insects. The second piece CRUCIBLE is more loop-structured & noisy, with low-fi mechanized rumblings, filled with organic substances... two fantastic sound-samples that show the ability of drone-sound to lead your inner mind into the center of nothingness. Filed under: magic-flight drones. BLACK VINYL. MINIMAL DESIGNED WHITE COVERS WITH B/W PHOTO” [Label: Drone] 4.50 €

LICHT-UNG "Kristall" EP - Dark ambiant from Germany, released on Drone records. First edition limited to 300 copies pressed on blue marbled vinyl in sillkscreen-printed covers. Includes silver-printed one-sided 7" sized black info-sheet and a badge. [Label: Drone] 6.50 €

MACABRE OMEN / ORDER OF THE EBON HAND "Two years standing proud in Valhalla" EP - Split 7"EP with these two great greek bands performing Bathory classic covers in hommage to Quorthon. Limited to 250 copies. [Label: Necroterror] 10.00 €

MACABRE OMEN / THE SYRE "Three years standing proud in Valhalla" EP - Split 7"ep with two great bands performing Bathory covers in hommage to Quorthon. Limited to 250 copies. [Label: Necroterror] 10.00 €

MELANCHOHOLICS "Masking My Monkeys" EP - Quote from label: The MELANCHOHOLICS are a german trio producing "thick atmospheric darkness" as they call it. With a background rooted in Death Metal & Grindcore as well as in Industrial, they still use guitar, bass & electronic sounds nowadays, but their aim is to explore the realms of loneliness and melancholy by sculpting almost filmic soundtrackish atmospheres with not much aggression anymore. This is their first vinyl-release and both tracks are filled with beautiful accordeon drones, desert-like guitars, electronic sounds and voice-samples (for the experienced: on the second track "MESSAGE FOR THE OPERATOR" you might recognize a very famous old man). Thus they are enlarging the "classic" drone sound in a very fruitful way. DARK BLUE TRANSPARENT VINYL. SILK-SCREENED COVERS IN SIX DIFFERENT CARDBOARD COLOURS & WITH TWO PRINT COLOURS. BLACK INLAY WITH SILVER PRINT. [Label: Drone] 4.50 €

MORBID DARKNESS "Warfare at winter solstice" EP - 6 tracks ep, limited to 500 copies with two-sided insert. [Label: Autopsy Kitchen] 5.00 €

MURMER "In Their Homes And In Their Heads" EP - Quote from label: "The man behind MURMER is the US-American field recording specialist PATRICK MCGINLEY (who lives in France now), who’s also responsible for the great 'Framework' radio programme on London’s RESONANCE 104.4FM. The two pieces on this "Drone" captivate the listener with intelligently assembled and multi-layered recordings of a garden in London (i.e. tree bark, water, footsteps, a creaking gate), processer and ventilation sounds of an old computer, and beads of a broken necklace. All sounds were left un-processed. Combined, they take you on a trip into an other world of low drones and high-pitched noises, crunching and gritting microsounds, surprising cut-ups, all very near and clear... File under: concrete Drones CLEAR VINYL, HAND-ASSEMBLED COVERS WITH PIECES OF A SCARF, SCRAPS OF A NOTEBOOK AND HAIR OF PATRICK MCGINLEY!" [press release] [Label: Drone] 5.00 €

NEARDEATH "s/t" EP - couloured, heavy vinyl - Dark Industrial ambient hymns with militaristic touches. Limited to 420 copies. Quote from label: Neardeath is the voice of the ancient times, of art and mourning personal experiences, illustrated by industrial ambiant hymns with militaristic touches. All this funeral orchestra is lead by the sinister and nostalgic voice of Hexe during 4 rituals. The past is alive. [Label: Kaosthetik] 5.00 €

NOISE DREAMS MACHINA "In / Out" EP - Quote from label: "NOISE DREAMS MACHINA is the project of Spanish artist OSCAR MARTIN. Now living & studying in Berlin & Barcelona, he is currently exploring the possibilities of homemade software with free tools for sound deconstrucion and realtime performance. IN & OUT is his first vinyl release and uses a wide range of environmental recordings which are processed digitally in more "electro-acoustic" ways. This leads to a balance between "Drone" and "Electro-Acoustic" where the acoustic potential of conventional reality is enlarged via digital processing. In his own words: "It brings attention to the peripheral zones of the sound phenomenon". Through intense mutation & deconstruction of acoustic materials a new or previously hidden meaning can be revealed for the blind spot of our perception. Edition of 300 / milky vinyl, white cover with black silk-screen print." [Label: Drone] 5.00 €

PLASTIC PEOPLE FONDATION "Le French Touch" EP - Post industrial dancing songs. [Label: Mimikaki] 7.00 €

REUTOFF "Reutraum II" EP - Indus/experimental from Russia. Limited edition of 5000 copies. [Label: Kaos Kontrol] 6.00 €

REUTOFF "Reutraum III" EP - Russian indus/experimental inspired by urban landscapes. Limited to 350 copies. [Label: Hau Ruck!] 6.00 €

SADISTIK EXEKUTION / Doomed and Disgusting "Suspiral" EP - Reissue on vynil of these cult recordings. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 8.00 €

SEKTOR 304 "Engage… Forwards" EP - Last opus of one of the best portuguese industrial project! mastered by James Plotkin! Limited to 250 copies. Few copies in stock. [Label: New Approach Records] 8.00 €

SHRINE "Distorted Legends Pt.1" EP - Two tracks on side A, Etching on side B. Dark Ambient music. Limited to 300 copies. [Label: Drone] 6.00 €

STABAT MORS "Ich Bin So Wild Nach Deinem Erdbeermund" EP - Quote from label: “STABAT MORS is the name of an amazing noise-project from Germany, which always works grounded on certain thematical concepts or philosophical ideas. The name of the group is derived from “Stabat Mater” – Passion Music. This EP uses an autobiographic text from Klaus Kinski, the legendary “daemonic” actor, as inspiration, “to transform his greed for life musically”. We find here two pieces (named “Die Frau des Direktors” and “Krepiert”) with minimal elements. Piercing, low feedback functions as main drone-source, other elements are: repeated metal-feedback-sounds, low analogue noise-drones below, a female voice in the background citing Kinski, and a totally distorted accordeon.... The whole creates a fragmented atmosphere, not really loud, but attacking the nerves, sounding like a wild animal shortly before he explodes.... Filed under: grinding love-drones. RED VINYL. HANDPAINTED COVERS WITH GLARING RED/WHITE DESIGN” [press release] [Label: Drone] 4.00 €

TRIAL "Malicious Arts" EP - Occult Heavy Metal! [Label: Nuclear Winter] 6.00 €

WAR PLAGUE "Government Issued Murder" EP - American thrash black !!! Originally released as a CDr in 2003, before being re-released on a 7" EP by Pagan Flames Productions in 2006. Total Duration: 11:31 [Label: Pagan Flames] 5.00 €

YUI ONODERA "Synergetics" EP - Experimental dark ambient. First edition limited to 300 handnumbered copies pressed on blue-white vinyl. Comes with one-sided 7" sized info-sheet. Recorded and produced in Tokyo 2006. [Label: Drone] 6.00 €

NACHT / NORTHAUNT / SHINJUKU THIEF / UMBRA "Serene Moments" EP Double Gatefold - A collection of tracks from various Dark Ambient / Experimental projects on two 7". Limited edition of 505 handnumbered copies in a gatefold sleeve. [Label: Fluttering Dragon] 8.00 €

GENOCIDE ORGAN ": Live In Japan 2007 :" EP Gatefold - The release contains the best tracks from the two G.O. Tokyo performances in 2007. All tracks live in Kouenji 20000V, 23/24 June 2007. The LP comes housed in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve and an A2 poster. Limited edition of 888 hand-numbered and signed copies. [Label: Tesco] 18.00 €

MÜTIILATION "Black As Lead & Death" EP Gatefold - Live In Marseille (France) - 23/06/2001 Limited to 500. [Label: Dark Adversary] 15.00 €

BROWNEYE / SATAN'S BAKE SALE "Enemy of the human race / Phone fun" EP Picture - A mix of rock and extreme metal, released on Killjoy's label Baphomet records. [Label: Baphomet] 5.00 €

ILL OMEN "Radiant Behest of Excessum" Girly - Grey print on Fruit of the loom shirt - lady fit [Label: Battlesk'rs] 14.90 €

MAYHEM "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" Girly - great quality on stedman. [Label: n/a] 15.00 €

MAYHEM "Odium Humani Generis" Girly - Killer design Size S on Stedman Size M on Fruit of the loom [Label: n/a] 15.00 €

OSCULUM INFAME "Logo" Girly - [Label: Battlesk'rs] 15.00 €

THE CNK "I Am a Fascion Victim" Girly - on fruit of the loom (classic valueweight). [Label: n/a] 13.00 €

Hooded Sweatshirts:
ANTEDILUVIAN "" HS - "From Seraphic Embrace". High quality, Gildan Shirt. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 39.00 €

BLACK WITCHERY "" HS - "Burning Eyes of Baphogoats". HS zip. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 39.00 €

MYSTIFIER "" HS - "Baphometic Goat Worship" High quality, Gildan Shirt. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 39.00 €

SEKTARISM "Hosanna Sathana" HS - Men size - Gildan Dry Blend Grey printing Design by Holy Poison. [Label: Zanjeer Zani] 35.00 €

SEKTARISM "Hosanna Sathana - Women HS" HS - Hooded-Sweatshirt - B&C - High quality grey print Design by Holy Poison Perfect fit for women ! [Label: Zanjeer Zani] 32.00 €

LP's :
ALCHEMYST "Nekromanteion" LP - - 300g Jacket With 3mm Spine And Matt Lamination - 140g Black & Gold Vinyl - 12 Page Booklet On 250g & 150g Rough Paper Matt - Limited To 500 Copies A New Brotherhood Formed By Members Of Anael, Hellish Crossfire And Mosaic Crafted An Unquie Manifesto Of Okkvlt Death Metal Taking The Listener Back To The Ancient Mythology Around The Aegean Sea. Mixed And Mastered At The "Temple Of Disharmony" Featuring Guest-Appearance By Drakh (Katharsis) On Hammond Organ. Advanced 12 Page-Booklet Illustrated By "Misanthrophic Art". [Label: Iron Bonehead] 14.00 €

ALTAIR TEMPLE / EXPO 70 "S/T" LP - Split drone/ambient. Altair Temple is a side-project of the Year of No Light's bassist. [Label: Radar Swarm] 14.00 €

ATROX "The Other Face of Desilusion" LP - Previously unreleased LP of material from 1996. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Excellent Power-Electronics! [Label: Steinklang] 9.00 €

AUTOPSY TORMENT "Tormentorium" LP - Full length of this swedish old school band, leading by Devil Lee Rot himself. Including one bonus track : Orgy with the dead and Lim. to 500 copies. [Label: Painkiller] 12.00 €

CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Falling Monuments" LP - [Label: Northern Heritage] 14.90 €

CON-DOM & THE GREY WOLVES "Many Are Called But Few Get Up" LP - Con-Dom stands for Control-Domination, and is the one-man industrial noise band of Mike Dando. Con-Dom explores any kind of social tensions and control: political, religious, racial, with an acid, violent and uncompromising attitude. He is well-known in the industrial scene for his furious ravaging vocals and the devastating live performances, in which he turns into a real stage animal. Recorded & mixed 1998 and 2002 Limited edition of 985 copies. [Label: Power & Steel] 16.50 €

DARKTHRONE "Too Old Too Cold" LP - Black'n'roll LP of Darkthrone ! Released on white vinyl. [Label: Peaceville] 18.50 €

DEADWOOD "Ramblack" LP - Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies on brown marbled vinyl. "Circle of Scirlin" is a vinyl only track not found on the CD version. Death Industrial with ambient parts. [Label: Cold Spring] 11.00 €

FESTER "Silence" LP - Unique Extreme Metal opus from a legend of norwegian underground. [Label: Iron Bonehead] 13.00 €

FUNERARY CALL "The Black Root" LP - Dark and intense ritual Ambient out only on vinyl limited to 333 handnumbered copies. Excellent ! [Label: Fluttering Dragon] 12.00 €

HELL MILITIA "Jacob's Ladder" LP - Third full length of the servants of the pig. Ltd hand-numbered to 500 copies with digital download card. [Label: Season of Mist] 15.00 €

HELL MILITIA "last station on the road to death" LP - 2nd full-length including a 16 page-booklet 12" The jewel of the pig! [Label: Debemur Morti] 16.00 €

ILL OMEN "Divinity Through Un-Creation" LP - 166 copies pressed on oxblood vinyl and 334 copies pressed on black vinyl. 15 test press editions on black vinyl with hand-numbered alternate covers were also produced. [Label: Analog Worship] 15.00 €

INCAPACITY "9th Order Extinct" LP - Edition of 666 copies in a hand-numbered sleeve. B6 is a bonus track. [Label: Animate] 11.90 €

KULT OV AZAZEL "Assaulting The Masses" LP - Desecrating Black Metal. Great live act ! Limited to 666 handnumbered kopies [Label: Autopsy Stench] 12.00 €

LORN "Towards The Abyss Of Disease" LP - Limited to 500 copies. Comes with insert. Recorded at Nologo Studios. Mastered at Studiozem in winter 2004-2005. [Label: Mercenary] 12.00 €

MALIGN "Divine Facing + Fireborn" LP - + 12" insert A masterpiece of Black Metal ! [Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli] 15.00 €

MARDUK "Fuck Me Jesus" LP - Limited edition black vinyl with silkscreen on B side. [Label: Osmose] 12.00 €

MORBOSIDAD / PERVERSOR "Invocaciones Demoniacas" LP - certainly one of the best and bestial recording for both bands! [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 14.75 €

MUTILATED "Psychodeath Lunatics" LP - Old school death metal from France ! Recorded at 4A Studio on the 31st of May and 1-2nd of June 1988. Reissue of the 1988 demo tape with one extra track. One insert. [Label: Triumph Ov Death] 18.00 €

MYSTIFIER "The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here" LP - - 300g Jacket With Gloss Varnish - 140g Red Vinyl - 220g Cardboard Insert - Limited To 300 Copies - Released In Cooperation With NWN [Label: Iron Bonehead] 13.00 €

MÜTIILATION "Remains Of A Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul" LP - Tracks A1 to B1 from 1993, tracks B2 to B4 from 1996. The trackorder differs slightly from other versions: tracks A4 and B1 have swapped places in order to fit the bonus track (B4) in. Limited to an undisclosed number of copies. [Label: Dark Adversary] 16.50 €

MÜTIILATION "Sorrow Of Galaxies" LP - Edition of 1000 copies on red vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Composed, performed and recorded during 2006, except session drums done in winter 2007. Originally released on CD by End All Life Productions. [Label: Overstage Imperator] 22.50 €

NARTVIND "Until Their Ruin" LP - Limited handnumbered to 500 copies. Underground Black Metal! [Label: Painkiller] 10.00 €

NOMINON "Recremation" LP - w/printed inner sleeve - Swedish old school Death Metal. [Label: Blood Harvest] 19.00 €

NOMINON "Terra Necrosis" LP - with printed inner sleeve, poster - Third album, darker and maybe better than the previous one. Pure Death Metal. [Label: Blood Harvest] 14.00 €

OMANIESCUM AORISUM "Mademoiselle Hélène" LP - quote from label: Omaniescum Aorisum is a violent intention cloistered between four walls that’s mysteriously looming since 2012. This harshnoise assemblage tinted with inconspicuous maxims of power electronics was therefore very logically named ''Mademoiselle Hélène''. Corrosive, cavernous feedback..., death knell is given and resonates as a tribute to one of the masterpieces of French cinema, Le Boucher, directed by Claude Chabrol in 1970. A caustic soundscape supported by a gymnopedic Erik Satie cover and a front artwork drawn by Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni. Play it loud - on real speakers... if you want to judge with interest. [Label: Solitude] 10.00 €

PRURIENT "Palm Tree Corpse" LP - Limited edition of 250 hand-numbered copies. Liner notes: "recorded winter 2009 NYC as 3MC L. ED. 30. final hospital productions release of 2009 Dedicated to Attis who felt compelled to castrate himself reworked for tesco archaic documents winter 2013" [Label: Tesco] 24.50 €

SCORN "Plan B" LP - Electronica Vinyl version of this excellent album [Label: Hymen] 15.00 €

TOTENLIEDER "Negative Kharma" LP - Quote from label: Songs of decadence, murder and excesses - anything that lowers one's Kharma!With influences ranging from Ain Soph and Novy Svet to Edith Piaf and the Shockheaded Peters, Simon Leduc's drunken sonorities are the perfect soundtrack all night wrong. Design by Nikolay Saveliev. Limited to 11 copies on red vinyl. [Label: Neuropa] 9.50 €

YATTAÏ "Fast Music Means Love" LP - French Grindcore. Co-produced : Rewolucja Records / Horned Terrör Incarnated Productions / Nuclear Alcoholocaust / Crustatombe / No Way Asso / Underground Pollution / Junky Monkey Records / Douchebag Records [Label: Horned Terror Incarnated Productions] 10.50 €

ABYSSAL "s/t" LP Double Gatefold - - 350g Gatefold Jacket - 140g Black Vinyl - 300g Cardboard Insert - Limited To 500 Copies [Label: Iron Bonehead] 17.90 €

ALLERSEELEN "Archaische Arbeiten" LP Double Gatefold - Quote from label: Double-LP in gatefold-sleeve - limited to 600 copies Ancient recordings of archaic chamber music, originally published on early Allerseelen cassettes in 1989. Very rough and hypnotic shaman music, compareable to best Zero Kama and Orchestra of Skin and Bone. digitally remastered from the original master tapes! [Label: Ahnstern] 16.00 €

ALLERSEELEN "Gotos=Kalanda" LP Double Gatefold - Quote from label: double-LP in gatefold-sleeve - limited to 600 copies. this double LP contains the sold-out CD Gotos=Kalanda, digitally remastered and in much better sound quality. Gotos=Kalanda is the most industrial and also the most controversal work of Allerseelen. the double LP contains one full LP side with brilliant new and unreleased Industrial Folk songs. [Label: Ahnstern] 17.00 €

ANTEDILUVIAN "Through the Cervix of Hawaah" LP Double Gatefold - Regular version with hardbound book jacket and 180 gram black vinyl DLPs. This vinyl edition presents the lyrics and accompanying artwork in exquisite form, within a hardbound 20 page book-style LP jacket containing a three sided double LP with etched artwork on the fourth side. Quote from NWN! : Entitled “Through the Cervix of Hawaah,” this album represents the culmination of the musical exploration that Canada’s Antediluvian has been deeply engaged with over the past several years. The body of work that precedes this album (consisting of a handful of demos and a 12” EP) shows the band’s progress toward this immense release. No less unique than previous releases, Antediluvian continues to exploit the delicate permeability of the membrane containing the music defined as Death and Black Metal. The music on this album demonstrates tremendous reverence for tradition, while interjecting newly carved angles into the fabric of its sound, thereby enhancing the discordant interplay between instruments. ... [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 24.00 €

AZAGHAL "Perkeleen Luoma/Kyy" LP Double Gatefold - Limited to 666 copies. Black Metal. [Label: Hammer of Hate] 20.00 €

CULTES DES GHOULES "Häxan" LP Double Gatefold - comes with A5 booklet - Superb alternate artwork of the first full-length of this promising Black Metal band. [Label: Of Crawling Shadows] 18.75 €

GRAVE UPHEAVAL "s/t" LP Double Gatefold - The standard version of the release contains three LP sides of music and is encased in a gatefold jacket featuring an 8-page 12” x 12” booklet adhered to the right gatefold panel. (Description by J. Campbell) Grave Upheaval’s debut LP is far more than a mere extrapolation of the work featured on the band’s exceptional 2010 demo and its two subsequent split EPs. Listening to this LP cannot be a passive experience Grave Upheaval constructs an environment within which the listener is subsumed. The tracks on this album are ominous and oppressive. Inverted tempos and deliberately washed out production contribute to the creation of what may arguably be the most atmospheric Death Metal album to date. Stylistically, Grave Upheaval belongs to the camp of Australian bands that includes Portal, Impetuous Ritual, and their progeny. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 22.00 €

MHONOS "Humiliati" LP Double Gatefold - Now available on double heavy vinyl records, concealed in a luxurious gatefold cover. Newly recorded and arranged versions of "Alveus Terra" & "Ex Nihilo... Ad Nihilum..." Enhanced artwork by Samuel Antonin. Consider this the definitive edition of this cryptic piece of art. [Label: Dead Seed] 18.35 €

MÜTIILATION "Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood (reissue)" LP Double Gatefold - D3 is a cover of Bathory. Housed in gatefold sleeve and limited to an undisclosed number of copies. This is the only reissue approved by Meyhna'ch. [Label: Dark Adversary] 24.00 €

SARGEIST "The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence" LP Double Gatefold - Double 180g LPs packaged in a gatefold. Track A1 taken from split 7" EP with Merrimack on Moribund Cult Track A2 taken from compilation CD "Jatkosota" on Woodcut Records Track A3 taken from compilation tape "..and Jesus Wept" on Black Arts Productions Track A4 taken from split 7" EP with Temple Of Baal on Grievantee Productions Track B1 is a bonus track from "Satanic Black Devotion" LP on World Terror Committee Track B2 taken from compilation LP "Tormenting Legends" on Blut & Eisen Productions Track B3 taken from compilation LP "Finnish-German Alliance" on World Terror Committee Track B4 is a bonus track from "Disciple Of The Heinous Path" LP on World Terror Committee Track B5 taken from split 7" EP with Bahimiron on Obscure Abhorrence Productions Track C1 taken from split 7" EP with Drowning The Light on Moribund Cult Tracks C2 & C3 taken from the "Dark Embrace" 7" EP on Moribund Cult Tracks C4 & C5 taken from the "Lair of Necromancy" 7" EP on Hospital Records [Label: W.T.C.] 18.85 €

ANGST SKVADRON "Sweet Poison" LP Gatefold - Quote: New album of T. Nefas (Urgehal, Beastcraft, Kvist,...) & co. Mature, melancholic full of negative emotion soundscapes. Best album to the date. It won't let down even the sophisticated fans of Arcturus or Ulver!Lim. to 500 copies. [Label: Obscure Abhorrence] 13.90 €

ANWYL "Postmortem Apocalypse" LP Gatefold - Another rape of metal anguish and violence from those black dealerz. [Label: Drakkar] 12.00 €

AVERSE SEFIRA "Tetragrammatical Astygmata" LP Gatefold - Double splattered 10" with printed inner sleeves - A truly excellent occult Black Metal album ! [Label: Ajna] 13.50 €

BELPHEGOR "Blutsabbath" LP Gatefold - LP version of this classic gem of extreme black death! [Label: Funeral Industries] 14.75 €

MERRIMACK "Of Entropy And Life Denial" LP Gatefold - A quality release with poster, splattered vinyl. [Label: Moribund] 22.00 €

MYRKVID "Satanic Inquisition" LP Gatefold - LP by Asgard Hass in 2013 with the B side consisting of live tracks: 5. Four Spikes And Die 6. The Misanthrope 7. Eternal Winter 8. To Our Roots 9. Abies [Label: Asgard Hass] 14.50 €

MÜTIILATION "Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) - reissue" LP Gatefold - Track B-X. doesn't appear in the tracklist given on release. Housed in gatefold sleeve with double-sided printed insert. Limited to an undisclosed number of copies. [Label: Dark Adversary] 20.00 €

NAUSEOUS SURGERY "Immortal Warriors" LP Gatefold - 7' EP + 12' LP [Label: Legion Of Death] 14.00 €

OSCULUM INFAME "Consuming The Metatron" LP Gatefold - New impressive artwork! Gatefold & Innerprinted paperbag A2 poster Limited to 500 copies Buy & Die! [Label: Battlesk'rs] 15.75 €

PAUL CHAIN "Life And Death" LP Gatefold - Doom / rock / psyche from Italy. [Label: Svart] 25.00 €

TANTRUM " The Frontier Bursts Into View " LP Gatefold - One of the best and oldest french Post-Hardcore band! [Label: Radar Swarm] 12.00 €

TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE "Condemnation" LP Gatefold - + Insert Australian Black Death Metal band, with member of Ill Omen. [Label: Nuclear Winter] 16.00 €

WRATHPRAYER "The Sun of Moloch - The Sublimation of Sulphur's Essence, Which Spawned Death and Life" LP Gatefold - Released in conspiracy with Ross Bay Cult Quote from NWN! : Wrathprayer are among those bands for which their work is an extension of a broader philosophical and metaphysical aesthetic. “The Sun of Moloch: The Sublimation of Sulphur’s Essence Which Spawns Death and Life” is the full title of the band’s debut LP and conveys the atmospheric density surrounding the work within. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 15.00 €

DEINONYCHUS "Insomnia" LP Picture - In 1992 Marco Kehren started the band in the Netherlands as an one-man band. He made doom/black metal with unique kind of vocals. He released some albums and in 1999 William A. Sarginson (Extreme Noise Terror, Cradle Of Filth, Blood Divine, The & December Moon) joined him on drums. Since 2000 also keyboardplayer Arkdae aka Fabien Pereira (Seth, Dark Sanctuary & Osculum Infame) & bassist Stafford Glover joined the band. [Label: Eiwaz-Tonkunst] 14.90 €

MALEVOLENT CREATION "The Fine Art Of Murder" LP Picture - Cult and rare picture LP ! [Label: Pavement] 55.00 €

MERRIMACK "Ashes Of Purification" LP Picture - Lim. to 99 copies. First Full-length of this french Black Metal band. [Label: Goatowar] 29.00 €

MORBOSIDAD "Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno" LP Picture - + insert 12' [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 14.00 €

ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO "ONANI [Practice Makes Perfect]" LP Picture - Limited to 444 copies. Comes with A2-format poster in a clear sleeve. The sides are exchanged, side A is on the B side and vice-versa. [Label: Cold Meat Industry] 17.00 €

SMEGMA PLAYS MERZBOW "Smegma Plays Merzbow Plays Smegma" LP Picture - Harsh Noise Fathers! [Label: TIM KERR] 15.00 €

BOLZER "Aura" MLP - The new sensation fro switzerland! - 350g Reverside Board Jacket With Gold & Silver Print And Inner Pocket Flooded In Gold. - 140g Silver Vinyl - 350g Insert With Gold & Silver Print - Artwork By Alexander Brown/BNB - Limited To 1000 Copies [Label: Iron Bonehead] 12.00 €

CASTLEUMBRA "Cthulu Wgah'nagl Fntagn " MLP - Lovecraftian Death Metal! Limited to 300 copies. [Label: Nuclear Winter] 12.00 €

DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED "The Hikimori Songs" MLP - Neoclassical and ambient music. Regular version on black vinyl limited to 301 copies. [Label: Eternal Soul] 8.00 €

ENSNARED "Ravenous Damnation's Dawn" MLP - Great Occult Death Metal with Invidious and Trial members. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 12.00 €

FROM BEYOND "Thrashin' Machine" MLP - Five tracks of old school thrash metal! [Label: Painkiller] 8.00 €

HUM "The Spectral Ship" MLP - Quote from label: two great new pieces by this russian artist, most sensible & emotional drone-ambience, a graceful dance of acoustic reflections & resonances edition of 500 on silver-coloured vinyl, full colour sleeve design by DANIEL CROKAERT / MYSTERY SEA !! [Label: Drone] 8.90 €

IONOSPHERE / LAND:FIRE "Of Mind and Of Abyss" MLP - Quote from label: A brilliant slice of sonicscape-ambient, majestic waves of droning sound and pulsations overlayed by whispering vocal samples, cavernous resonances and dark analogue machine noises, a deep shivering cosmic ambient work beyond the edge of the imaginable, 475 copies. [Label: Power & Steel] 9.00 €

KALLABRIS "Music For Very Simple Objects" MLP - Kallabris belongs to those mythical groups emerging from the mid 80s 'industrial' music. Kallabris come from the Cranioclast areas (who, even when a little bit more active, are likewise obscure), but operate within more acoustic music. Piano, accordion and voice play a role. First pressing: 500 copies on clear neon green vinyl. [Label: Drone] 7.50 €

KAMMARHEIT & PHELIOS "Of Dawn And Of Ice" MLP - A1 & A2 recorded at Ricklundgården, Saxnäs in 2006 and finished in 2009. Limited edition of 333 copies. Third part in the 12inch split series. [Label: Power & Steel] 11.50 €

Ô PARADIS & TOTENLIEDER "Sin" MLP - Collaborative album by those 2 great neo-folk projects from Catalunia/Spain & Canada! Both projects are well known for their recent releases on Hau Ruck & Aorta and the great collaborations of O Paradis with Novy Svet & Allerseelen! Sad songs of love, loneliness & melancholy ... All singed in Spanish by the wonderfull Demian's voice & accompained by Sebastien tearing Violin!!! Clear red vinyl, artwork printed on dark-red on quality cardboard in black & gold ! [Label: Old Europa Café] 11.50 €

THORN AGRAM "Ar Dievu" MLP - Industrial / Neofolk release defending the old european spirit. Limited to 497 handnumbered copies with 2 inserts and 4 postcards. [Label: Ars Benevola Mater] 6.00 €

VOICE OF EYE "Substantia Innominata" MLP - Voice of Eye performs and records deep ambient, shamanic, sonically organic, love drone, galactic ritual, evolving experimental, and heirloom quality antique industrial music. Limited to 500 copies pressed on clear gold vinyl. [Label: Drone] 12.50 €

WERMUT "Les Cinq-à-Sept Post-Néoistes" MLP - Limited edition of 500 copies. Track A5 is a cover of Empyreal by Godflesh from their Selfless album. [Label: Old Europa Café] 10.50 €

LEGION OF DOOM "The Desecration" MLP Gatefold - Limited to 500 copies Gatefold cover sleeve. Originally released in 1994 as demo tape. Recorded and mixed in 1994 at Studio S. and remastered in 2004. [Label: Blazing] 12.50 €

SOL AXIS "... To Mark The Ages" MLP Gatefold - Recorded between September and December 2004. Fold out cover. The record is dedicated to Thomas Quorthon Forsberg and Bathory. [Label: Invictus] 7.50 €

NUNSLAUGHTER / CENTINEX "Hail Germania" MLP Picture - One track from both these maniacs. Centinex is covering "Enchanted Land" from SODOM and Nunslaughter is covering "Preacher" from RUNNING WILD. Killer tribute! [Label: Painkiller] 6.66 €

SHADOWBREED "The Light of the Shadow" MLP Picture - 12" + insert Thrash/Death Metal inpired by heroïc fantasy [Label: Painkiller] 6.50 €

SKITLIV / CURRENT 93 "Bloodletting" MLP Picture - 3 tracks of these disturbed and brilliant misanthropic projects. Limited Edition of 777 copies with insert. [Label: Cold Spring] 9.99 €

ARCKANUM "Serpent logo" Patch - High Quality Circular Embroidered Logo Patch. [Label: Possession] 5.00 €

MALEKHAMOVES "logo" Patch - high quality embroidered patch. Size: 10 cm / 7 cm limited to 100 copies [Label: Gospels of Death] 4.00 €

OSCULUM INFAME "Triangle" Patch - 12 cm / 12 cm [Label: n/a] 3.50 €

TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE "logo" Patch - High quality woven patch 15,50 cm / 8 cm [Label: n/a] 4.00 €

AMNION "The Return of Total Desolation" Tape - Demo - Intense Black Metal [Label: Calabozo] 4.00 €

BLACK PUTRESCENCE "s/t" Tape - Demo - Extreme Raw Black Metal [Label: Goatowar] 4.00 €

DAPNOM / TAOG SUSEJ / NOMMAN ERYTZ / BEYOND THE ASYLUM "Split" Tape - Reedition of the tape version. Housed in A5 sleeve. Limited to 111 copies. [Label: Bone Structure] 14.00 €

ETNOM "Perpetual Antichristian Flames" Tape - LIMITED TO 100 COPIES ! [Label: SchattenKult] 4.00 €

FALLEN ARKANE "BeyondThe Altar" Tape - Black Metal limited to 300 handnumbered copies, Beherit cover. [Label: Maltkross] 4.00 €

HOODED MENACE "The Eyeless Horde" Tape - Quote from label: Death/Doom Metal. Re-release of the 2007 demo. Re-worked artwork. [Label: Rusty Crowbar] 4.00 €

INSIDIOUS OMEN "Upon this throne of waste and decay" Tape - First album re-release with two bonus tracks, limited to 500hand-numbered copies. [Label: Morbid Count] 3.00 €

KAELTETOD "Adoratio Mortem" Tape - Black Metal / Dark Ambient from Austria. [Label: Ashen] 4.00 €

KAELTETOD "Wundenextrakte I-V" Tape - "Two tracks of suicidal BM somewhere in between ILDJARN, BURZUM and old Doom Metal a la SAINT VITUS, two harsh Industrial pieces and an experimental track that mixes ambient synths with weird metal elements, all of them cloaked by an abyssic feeling that will hopefully ruin your day." [Label: Ashen] 4.00 €

MALHKEBRE "Prostration" Tape - Pro-tape - thick mat paper - limited to 300 copies. Four messages of black proselytism resulting from reflections about Nothingness and Final Salvation, destined to glorify the Unique and to remind you how unfathomable His splendour is. [Label: Tour De Garde] 4.00 €

N.B.E.K "s/t" Tape - Harsh noise. [Label: Ars Funebris] 4.00 €

PAIN NAIL "Magneetinen Kohtalo" Tape - Finally long awaited album of Pain Nail is available. Recorded between 2006-2012. 40 minutes album consiting large variety of material from gloomy brooding heavy electronics to rusty and dark rhythmic metal percussion industrial and epic atmospheric tracks. Aggressive vocals and dirty analogue sound. Special packaging in a CD booklet, thick paper. [Label: Freak Animal] 7.80 €

SLAUGHTER THOU "De Psyche" Tape - Demo Tape - Original Death Metal. [Label: Autoprod] 3.00 €

ABORYM "NOTHING.ZERO" TS - Black/red front print on white/black shirt. [Label: Dead Seed] 14.50 €

ATOMTRAKT "...In Den Tiefen" TS - silver print on black shirt (optima max) Limited to 50 copies. Last copy in stock. [Label: Frozen Wings] 12.00 €

ATOMTRAKT "...In den Tiefen - grey" TS - black print on greyshirt (optima max) Limited to 50 copies. Last copy in stock. [Label: Frozen Wings] 13.00 €

DEATH IN JUNE "The Show That Summer - Tel Aviv" TS - white print [Label: The Eastern Front] 15.00 €

DER BLUTHARSCH "Tel Aviv" TS - Gold print on grey shirt DB sigil on heart Der Blutharsch on sleeve and event info on back. [Label: The Eastern Front] 15.00 €

DRASTUS "Symbol" TS - red print on B&C shirt. [Label: End All Life] 14.50 €

FIRST LAW "sigil" TS - Blue logo on Fruit of the loom (classiv valueweight). [Label: n/a] 10.00 €

ILL OMEN "Divinity Through Un-Creation" TS - white print on Gildan (ultra cotton) shirt [Label: Adverse Order Music] 15.00 €

ILL OMEN "Necro-Priest" TS - Two colour plastisol front, one colour back, black t-shirt. GILDAN Ultra Cotton, 100% cotton, preshrunk. As the fires of "Divinity Through Un-creation" still burn strong, Ill Omen give offering to their debut full length with the new, irreverent "Necro-Priest" design created by Viral Graphics. The logo behind the artwork is printed with black plastisol but shown as dark grey in the digital mock-up to simulate the black on black print. [Label: Vault of Dried Bones] 13.90 €

ILL OMEN "Radiant Behest of Excessum" TS - Grey print on Fruit of the loom shirt [Label: Battlesk'rs] 14.90 €

MAYHEM "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" TS - Great quality print on Fruit of the loom shirt [Label: n/a] 15.00 €

MAYHEM "Odium Humani Generis" TS - white print on Fruit of the loom shirt (classic valueweight) shirt. [Label: n/a] 15.00 €

MAYHEM "Odium Humani Generis - grey" TS - grey print - on Fruit of the Loom shirt [Label: n/a] 15.00 €

NUIT ET BROUILLARD "Festival 2007" TS - Two-sided T-Shirt printed white on black shirt featuring the NB’ logo on chest left, the program of the festival on the back: SE3D presents NUIT ET BROUILLARD FESTIVAL, Saturday April 21st 2007 featuring LD 50, HALO MANASH, OBJEKT/URIAN, MINAMATA, PROPERGOL, DERNIERE VOLONTE". [Label: Nuit et Brouillard] 10.00 €

OSCULUM INFAME "Logo" TS - [Label: Battlesk'rs] 15.00 €

REPUGNANT "Total Death Metal" TS - white print on Gildan Ultra Cotton shirt. [Label: n/a] 15.00 €

SAISON DE ROUILLE "Oeil" TS - white printing on Fruit of the loom shirts. Limited edition to 36 copies including TS. [Label: Necrocosm] 14.90 €

UNEARTHLY TRANCE "" TS - Lim. to 100 copies. only 2 copies back in stock from a distributor. [Label: Necrocosm] 14.75 €

WITCHRIST "The Grand Tormentor" TS - 2 sides, 1 color, M size Black shirt [Label: Osmose] 13.75 €

DEAD FUCKING CHURCH "M'aaagh #9" Zine A4 - 44 pages pro en français avec interviews de KILLERS, LONEWOLF, HÜRLEMENT, RESISTANCE et Pyrenean Metal, chroniques etc. Tout en français. 666 copies numérotées. 5.00 €

HARUSPEX ZINE + ANTEDILUVIAN 7 "Issue 1" Zine A4 - 7" EP Black edition. This zine, written by Jason Campbell and visually augmented by the art and layout of Tim Grieco, was originally intended for release in support of NWN! Fest III. Instead of limiting the subject matter and distribution to the fest, Haruspex evolved into something more expansive. This first installment focuses on bands related to NWN! future issues will further expand the magazine’s parameters. Featured in this issue are interviews with the following bands: Ares Kingdom Sabbat Conqueror Martire Rotting Christ (Interviews with Sakis Tolis, Jim Mutilator, and Magus Vampyr Daoloth) Pseudogod Anatomia Bone Awl (Interview featuring HWCT and HWGT) Bestial Raids Faustcoven And an artists’ discussion featuring Denis Forkas, Tim Grieco, Marko Marov, and Manuel Tinnemans This first issue also comes with a new 7” by Antediluvian. Recorded at the same time as “LOGOS,” this EP features two new, unreleased tracks: Antediluvian "Septentrional Theophany" 7"' 1. Mount of the Congregation . . . 2. . . . In the Sides of the North [Label: Nuclear War Now!] 12.00 €


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