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30 Nov 2011
Salut à Tous !

Ils sont même complètement cramés et vous attendent dans leur barquette "SPECIAL BARBECUE",
prêts à être dégustés pour tous les amoureux de viandes avariées !

Rendez vous sur le tout NOUVEAU SITE specialement retouché pour l'évenement !
> http://www.wix.com/crustgrind/lardon

Et pour vous donner l'eau à la bouche, ou la biere pour ceux qui ne supportent pas l'eau, voici une petite chronique du Webzine All You Need Is ... GORE !!!

"I remember this band released a nice split stuff, four years ago, shared with GLEARGH and RISING
TERROR, and since this record I did not heard about them! But that's good to see they're still around,
especially when they put out a so nice record, coming with 15 tracks for 20 minutes of sweet and brutal
Grind Core! The band sounds a bit different, in comparison with the split I was talking about, as the
Goregrind side of the songs disappeared for a more Crust Grind musick in the ROTTEN SOUND style,
sometimes a bit in the NAPALM DEATH style, a bit of CRIPPLE BASTARDS, a bit of DIORRHEA, played and
recorded with a very good sound quality! A lot of funny intros between the tracks (all in French, maybe
you won't understand them! Too bad because some are really funny!) give a nice mood to the whole record,
and actually, only the last “electro-breakcore-blablabla" song can be forgotten. For the rest, just get
it as soon as possible if you're looking for nice and massive Grind Core right in your face! I know some
people don't care about stuffs available on PRO CDR, but we got a very professional stuff here! I mean
about musick, but about layout too, and for only 5 euros? what do you want more? a free kiss? just get
in touch with the band or the label..."

source : http://www.allyouneedisgore.com

Bonne regurgitation à tous !!
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