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> Vends disques metal / hardcore / emo...., NEUFS et OCCAZ' CD's et Vinyls
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all hell breaks loose CD (membres de until the end)
anodyne - the first 4 years
Blood red - hostage (Initial records - chanteur de Silent majority)
born from pain - reclaiming the crown remastered
cable gutter queen
cable northern failure
Cattlepress - hordes to abolish ... (hydra head)
cavity supercollider
clear convictions - warning = puerto rico hxc ala madball/terror
comin' correct - in memory of ... (triple crown records)
converge - caring and killing
Corrin (pre-killswitch engage) - plutonian shores discography (infidel records)
death threat - for god & governement (us pressing)
die my demon - still loving the game (brutal hxc)
die my demon - smell the rat (brutal hxc)
in due time - back to basics - like buried alive/hatebreed
in due time - final showdown
keelhaul - subject to change ...
lamb of god - as the palaces burn - metalcore
no turning back - damage done (gsr)
nodes of ranvier - s/t (facedown) metallic hardcore
north side kings - a family affair
north side kings - organizing our neighbourhood
north side kings - this thing of ours
opposition of one - in the line of change - moshcore in the vein of throwdown/hatebreed/figure four
point of recognition - day of defeat
purity's failure - deconstruction (goodfellow records)
rise over run - reclaim and conquer heavy hardcore with mosh parts
sad origin - a double edged sword ... pre-die my demon
scissorfight - mantrapping ...
second to none - day of defeat NJHC sur cartel records
seven stiches - darkness is the light
Shotpointblank - kill breath kill
Shotpointblank - heart of a disbeliever
shotpointblank/problem solver revolver split cd
the acacia strain - 3750 (metalcore)
the classic struggle - feel like hell (like unearth/darkest hour)
the red chord - fused together ... 2xcd excellent metalcore
Big Collapse - prototype
bolt action - straight outta the sticks - cartel records
dead serious - it's what you can't see - old school sur gangstyle
diehard youth - without the kids we would be dead RIYL : champion/carry on
enkindel - MCD (initial records)
five minute major - when it ends (NYHC sur inner rage)
full court press - live life large - gangstyle
Garrison - a mile in cold water (revelation)
Guilt - synesthesia (initial)
hardtime - nothing to prove NYHC
Holden Caulfiled - the art of burning bridges RIYL SOIA, most precious blood ... sur SA MOB
Inner dam - when angels fall RPP
Jesus wept - sick city (nouveau groupe des ex xdisciplex)
Kill Holiday - somewhere between the wrong is right (revelation)
kombat - when silence makes you deaf
nothing left to mourn - through thick & thin
redline - moments of truth
redline - a portrait of a mirror image
Roy (membres de Botch/harkonen) - tacomatose
Shift - spacesuit (revelation)
society's finest - the journey so far (pour fans de zao)
Split Lip - for the love of the wounded (doghouse)
survivors/a new enemy split cd - old school hxc great packaging
the cancer conspiracy - s/t
the judas factor - ballads in blue china (revelation)
there were wires - somnanbulists
Threadbare - escapist (doghouse)
Tramlaw - technology will save us classic post hardcore
with dead hands rising - the horror grows near
with dead hands rising - behind inquisition
ZAO & training for utopia split CD

DVD's (neufs)

sheer terror
facedown records volume 1 : comeback kid, fugure four, seventh star symphony in peril, sinai beach .... +++
facedown fest 2 dvd's : alove for enemies, 7th star, xdisciplex ad, shockwave, comeback kid, bloody sunday, in due time, nodes of ranvier ... et d'autres !

cd's occaz

What happens next - the first year (fastcore)
AMORPHIS - elegy
AMORPHIS - tales from thousand ...
Nuclear Blast box 3 cd's (5 euros la box)
GODSEND a wayfarer's tears (holy records) digipack cd : Doom avec Dan Swanö
MY DYING BRIDE as the flower withers slipcase
MY DYING BRIDE like gods of the sun
MY DYING BRIDE meisterwerk I digipack
BFU - burned from hope (on point records - old school de Bulgarie)
Dropkick murphy's - sing loud sing proud digipack
edgwewise - silent rage (gainground)
Paura - reflex of difference (conspiracy chain)
the exploited - beat the bastards
Union 13 - east los presents ... (epitaph)
V/A spirit of the streets (AxF - rancid - SOIA - us bombs - oxymoron ...)
spazz : sweatin' II deported live dwarf CD (35 songs)

108 - one path for me through destiny
Brightside - bulletproof & punchline
Demon Joker Junior - once in a blue moon
Discipline - bulldog style & guilty as charged
Dmize - backlash
Hard Resistance - engine of hate + we own the streets
Only Attitude Counts - continue the fight
Tech9 - scars on the inside
V/A - DIY a declaration of independence
V/A - european hardcore the way it is
V/A - hardcore 4xcd boxset (in crust we trust, hold your ground, and the fun just never ends & you deserve even worse)
= 17 cd's >> 50 euros



97a - better off dead (teamwork/in my blood)
better than a thousand - self worth (keep it up)
encounter/crivits split 7" (old world)
eyeball - talkin' straight (crucial response)
eyes shut - what it's all about (dead serious)
half my time - no more lies (youth crew)
no reason - xxx (immigrant sun)
oil - s/t (commitment)
open close my eyes - el nuvo milenio (prawda)
product X - hometeam ep (commitment)
right for life - give us light for truth (AOV)
sportswear - it runs deep (crucial response)
strength approach/esteem split 7"
V/A there's still a lot to say xxx a youth crew hc compilation xxx
divided by hate - sediments of shame (east coast empire)
drowning room/veil split 7" (moo cow)
fatnuts - bloodsport (BTB)
kafka - black out (no! recors)
krutch/surrounded split 7" (BTB)
muddlehead/shortfuse split 7" (BTB)
polyglot/fall from grace split 7" (pin drop)
X empire falls X - the lines have been drawn (BTB)
enemy soil live flexi 7"
assück - necro salvation 7"
Insult/ruido split 7"
romantic gorilla 7"DxRxYx shoot up death ep (625)
fuck on the beach "fastcore on the beach" 7" (slap a ham)
christmess/no comply split 7" (625)
slight slappers "change" 7" (MCR) &"over come pain" 7" (Crust records)
Barbaric Thrash Demolition vol. II (5 bands) 7"
Complain (Jap) - make a mistake 7"
Devola - the resuscitation EP 7"
DxRxY - shoot up death EP : hard core punk 7"
Entropy - s/t : brutal and raw grindcore/hardcore 7"
Lie (Jap) - why!? tour EP : Super fast straight forward thrash 7"
Anal Cunt / flachenbrand split (grind versus fast violent hardcore)
Be quick or be dead "an italian / swedish fast compilation"
Bleeeaaaargh (slap a ham) 73 groupes dur un 7"
Cockroach/mihoen split (dutch thrash on the rise volume 4 balowski records)
Denak 7" (grind)
Dir Yassin : 2 7"s - fast hardcore punk israel
Dread 101 (crustcore)
enemy soil fiesta grande #5 flexi (excellent grindcore)
Existench (grind canada) / lix xivia (crustcore france) split 7"
Hard to (fuckin') swallow & manfat split 7" (excellent)
Hellnation / merda split 7
hellnation / sink split 7" (sound pollution)
Hellnation / CxFxDxL split 7" (sound pollution)
Mesrine/Dahmer split ep > GRIND
Ohuzaru - 7" ep (sly actions records) fastcore italie
Reproach - thrash mayhem - thrashcore
Seuchenherd ep (civilisation records) excellent aussi smile.gif ultrafast
Slight Slappers (grind japon) change ep et over come pain ep
social coma ep (membres de charles bronson)
Spazz/Opstand split (coalition)
systral - maximum entertainment(per koro)
The oath ep (youth attack/coaltion) membres de charles bronson
Unholy grave/TMT split 7"
Unholy grave - zero hour ep
Urko - fast3chordhardcoremotherfuckingthrashcrustpunkshit (tout est dit)
What happens next? - brutiful fearing (six weeks)
zanussi - ep ultrafast hardcore d'espagne
v/a left back let down double 7" compil' avec spazz/despise you... sur pessimiser records
Coffret tomorrow will be worse 4 7"s neuf sur sound pollution
et tomorrow will be worse 3x 7"s neuf aussi et vinyls colorés

six weeks omnibus - japanese hc compilation 8"

10" & 12"

combatwoundedveteran "I know a girl..." lp vert/bleu 1st press
selfish "cry for love cry for death" lp bleu
dragnet "we're all cutthroats" lp transparent
godstomper heavy metal vomit party lp
Conflict - it's time to see who's who lp
The atomic bitchwax - spit blood lp
The hellacopters - cream of the crap 2xlp
unida - coping with the urban coyote lp
Coche Bomba - hardcore rapide barré de Lyon (bad card records)
Nailed Down - violent distortion : ultra-barbaric grind hardcore destruction (australie)
Stack - s/t (six weeks/scorched earth policy/flowerviolence) groupe allemande de fast/grind/hc
Unholy Grave - tortured alive (farewell) tu connais smile.gif
Yacopsae/Rot split 10" picture disque : brazilian grind versus turbo violence from germany

97a - abandonned future e.p. (coalition & teamwork) old school
ABUSO SONORO - herencia (agipunk) hardcore/crust
AGNOSTIC FRONT - dead yuppies (epitaph)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - cause for alarm (kingfisher)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - last warning (kingfisher)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - live at CNGB (kingfisher)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - one voice (kingfisher)
AMEBIX - beginning of the end - dark anarcho punk
AMEBIX - monolith
ANTIPRODUCT - the defeaning silence... (skuld) anarcho punk/hardcore
BREAD AND CIRCUITS - lp (ebullition)
CITIZENS ARREST - colossus (wardance) hardcore punk
COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN - I know a girl..... (No idea)
CONGRESS - stake through the heart (goodlife) colored vinyl - h8000 hardcore
CONVERGE - petitioning the empty sky (equal vision)
CROSS MY HEART - the reason I failed history (dim mak) emo pop/rock
CROSS MY HEART - temporary contemporary (dim mak)
CROSS MY HEART - s/t (dim mak)
DRAGNET - we're all cutthroats LP transparent (deadalive) Fast old school styled hardcore
FAST TIMES - counting down (age of venus) vinyl marbré bleu
FOR THE LIVING - bridges burned (goodlife) old x school
FOR THE LIVING - worth holding onto (goodlife) old x school
GODSTOMPER - heavy metal vomit party (deadalive records) Bass/battery/vocals powerviolence duo
GOOD CLEAN FUN - shopping for a crew (dead serious) old x school
KITTY EMPIRE - for a fraction of a second (dancing in the dark) emo
LOS CRUDOS - canciones para liberar nustras frontieras (flat earth - nabate) fast hardcore
LOS CRUDOS 1991 - 1995
NIKAD - s/t (fire walk with me) screamo
NJ BLOODLINE - faceless (kingfisher) tuff guy mosh hardcore
NOTORIUS - la danza dei nervi - ala LOCUST
OIL - definition delta (coalition) rocking old x school
PENNYWISE - land of the free (epitaph)
PORTRAITS OF PAST lp (ebullition)
PRODUCT - nothing has changed (head one records) limité et numéroté à la main #63/100
SCALPLOCK - on whose terms? (sound pollution) grindcore/powerviolence... fast!
SELFISH - cry for love cry for death (deadalive) killer crust
SIN DIOS - 1991-1997 2xl avec gros livret (skuld) anarcho punk/hardcore
SPORTSWEAR - building dwelling thinking (goodlife) old x school
THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX - spit blood (I used to fuck people...) stoner
THE HELLACOPTERS - cream of the crap volume 1 2xLP
THE NEVER NEVER - these ain't no purple hearts (hydra head)
THE ROBOCOP KRAUS / THE CHERRYVILLE split lp (swing deluxe)
THUMBS DOWN - crossroads (genet) old x school
TIMEBOMB - the beat is here fellas (cane) rocking hardcore like Fugazi
TORN APART - ten songs for the bleeding heart (ferret / goodlife) newschool
UNIDA - coping with the urban coyote - stoner rock
V/A 1999 the rebirth of HARDCORE (goodlife) picture disc compil' old x school
V/A GIVE ME BACK (ebullition) - seein' red, born against, struggle, downcast, profax, econochrist......
V/A MAXIMUM SUBJECTIVITY (screamo / power violence / emometal / crust : fear is the path...., man vs. humanity, DS-13, Hybris, Universal.....)
V/A STURM AND DRANG 4 groupes de fastcore hollandais : betercore/soberesponse / point of few / office killer joli packaging
V/A CRITICAL PEDAGOGY : abstain/seein' red/john holmes.....

12" suite .....

cripple bastards ( misantropo a senso unico grind)
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - your lies in check
CURTAIN RAILto be with you LP (coaltion - thrashcore japonais)
DAHMER - dhamerized(clean plate records) GRIND !
DROPDEAD les 2 lp's mythiques
EXIT-13 ethos musick (relapse grindcore)
HEALTH HAZZRD discography (cult fastcore UK band avec fille au chant)
Hellnation - your chaos days are numbered (sound pollution)
LONG LIVE NOTHING (youth attack > charles bronson)
NO COMMENT discography cult fast/thrashcore (deep six)
öpstand discography LP
SCROTUM GRINDER LP sur prank excellent
SLIGHT SLAPPERS / SHORT HATE TEMPER split grind fast (sound pollution)
SPAZZ - la revencha (sound pollution)
THE END OF THE CENTURY PART hardcore rapide et barré (enslaved records)
URKO / MInute Manifesto split LP
KILARA - funeral fix (southern sludge core)
JR EWING - calling in dead
Yaphet Kotto - the killer was....
SSD - how we rock - cult old x school
Society of friends LP
Dumbstruck - and we all fall down LP

T-shirt MOSH or be MOSHED artwork de dave quiggle (xdisciplex) size S

Un mail si des choses vous intéressent :
[email protected]

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Il est à combien le Garrison ?
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10 euros

(il est neuf encore emballé - excellent album d'ailleurs)
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Frais de port compris ?
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Cheval de Troie du Capitalisme

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les fdp ne sont pas compris

d'ailleurs faudrait mettre a jour ta liste JG
genre enlever les trucs deja vendus ^^
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hey Gurg wink.gif
Je m'étais planté et le 1er message a été fait sans être enregistré, du coup je peux pas l'éditer...
ci-dessous une mise à jour des cd's :


AFTERSHOCK - propaganga 2XCD (devil's head)
AGE OF RUIN - the tides of tragedy (eulogy)
AMANDA WOODWARD - la décadence de la décadence (earthwatersky)
AS I LAY DYING - frail words collapse (metal blade)
BLEEDING THROUGH - portrait of goddess (indecision)
BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED - novella of uriel (ferret)
BLOODJINN - murder eternal (tribunal)
BLOODLET - three humid nights... (victory)
BLOODSPORT - warrior beast supreme (gangstyle)
COALESCE / BOY SETS FIRE split CD (Hydra Head)
CONGRESS - resurrection (goodlife)
CROWPATH - red on chrome (willowtip)
DROWNINGMAN - busy signals at the suicide hotline (hydra head)
END OF ALL - s/t (tribunal)
END OF ALL - paradise burning (venge)
EVERGREEN TERRACE - burned alive by time (eulogy)
EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY – how strange innoncence – post rock
GLASS CASKET - we are gathered here today (abacus)
GRIMLOCK – crusades of reality (life sentence)
GRIMLOCK – crusher (life sentence)
GRIMLOCK – songs of self (pin drop)
IF HOPE DIES - the ground is rushing...(ironclad)
INDWELLING - and my eyes shall weep (facedown)
JESUSEATER - step inside my death ray (deathwish)
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - s/t (ferret)
KILLWHITNEYDEAD - never good enough for you (tribunal)
KILLWHITNEYDEAD - inhaling the breath of a bullet (tribunal)
NEHEMIAH - the asphyxiation process (uprising)
NEUROSIS – through silver in blood (japanese pressing + 1 bonus track) * 20 euros
PRAYER FOR CLEANSING - the rain in endless fall (tribunal)
PURIFICATION - banging the drums of war (uprising)
RIFLES AT RECESS - to whipser in tongues (tribunal)
SHAI HULUD - that within blood ill tempered (revelation)
SHOCKWAVE - the ultimate doom (triple crown)
SHOCKWAVE - omega supreme (triple crown)
SINAI BEACH - when breath escapes (facedown)
SUICIDE NATION - a requiem.... (king of the monsters)
SUICIDE NOTE - you're not looking so good (ferret)
SYMPHONY IN PERIL - lost memories... (facedown)
THE JUDAS CRADLE - too bad they're all dead (eulogy)
THE POWER AND THE GLORY - call me armageddon (deathwish)
THIS DAY FORWARD - kairos (eulogy)
UNBROKEN - the death of true spirit (indecision)
UNDYING - this day all gods die (one day savior)
X DISCIPLE a.d. X - benediction (angelskin media)

Encore dispos !

ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE – s/t CD (membres de until the end)
ANODYNE - the first 4 years (black box) not unlike Botch
ANODYNE - lifetime of grey skies (level-plane)
BLOOD RED - hostage (Initial Records – post hardcore/emo)
BORN FROM PAIN - reclaiming the crown (remastered)
CABLE - gutter queen (Hydra Head) sludge rock
CABLE - northern failure (Hydra Head) sludge rock
CATTLEPRESS - hordes to abolish ... (hydra head) heavy sludge
CAVITY - supercollider (Hydra Head) sludge
CAVITY – on the lam (Hydra Head)
CLEAR CONVICTIONS – warning (strike first) Puerto Rico hxc ala Madball/Terror
COMIN’ CORRECT - in memory of ... (Triple Crown records) rick ta life
DEATH THREAT - for god & governement (us pressing) excellent hardcore
DIE MY DEMON - still loving the game (brutal mosh hxc)
DIE MY DEMON - smell the rat (brutal hxc)
IN DUE TIME - back to basics - like buried alive/hatebreed
IN DUE TIME - final showdown (facedown records)
KEELHAUL - subject to change... (Hydra Head)
NO TURNING BACK - damage done (old school meets NYHC – Gangstyle records)
NODES OF RANVIER - s/t (Facedown) metalcore
NORTH SIDE KINGS - a family affair
NORTH SIDE KINGS - organizing our neighbourhood
NORTH SIDE KINGS - this thing of ours
OPPOSITION OF ONE - in the line of change (strike first) - moshcore ala Throwdown / Hatebreed / Figure four
POINT OF RECOGNITION - day of defeat (facedown) moshcore
RISE OVER RUN - reclaim and conquer (Ironclad) heavy hardcore with mosh parts
SAD ORIGIN - a double edged sword ... pre-die my demon
SCISSORFIGHT - mantrapping ... (Hydra Head / Tortuga) Heavy Rock Stoner
SECOND TO NONE - day of defeat (Cartel records) New Jersey hardcore
SEVEN STICHES - darkness is the light (seventh dagger)
SHOTPOINTBLANK - kill breath kill ala hatebreed / The Promise......
SHOTPOINTBLANK - heart of a disbeliever (surprise attack) ala Madball / Comeback Kid
THE ACACIA STRAIN - 3750 (Prosthetic) metalcore not unlike Coalesce
THE CLASSIC STRUGGLE - feel like hell (metal blade) like Unearth / Darkest hour
BIG COLLAPSE – prototype (the militia groupe) emo indie rock
BOLT ACTION - straight outta the sticks (cartel records)
DEAD SERIOUS - it's what you can't see (gangstyle) old x school
DIEHARD YOUTH - without the kids we would be dead ala Champion / Carry On
ENKINDEL - MCD (initial records) post hardcore
FIVE MINUTE MAJOR - when it ends (inner rage) true NYHC
FULL COURT PRESS - live life large (gangstyle) ala e-twon concrete
GARRISON - a mile in cold water (revelation) emo
HARDTIME - nothing to prove NYHC
HOLDEN CAULFIELD - the art of burning bridges (SA MOB) ala SOIA / MPB
INNER DAM - when angels fall (RPP) brutal hardcore
JESUS WEPT - sick city (strike first) - nouveau groupe des ex X Disciple X
KILL HOLIDAY - somewhere between the wrong is right (revelation) emo
KOMBAT - when silence makes you deaf - mosh
NOTHING LEFT TO MOURN - through thick & thin
REDLINE - moments of truth
REDLINE - a portrait of a mirror image
ROY (membres de Botch / Harkonen) - tacomatose
SHIFT - spacesuit (revelation) classic indie/emo rock
SPLIT LIP- for the love of the wounded (doghouse) pre-Chamberlain
SURVIVORS / A NEW ENEMY split - old school hardcore
THE CANCER CONSPIRACY - s/t instrumental rock ala supermachiner
THE JUDAS FACTOR - ballads in blue china (revelation) noisy post hardcore
THERE WERE WIRES - somnanbulists ala Botch / Anodyne
THREADBARE- escapist (doghouse)
TRAMLAW - technology will save us - classic post hardcore
WITH DEAD HANDS RISING - the horror grows near (life sentence)
WITH DEAD HANDS RISING - behind inquisition – metalcore
ZAO & TRAINING FOR UTOPIA split CD (solid state)

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liste mise à jour ici désormais

E-mail : [email protected]

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