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Last arrivals

AGHAST (fra) "consumer" LP
Typical 90's French emo hardcore, 8 songs that can call to mind Ebullition bands. Comes with a nice booklet. White clear vinyl.
7 euros (Wee wee / Burt)

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED (usa) "honky reduction" LP + EP
“Honky reduction� album available for the first time on vinyl. “Honky reduction� hostile twenty-five tracks of drum machine driven grindcore is like getting beaten to death by repeated blows to the ears with a brick. Packaged for a limited time with a bonus 7" containing rare and unreleased material. This record is limited to 500.
12 euros (R.S.R / Relapse)

ANTITHESIS / SAN ANTONIO (ita) 10 inch''
Antithesis play emotionally inspired hardcore filled with crushing dynamics. Put in the same room Reversal of man, Burzum, Botch and think what can happend.
Sanantonio play italian '80's emo hardcore in vein of Negazione with a swedish touch... White-clear vinyl.
7,5 euros (DIY conspiracy between 11 labels)

AMANDA WOODWARD / 1905 (fra/usa) EP
Back in stock !
3 euros (Stonehenge)

ATOM AND HIS PACKAGE (usa) "a society of people named elihu" LP
The vinyl-version (CD released on Muntain Records) of his classic album from 1997, containing 20 hits, incl. "punk rock academy", "no head", the original versions of "waiting room" and "break down the walls"... plus more hilariously funny sequencer-punk !
9 euros (X-Mist)

BALLAST (can) "fuse" LP
2nd full length by this Montreal band. Intense and passionate mix of peace punk roots with crusty punk harshness, emotions, hooks and strong female/male vocals. You can compare it to Lost World and Post Regiment, and you'll find a nice cover song on this record.
8 euros (Stonehenge / Trujaca fala)

BASTARD NOISE & T.E.F (usa) "astronomical sound images" CD
A Kevin Novak (T.E.F.) and Bastard Noise (Eric Wood) collaboration of pulverizing astronomical vibrations. Four years in the making ! All the elements of both artists are there but it's the variation, combination and flow of this recording that makes it amazing.
6 euros (Troniks)

BLACK LEATHER JESUS (usa) "first you destroy their face" CD
Black Leather Jesus is a noise music collective formed by Richard Ramirez in 1989. So many cassettes, plenty of CDRs and vinyls... finally this unrelenting R. Ramirez project makes it to pro-pressed CD. You love harsh noise, you know you need this one.
Tu es libertin gay, tu aimes la merde, achete ce disque...
8 euros (Spatter)

BRUME RETINA / HIRO (fra) 10''inch
BxR featuring ex members from Gameness and Hiro from the ashes of Gantz. Both bands play screamo / post-hardcore lalalalalala ...
7 euros (Emergence / Impure musik / Rejuvenation & more)

BUNKUR (hol) "bludgeon" 2xLP
Droning black doom ! Consisting of band-members from Flesh Made Sin, Sauron and Abysmal Darkening, they soon released a demo, followed by the album "bludgeon", a 65-minute double-album. Expect the most brutal and intense doom sludge, by a band consisting of 2 bass players, a drummer and keyboards. Fans of Hellhammer, Khanate, Winter, Abruptum, and Moss need this. Hand-numbered to 999 copies double lp vinyls version in gatefold album-jacket with printed inner-sheet. Fourth side is a vinyl-only bonus track, a cover of the fair-haired bad boy hidden through the name of Burzum with a song called "Erblicket Die Tochter des Firmaments.
13 euros (From beyond)

CATENA COLLAPSE (nor) "rai rai rai / outback songs" LP
Norway's Catena Collapse are back with a new 4-song 12". The band takes a darker but at the same time more melodic approach with those new songs and the sound is somewhat reminiscent of the late 80´s/early 90´s Dischord stuff. Powerful and haunting music with the now trademarked rambled vocals. Rai Rai Rai/Outback Songs is a set of longer, moodier songs (the last one clocking in on over 10 minutes). More desperate and more dynamic with a very strong lyrical content. Overall you get a feeling of this being a different band compared to the earlier releases, older and more pissed off. The members also plays in bands like The Birds Are Spies and Dominic.
9 euros (Release the bats / Adagio 830)

Raw ripercrust metal from the states with a late 80's UK touch. Dark red vinyl.
3 euros (Torture garden)

ESB plays a mix between grind & powerviolence, influenced by Fantômas, Elysiüm & Sanitys Dawn. The Fantastikol Hole plays schizogrind with drums machine blasts ! Agoraphobic Nosebleed meets Pig Destroyer with a dark feeling.
7,5 euros (Skyr)

12 new songs of heavy & raw d-beat hardcore punk inspired by the likes of Totalitär, Discharge, and classic Swedish kängpunk. This recording is a huge improvement over the EP that came out on Plague Bearer two years ago. Comes in a great-looking gatefold sleeve with insert and liner notes in 5 languages. Only available on vinyl.
8 euros (Fidelio / Ratbones)

A tribute to "South Bohemian Area" previous and current punk hardcore bands. Gride side - legendary fast hardcore mixed with powerviolence / grindcore mayhem riffs. Super technical percussionist and sound like a Yacopsae, Infest, Lack of Interest, Capitalist Casualties music style. The band has had a great political lyrics as well. Gride's covered :
Telex - Lahar - Uchazim - Serious Music, and a mixture of riffs from Plastic Grave & Ingrowing.
Lahar side - fast thrashing hardcore assholes from Pisek city. Lovely metal thrashing guitar riffs like Hellnation, Opstand style. The bands that the Lahar covered are : Gride - Telex - Serious Music - Rat Race - Rabies.
3,5 euros (Beer is not drink)

Happy Bastards comme out strong on this split 7" with 3 new tracks following their first fulllenght release out on Profane Existence a bit earlier this automn on CD format. You know what to expect here, brutal punk rock like things should be played. The feminin voice is really inspiring and the lyrics are defenitly red and black, hopefully they will make it to europefor next fall 2007. Kismet Hc make things even more exciting on the flip side with 3 songs as well after 15 years of activity. How do they get all this motivation and keep going stronger, faster, and better. The song writing is defenitly progessing through the years even though they never put out anything feeble.
3 euros (Wee wee / Fight for your mind)

Sludgy, hypnotising and deep doom from Nottingham with members who have been involved with such bands as Pitchshifter or Taken by Wolves. 4 songs of grief and dispair in 50 minutes, creating a gloomy atmosphere with amazing chord changes. Think of early hypnotic Peaceville or Earache industrial back in the days mixed with doomy sludge and deep growls.
10 euros (Streaks)

ISIS (usa) "celestial" 2xLP
First european vinyl pressing. Overwhelming in heaviness and awesome in expanse, "celestial" escalates Isis thunderous assault and explores infinite shades of mood and sound. Seven epic songs launched with mechanistic precision and carefully measured flourishes that collapse into avalanche-heavy passages of devastating power. Black vinyl, gatefold sleeve.
16 euros (Conspiracy)

ISIS (usa) "celestial" 2xLP
IThe second press in an edition of 500 copies. Gatefold sleeve.
16 euros (Conspiracy)

JESU (usa) "conqueror" 2xLP
Justin Broadrick (ex Godflesh) triumphantly returns with his second, and quite appropriately titled, Jesu full-length (the follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed "silver" EP). Packed with eight gorgeously hypnotic tracks in just over an hour, Conqueror exhales a dreamlike mist of weighty celestial ambience, underwater phantasms and slow-rolling nebulae, fomenting the kind of kaleidoscopic rapture-brimming with lush electronics, dulcet guitar textures, massive riffs, and lavish atmospheric hues that makes you swear you're on drugs. Edition of 500 in a gatefold sleeve.
16 euros (Conspiracy)

JESUS OF NAZARETH (usa) "braid of muscle" CD
This 21 song full length delivers an earwax-blowing assault of grindtronica / extreme hardcore gabba from this ex-Enemy Soil / Blower outfit. Most of these songs feature ultra-distorted, shredded vocals screaming over impossibly fast gabba / blastbeats and washes of Merzbow-like white-noise distortion explosions, mashed up grindcore shred, and amputating eruptions of harsh noise, all mixed in the red, with some sudden (and unsettling) abrupt shifts in volume. The mix on this thing is really over the top, with quieter parts exploding loudly into flurries of hyperspeed beats and spastic electronics. "Braid of muscle" isn't all ugly violent beats, however...throughout most of the songs, shadows of pretty melodies, drones, and obliterated AM radio transmissions drift over the relentless beats, and the contrast is really quite nice, as well as a welcome reprieve from assault of blasting beats and noise. And some of the tracks at the end of the album are made up primarily of beautiful melodic drones.
7,5 euros (Rsr)

LE SCRAWL (ger) "eager to please" 10 inch
Back in stock !! This newest installment features 13 songs recorded in 2003 by Harris Johns (producer of Sodom, Kreator, Immolation ouch ouch) at his "Spiderhaus studio in Luttz, Germany. This 10''inch continues with Le Scrawl sonic debauchery of "grind" mixed with ska, jazz and all thinks (that you loath?) weird, but adding a stronger metal influence in both songwriting and productions.
7,5 euros (Rsr)

Depraved doom !! Loinen (parasite in Finnish) traffic in "nihilist sludge core" and while that may be true, they do manage to add some interesting little sonic twists to what could be just another tarpit trudge through a downtuned wasteland. Which is not a bad thing, not at all, we could happily spend the rest of our days wrapped in a pair of headphones, crawling through a sonic wasteland as black as pitch, but when a band can create a bleak landscape that manages to transcend the typical, we're all the more thrilled. The core sound is of course familiar, crumbling downtuned and ultra distorted guitars, churning riffs, pounding drums, and the glacial groove of dual bass crunch and drum pound makes up the framework of this whole disc, but Loinen, take a few liberties. One is a strange flair for the dynamic, no static slow motion riff trudgery, instead, the guitars, crunch and grind, stop and start, allowing lots of space to seep in, and building strange rhythms out of the doom. Very reminiscent of dutch hypno-rockers Gore at times, with the churning looped vibe and the hypnotic repetitive arrangements. But the weirdest part of Loinen's doom-iverse is the vocals, a haunting croon, like some impossible mix of Scott Walker and Urfaust, sure there are howled demonic shrieks, but they spend most of the time buried way down in the mix, coming to the surface here and there, but it's those creepy soulful vocals that add an unexpected dimension to Loinen's doomy dirges. Plus they even cover obscure Finnish punk legends Terveet Kadet... awesome ! Comes in gatefold, leaflet and really mindblowing artwork.
10 euros (Streaks / Blind date)

MICROFILM (fra) "stereodrama" LP
Post-rock cinématic de Poitiers, quelque part entre Mogwai, A Minor Forest et Diabologum avec de gros morceaux de films 60's and 70's dedans.
Pochette Gatefold & lunette 3D comme au futuroscope.
9 euros (Theatre / Paranoïd / Migouri / Rejuvenation)

MONARCH (fra) "die tonight" LP
This one is their follow up to the former LP "speak of the sea". That was an LP released on the 666 which lasted for a few months only. This brand new one "die tonight" heads the same direction, so get your copy before it's too late. Two new songs clocking at 20 minutes each, starting off where the "speak of the sea" ones left. Very similar in sound and shape, sort of a continuation. An apocalyptical, suffocating and terrifying sound which emanates from their Sunno and Sovtek amps, from their impossible-tempo war drums, and from the ripping throat of the warrior queen. Nonetheless Monarch have been compared to the "legends" of this genre (Corrupted, Burning Witch, Sunno, etc.).
10 euros (Throne)

NEEDFUL THINGS (cz) "dead point" LP
Real grind core brutalizer driven by intestines, lungs, stomaks and kidneys from Napalm Death, Nasum, Nyctophobic, Blockheads, Fubar... 15 songs, 32 minutes, devastating sound, destroying and moshing conception, that´s this piece. Including a Napalm Death cover.
8,5 euros (Nightmare / Power it up / Tower violence / Out of control)

CD version of hålrum runs about 6 minutes longer than the LP and presents the work in its uninterupted entirety. Beautiful career-spanning collection of outside musical thought from this Swedish sound-collective, with two sides of collaged pieces that span clattering sounds-of-the-junkyard noise improvisations, the bells of ghost ships long lost to the tide, beautiful Gregorian/choral tones, fractured jump-cuts that bring to mind Nurse With Wound circa Spiral Insana and A Salt Marie Celeste and moments of joyous free-folk blurt. Recorded between 2001-2004, this makes for some beautiful deep-listening and should suit fans of early Ghost, Nurse With Wound, Asmus Tietchens, Einsturzende Neubauten, The New Blockaders, David Jackman, Keiji Haino and The No-Neck Blues Band.
9 euros (Snse)

First full album after 2 mcd. Mixing post rock and screamo hardcore.
7 euros (Argghh)

NOOTHGRUSH (usa) "erode the person" CD
Second part of Noothgrush discography, after the "Failing early, failing often" album released some years ago by the now-defunct label Slap-A-Ham. "Erode the person" includes all the band's final recordings: Splits with Gasp, Suppression, Carol Ann, Wellington and Corrupted, compilation tracks, and a good bunch of rearranged and unreleased hits ! Essential if you're into sludge doom stoner music...
9 euros (Throne / Chimère)

RAINBOW OF DEATH (fra) 10"inch
Members of Monarch - Gasmask Terrör and the now dead George Bitch Jr playing fastcore / noisy blast rock blah blah. Imagine a mix between Öpstand and Melt Bananarama. Recorded at Amanita studio ! 520 copies on white/black to support ebay and 510 on black for the losers. Packaged in a thick 10" jacket with heavy stock inner sleeves.
7 euros (Fidelio / Solitude / Wee wee / Torture Garden)

RUPTURE (aus) "sex dugs and rupture" LP
The best Rupture's album ?
9 euros (Hate ape)

SISSY SPACEK (usa) "devils cone and palms" CD
Sissy Spacek's first album with a Jackson/Ronnau/Wiese line-up, produced from totally gutter sessions in Los Angeles and Oakland in 2005 and 2006. Includes the entire infamous Il Corral set as heard through the handheld tape deck of a screaming female audience member. As usual it's terrifying and colossal... genius harsh noise.
10 euros (Misanthropic agenda)

SUBMISSION HOLD (can) "what holds back the elephant" LP
Since 1993 East Vancouver agit-punk band Submission Hold has been mixing radical politics with genre-bending sounds, and challenging the musical and intellectual assumptions of their audience. In their 10 years as a fiercely independent band, they’ve recorded two records for Goleta, Ebullition Records, and played countless basements, community halls, and squats in over 20 countries. "What holds back the elephant", their third full length, finds them using elements of eastern folk, free improv, punk rock and whatever else crosses their musical palate to form the musical base of their collective ideology.
Lyrically the record manages to touch on Bush Jr's rise to power, religious fanatacism, and make connections between feminism and environmentalism all without resorting to the embarrassingly painful and nebulous platitudes that one finds oneself continually subjected to these days while every crappy "punk" band on earth scrambles to board the lucrative wagon of regime (ex)change. The music on "what holds back the elephant is in turn challenging, relaxing, infectious and assaulting, while the lyrics delivered by vocalist Jen's epic, soaring voice are sometimes direct, other times introspective glimpses at a world gone mad.
Nice sleeve, pink vinyl and as usual a kind of booklet / fanzine.
8 euros (Stonehenge)

Debut-release by this band from france (Clermont-Ferrand), with 7 bombastic and excessive tracks of noisy and screamy emotional hardcore, that’s in between bands like Envy, Funeral Diner and the French school of screamo à la Amanda woodward... Limited edition on red vinyl.
8,5 euros (Arghh)

SUPERSTATIC REVOLUTION (fra) "goodbye mr wanton" LP
"Goodbye Mr Wanton" is a massive explosion of riffage, destroying the boundaries of metal music into an extended version of anger-driven modern heavy rock. Superstatic Revolution construct with furtive grinds, unexpected turns and notes, desperate screams and gigantic emotions, transporting the mind on a high musical progression level.
9 euros (Radar swarm / Keben)

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SKY (usa) "rorschach" CD
The Other side...comes from Florida and deliver a kind of ambient sludge metal related to bands like Isis, Neurosis and Mogwai. Recorded at Godcity Studios under the guidance of Kurt Ballou, it is a representation of massive volume inducing emotion, combining droning riffs and subtle effects-induced builds.
10 euros (Retribute)

Death / gloom punk to a whole new level of torture and despair, by building on the foundations laid by Dystopia and State of the Union, but adding a whole new level to the horrific soundtrack of this nightmare of life (they have a cello player and multiple drummers). A truly horrifying look into the darker side of human nature.
8 euros (Torture garden picture company)

YACOPSAE (ger) "discoregraphy" 2xCD
149 tracks.The final collection of all their out of print vinyl stuff, compilation tracks, demo / rehearsal and live recordings (including lots of previously unreleased/ rare material from the early days). This one's just a filthy chunk of ultra-fast, unrelenting and raging stop'n'go Thrashcore ! Kiss your ears good-bye … Nice booklet includes 52 pages with detailed liner-notes, tons of pictures, flyers and some english translations..
10 euros (Rsr)

V/A : Making Children's Songs A Threat Again - LP
Sugar Pie Koko - Zanussi - Power Of Idea - Gride - Disarm - Karse - Jinn - Stracony - Migra Violenta - Betercore - Inertie - The Dagda - Zegota + french spoken words about education / punks & childs ... Really nice sleeve !
8 euros (Guerilla shooting)

V/A : Songs From The Darkroom - CD
Skin Crime - Toby Dammit - Control - M.O - Taint - N. - Black Leather Jesus - Wertham - Sickness - P.O.S.K
Black and white artwork based on the subject of male on male SM and bondage.
8 euros (Spatter)

V/A :Waterloo - CD
Another Kind Of Death - Adrift - Moksha - Moho. 4 spanish bands of rock, doom, sludge and metal sharing 11 unrealease tracks.
8 euros (Underhill)

V/A : Woman Taken In Adultery - CD
Heaviness, drone, noise with : Noxagt - Flies Inside The Sun - Random Reflections - Lovely Midget Metralleta - Loren Cannors.
Great compilation - Ugly artwork.
6 euros (Carbon)

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