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Reflections Records News
March 28, 2004

Again, tons of news! Things have been pretty crazy once again but definitely ‘crazy' as in ‘good crazy'! Spend 5 minutes of your time, or maybe a little more, to read what's happening at the Reflections headquarters. For unsubscribe instructions, please read below. If you (Hotmail users e.g.) have trouble reading, try www.reflectionsrecords.com/newsletter.

1. Face Tomorrow to release CDep + Video for “Sign Up� April 1, 2004
2. Latest Reflections releases: Daughters, Steel Rules Die, Modern Life Is War
3. New releases coming April 20, 2004: Razor Crusade, Black Cross
4. Reflections Magazine #15 finally available mid April
5. Video news: I Defy video for ‘At First Sight' Face Tomorrow video for ‘Sign Up'
6. Tours: Stretch Arm Strong, Modern Life Is War (Black Cross cancelled) & more
7. Goudvishal 20 Year Anniversary festival - April 25, 2004

Face Tomorrow - Sign Up CDep
Face Tomorrow is back with a new album entitled ‘The Closer You Get' (out May 11, 2004), including a brand new single and music video for the song ‘Sign Up'. Although the expectations had ran high, Face Tomorrow have really surpassed themselves. Exhibiting a coherency, intensity and emotional depth that is at times breathtaking, ‘The Closer You Get' is an spherical and honest monument of extremes, hooks, melodies and rock. Backed up by the unbelievably catchy and uplifting first single ‘Sign Up', there's a very, very small chance you will miss out on Face Tomorrow this year! The band has also completely revamped their website. Check out www.facetomorrow.net Check out an MP3 for the song ‘Sign Up'

New Releases

RFL047 Daughters – Canada Songs. CD
Their 10 song debut “Canada Songs� and their 4 song debut EP on one digital disc. Channel4 UK likes ‘m: � Forget every last thing you've ever been told schizophrenia - Daughters! are to re-write the medical books. Daughters! are that off-kilter, that aggressive, that nihilistic in their aural assault, they make the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan sound like woolly-headed yoghurt knitters. From start to end, 'Canada Songs' supplants metre-long fishhooks into your brain, and tugs away without care or reason. A triumph of blessed chaos, given half a chance, 'Canada Songs' will turn metal on it's head. � Their first European tour is in the works for Fall 2004. Launch the Daughters media player (mp3s, videos, photos) to check them out.

RFL048 Steel Rules Die - The Hemingway Solution. CD
Steel Rules Die, the British answer to Hot water Music, Thrice and Strike Anywhere unleash their highly anticipated debut full-length. Eleven tracks of the signature of raging, powerful, melodic heavy punkrock that the band is famous for. Art direction and graphic design by Jeremy Wabiszczewicz (Daughters). Check out an MP3 for the song 'The Past' and put it on repeat! See them live on a week European mainland tour in April w/ amongst other; Stretch Arm Strong, Ten Foot Pole, Face Tomorrow, Razor Crusade & more.

RFL044 Converge – Unloved and weeded out. LP
RFL 046 Modern Life Is War - My Love, My Way. CD
RFL043 Killtraitors - S/T. 7"

April 20, 2004 Releases

RFL 051 Razor Crusade – Infinite Water CD
RAZOR CRUSADE will unleash their debut full length ‘Infinite Water' April 20, 2004. Imagine the impact that Snapcase's “Lookinglasself� or Unbroken's “life, love regret' made, but recorded by kids who've grown up in the nineties. With amazing melodies, crazy song structures and just plain aggressiveness at the right moments, Infinite Water is destined to raise eyebrows worldwide. Also, the album features the astonishing debut of new vocalist Ivo Janssen who lifts the music to an entirely new level. Europe finally has a band able to fill the void left behind with the demise of Sweden's Refused. Check out an MP3 for the song ‘The Low Spark'. Check the band live on the CONVERSE 'Choose Your Weapon' Tour 2004 with Textures and End Of April. See tourdates for more info.

RFL049 Black Cross – Widows Bloody Widows. CD
Widows Bloody Widows (yes, you are right. A mutual admiration for the godfathers of heavy metal is coming through here!) ties up the loose ends left hanging from their days as Black Widows and includes all their limited edition vinyl releases as well. This deluxe packaged disc contains 14 songs in total and is a must-have for any fan of the band as well as an excellent startingpoint for anyone curious about Louisville's genre-bending iconoclasts Black Cross. Check out an MP3 for the song 'It Gets Dark So Early'. Unfortunately the band will not be joining Modern Life Is War on their European upcoming tour. We hope to welcome them later this year.

Upcoming release schedule:
RFL052 Face Tomorrow – The Closer You Get (May 11, 2004)
RFL053 Malkovich – Debut full length CD (August 24, 2004)

Dead Stop – This World Is Done With You 12�
Reflections will be handling the exclusive distribution for this record. The band has recorded 14 songs and the record is supposed to see the light of day somewhere in May. Be prepared: This is the best hardcore band from Europe. Check out an MP3 for the song ‘Dead Stop' from their debut ep.

Reflections Magazine #15 finally coming Mid April
88 pages. Full color cover. This time it's some sort of special Reflections Records issue w/ Interviews with: Black Cross, I Defy, Terror, Face Tomorrow, Give Up The Ghost, Circle, Converge, the final interview with Count Me Out (done by the members themselves!) and more. Articles on booking tours, an amazing documentary made by Greg Bennick (Trial), Reaching Forward's ‘epitaph' and tons of reviews and much more! You can pre-order it now in our online-store.

I DEFY 'At First Sight' Music Video
I Defy is working on a video for the song “At First Sight� It should be seen in the coming months on various German and possibly European music channels. The band is also confirmed to play the With Full Force Fest in Germany as well as the mighty Fury Fest in France.
Check www.idefy.de for some screenshots and general news on the band.


Festival News
- April 24, 2004 Meerhout, Belgium Groezrock Festival w/ Sick Of It All, Stretch Arm Strong, Madball, The Promise, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole, Champion, De Heideroosjes and more to come. Check the festival's website at www.groezrock.be
- April 25, 2004 Arnhem, The Netherlands 20 Years Goudvishal Festival This legendary venue in The Netherlands will be celebrating their 20 year existence in April. Highlight of the month will be a big festival not held inside the small venue but in the 19th century music hall 'Musis Sacrum'. Bands include Madball, Stretch Arm Strong, E-town Concrete, Face Tomorrow, JR Ewing, Razor Crusade, Malkovich, Burst, Heaven Shall Burn and many more... Check the Goudvishal Festival website for a complete line up.
- May 1, 2004. Wuustwezel, Belgium Puntpop w/ REFLECTIONS STAGE! Go check out this festival in Belgium with two stages, and one of them being the special ‘REFLECTIONS' stage! Bands playing: Face Tomorrow, Circle, Razor Crusade and Steel Rules Die! More info: www.puntpop.org

Stretch Arm Strong – European Tour April 22 – May 2, 2004
22-4-2004 Germany Munster Skaters Palace w/ Razor Crusade
23-4-2004 Germany Eisenach Havana Bar w/ E-town Concrete
24-4-2004 Belgium Meerhout Groezrock festival w/ Madball, SOIA, The Bronx and more
25-4-2004 Netherlands Arnhem Goudvishal 20 Year Anniversary fest
26-4-2004 Germany Koln Underground w/ Steel Rules Die
27-4-2004 France Paris Glaz'art w/ Steel Rules Die
28-4-2004 Switzerland Zurich Dynamo Werk 21 w/ Steel Rules Die
29-4-2004 Italy Bologna Estragon Club
30-4-2004 Italy Mezzago Boom Club
01-5-2004 Germany Kalrsruhe Final Cut! Mayhem-Festival w/ JR Ewing and more

Modern Life Is War – European Tour June 10 – July 11, 2004
Unfortunately the Black Cross dates are cancelled so they will be supporting Modern Life Is War. We're currently getting all the dates together, we're however still collecting offers. If you're interested in doing a show and haven't contacted us, then please do so! ( [email protected] ). Next update will have all the dates.

10-06-04 Denmark Fredericia w/ Malkovich, Between Us
11-06-04 Norway Oslo w/ Malkovich, Between Us
12-06-04 Sweden Stockholm w/ Malkovich, Between Us
13-06-04 Sweden Linkoping w/ Malkovich , Between Us
14-06-04 Sweden Gothenburg w/ Malkovich, Between Us
15-06-04 Denmark Copenhagen w/ Malkovich
16-06-04 Germany Bremen w/ Malkovich
19-06-04 Germany Eisenach / Wutha w/ Malkovich
20-06-04 Netherlands Maastricht ( Midsummer HC party)
21-06-04 Germany Munster ( Baracke)
23-06-04 Netherlands Amsterdam (Winston) w/ Killtraitors
25-06-04 U.K. Brighton ( Freebutt)
26-06-04 U.K. Canterbury ( Scout Hut (all dayer)
27-06-04 U.K. Leeds ( Joseph Well (all dayer)
28-06-04 U.K. Glasgow (K ing Tuts)
29-06-04 U.K. Nottingham ( Old Angel)
30-06-04 U.K. Peterborough ( The Park)
01-07-04 U.K. London ( Barfly)
04-07-04 Switzerland Luzern ( Boa)
05-07-04 Austria Dornbirn (C afé Slachthaus)
10-07-04 Netherlands Arnhem ( Goudvishal)

Steel Rules Die
04-04-2004 University of Central London Union+ Fireapple Red Killerist Expression and More!
10-04-2004 Nottingham, Junction 7 w/ Somehow Hollow
17-04-2004 Stoke, w/ Milloy, Southpaw, K-Line and loads more
26-04-2004 Germany, Koln Underground w/ Stretch Arm Strong
27-04-2004 France, Paris Glaz'art w/ Stretch Arm Strong
28-04-2004 Switzerland, Zurich, Dynamo Werk 21 w/ Stretch Arm Strong
30-04-2004 The Netherlands Den Bosch W2 w/ Lawrence Arms, Ten Foot Pole, Go Ape!
01-05-2004 Belgium Puntpop Festival w/ Circle, Face Tomorrow, Razor Crusade
04-05-2004 Nottingham w/ Maypole
06-05-2004 Leeds + Maypole
20-05-2004 20th May Northampton Racehorse + Poindexter and Echofreddy
22-05-2004 High Wycombe + Support
28-05-2004 Lancaster + Support
30-05-2004 Nottingham Junior showtime with loads of bands
03-07-2004 Hull TBA

Daughters is working on an upcoming European tour after summer. They're coming from September 15 ‘till October 10, 2004. Contact [email protected] (European mainland) or [email protected] (U.K.) for more information.

Face Tomorrow
03/04/04 Belgium, Riorock, Ham w/ Cornflames, lots more
09/04/04 Germany, JH, Rosswein w/ Soulmate
10/04/04 Germany, Kultopia, Hagen w/ Soulmate
11/04/04 Germany, Triebwerk, Bielefeld w/ Waterdown, Good Witch of the South, more
18/04/04 Factory, Wassenaar w/ Maypole, I Reject, lots more
23/04/04 Belgium, Groezrock Campingfest, Meerhout w/ lots more
25/04/04 Netherlands Arnhem Goudvishal 20 Year Anniversary fest
30/04/04 De Roos, Deurne w/ lots more
01/05/04 Belgium, Puntpop Reflections stage w/ Razor Crusade, Steel Rules Die, Circle
03/05/04 Belgium, Sojo, Leuven w/ As We Fight, On the Might of Princess
08/05/04 Belgium, Everybody's Punk 2, Venue Kortakker, Rillaart w/ PO Box, lots more
14/05/04 Waterfront, Rotterdam (RELEASEPARTY!) w/ Green Lizard, This Beautiful Mess
15/05/04 Melkweg, Amsterdam (RELEASEPARTY!) w/ more
21/05/04 Belgium, JH Phoenix, Westerlo w/ Cast Down, more
22/05/04 Donkey Shot, Heemstede w/ Van Katoen, Carp
29/05/04 Tavenu, Waalwijk w/ more
02/06/04 ACU, Utrecht w/ Bats and Mice
04/06/04 De Peppel, Zeist
05/06/04 Unitas, Wageningen
11/06/04 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
12/06/04 Wantijpop, Dordrecht w/ lots more
19/06/04 Peacedog Festival, De Kei, Ede w/ lots more
03/07/04 Unity Rally, Hardenberg w/ Walls of Jericho, Zaccharia, lots more
07/08/04 Germany, Omas-Teich Festival, Grossefehn/Ostfriesland w/ lots more
14/08/04 Waterpop, Wateringen w/ lots more

28/3 Portsmouth, UK @ The Horseshoe
29/3 Brighton, UK @ Hobgoblin w/ Abandon Ship, The Permenant
30/3 London, UK @ The Needles
31/3 Leeds, UK @ The Fenton
01/4 Newcastle, UK @ The Stout Fiddler
02/4 Hull, UK @ The White Room w/ Freaks Union, The Dagger
03/4 Nottingham, UK @ The Old Angel
08/4 Rotterdam , NL @ Waterfront w/ Craven, Muego
10/4 Krommenie, NL @ De Grote Weiver w/ Omited Gr
11/4 Tilburg, NL @ Extase w/ Oil, Stockholm Syndrome
25/4 Arnhem, NL @ Goudvishal 20 Year Anniversary fest
08/5 Delft, NL @ Koornbeurs w/ Do Or Die, Among The Living, Greyline + many more
13/5 Groningen, NL @ Simplon w/ Greyline, The Helsinki Suicide

Razor Crusade
Converse presents: 'Choose Your Weapon' Tour 2004
16.04. Het Bolwerk - Sneek w/ Textures, End Of April
21.04. Doornroosje – Nijmegen w/ Textures, End Of April
29.04. Groningen - Vera w/ Textures, End Of April
07.05. Manifesto - Hoorn w/ Textures, End Of April
03.06. Waterfront – Rotterdam w/ Textures, End Of April

Other Razor Crusade dates
15/4 Tilburg, NL @ Bat Cave (CD presentation weekend)
22/4 Munster, GER @ Skaters Palace w/ Stretch Arm Strong
25/4 Arnhem, NL @ Goudvishal 20 Year Anniversary fest
30/4 Bergen Op Zoom, NL @ Raayberg
01/5 Bergen Op Zoom, NL @ Waterputje, instore show
01/5 Diest, BEL @ Puntpop
01/5 Riemst, BEL @ Ruffelknok Fest
21/05 Oisterwijk, NL @ JC Demo
19/07 Amsterdam, NL @ Melkweg w/ Shai Hulud

03/4 Ham - Rio Rock
10/4 Aalter - JH Kadans
01/5 Wuustwezel - Puntpop
30/7 Festival Ham

Distribution: Reflections is proudly distributed by: Bertus (Benelux), Shellshock (U.K. & Ireland), Overcome (France), Soulfood (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Soundpollution (Scandinavia), Sell Our Souls Records (Spain), Lumberjack (North America) and various others.

On behalf of the Reflections team.
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