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Reflections Newsletter
*VINYL PRE-ORDERS* January 8, 2006

If you like to read the nice HTML version check

The first newsletter of a new year. In the last newsletter we had some
mistakes concerning pre-orders for the November Coming Fire release, now we
settled all that. In other news... due to the increase of the rates for
vinyl printing of our pressing plant we are increasing our vinyl prices as
well. Gatefold LPs will be priced as CDs now. Check underneath for all the
exact information on all vinyl pre-orders and take a look at all the insane
festivals, shows and tours that are happening in weeks to come!

BLACKLISTED - ... THE BEAT GOES ON. Limited LP, Pre-order now!
RISE AND FALL - INTO OBLIVION. Limited LP, Pre-order now!
NOVEMBER COMING FIRE - DUNGENESS. CD details announced. Pre-order now!
REFLECTIONS FEST PART I - January 28, 2006
REFLECTIONS FEST PART 2 - February 26, 2006
MALKOVICH - United Kingdom Tour
GOOD CLEAN FUN - European Tour with Anti-Flag
BLACKLISTED European Tour with Terror / Donnybrook

BLACKLISTED - ... The Beat Goes On Limited LP. Pre-order now!
The brandnew album from Blacklisted now available on vinyl! Packed in a
deluxe Gatefold sleeve and limited to only 500 copies! 250 on transparant
purple vinyl and 250 on purple/black splattered vinyl. Be fast because once
they're gone, they won't get re-pressed. Blacklisted might, or might not
have copies to sell on their Upcoming European tour, depending on how quick
our pressingplant can have it all done. If you want to make absolutely sure
you don't miss out, then order it now!

250 on transparant purple vinyl GATEFOLD - Pre-order now!
250 on transparant purple / black splattered vinyl GATEFOLD - Pre-order now!

Shipping January 13, 2006

You can order the CD now in our online store.
Listen to a brand new and free MP3 for the song "How Quickly We Forget?" on our website.

RISE AND FALL - Into Oblivion Limited LP, Pre-order now!
Rise And Fall's second album hit the world like a thunderstorm of unknown
proportions and you can pre-order the LP now. This deluxe Gatefold packed
album is limited to 1000 copies, with colored vinyl limited to 666 copies.
These are the exact details:

200 on clear red vinyl GATEFOLD - Pre-order now!
466 on clear red / splattered vinyl GATEFOLD - Pre-order now!
344 on black vinyl GATEFOLD - Pre-order now!

Shipping February 17, 2006

Order the CD or Package Deal in our online store.
Listen to a brand new and free MP3 for the song "The Void'on our website.
Visit the band's official site at:www.riseandfall.org

GOOD CLEAN FUN - Beteween Christian Rock - Limited LP, Pre-order now!

Good Clean Fun's new album. Reflections Records takes care of the world-wide
release of the vinyl, It comes with different artwork then the digital
format and it's limited to only 1000 copies!

250 on Green clear vinyl - Pre-order now!
350 on Green clear / black splattered vinyl - Pre-order now!
400 on black vinyl - Pre-order now!

Shipping February 24, 2006

You can order the CD now in our online store.
Listen to a brand new and free MP3 for the song "What Corporate Rock Can't Say"on our website.
Visit the band's official website at:www.posihq.com
Visit the band's MySpace page at:www.myspace.com/goodcleanfun

NOVEMBER COMING FIRE - Dungeness CD Pre-order it now!
Progression. It's a double edged sword for any underground band. Especially
for one showered in compliments and given exposure at an early stage of
their career. When NOVEMBER COMING FIRE unleashed their "Black Ballads" mini
album 2003, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.. Finally, here was a
British hardcore band with enough passion, enough smarts and enough talent
to really stretch out beyond the confines of the genre and make serious
inroads into the wider "alternative' sphere.

So, nearly two years on, the band unleash "Dungeness" - their 12 song
follow-up. "Dungeness" demonstrates just how far a young band can come in
such a short space of time. As the band themselves say: "We have developed a
need to stretch ourselves creatively as far as we can. We only want to go
forward musically. This extends to all areas of the band: Lyrics,
structuring, packaging, touring and recording".

And the results are monumental. The straight ahead searing attack of the
debut is still present but tempered with more progressive and even heavier
arrangements and more reflective passages, to create an incredibly mature
sounding record.

As on their first MCD, the band started working with Ben Philips from City
Of Dis Studios in the spring of 2005 to slowly but surely build the epic
masterpiece they wanted to create. Wanting to build on their sound, they
incorporated elements of all their influences, old and new. "We have thrown
ourselves into the last twenty-five years of alternative music. From Black
Flag, the Misfits to Big Black, Jesus Lizard, even Nick Cave, Low, Queens Of
the Stone Age, Old Man Gloom, Hot Snakes, Breach and Tom Waits. And these
are just the tips of the iceberg?"

"Dungeness" is an album that represents a band that wants to broaden their
horizons but is entirely aware of their history and influences. And the
first truly essential album of 2006. The CD will be in stores February 14.
Pre-order it now and get it before anyone else and receive a free poster as

Pre-orders will be shipped from January 20 on. Official release-date
February 14!

In time for their upcoming tour with Doomriders and Rise And Fall there will
also be a limited pressing available on vinyl.

Pre-order the CD in our online store. Listen to a brand new and free MP3 for the song "Closure" on our website.
Visit the band's official site at:
Visit the band's MySpace page at:


We'll be celebrating our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY as Reflections on many levels
next year so we figured there's no better way then to throw a party. That's
why we got together with a great bunch of people, venues and bands to
organise a line of various festivals all over Europe, starting in January...

Saturday January 28, 2006

Reflections Records and Innocent present
in cooperation w/ Metropool

Reflections Fest Part I

21:45-22:25 Terror (usa)
20:50-21:25 Modern Life Is War (usa)
20:00-20:30 Blacklisted (usa)
19:10-19:40 No Turning Back
18:20-18:50 Rise And Fall (bel)
17:30-18:00 Donnybrook (usa)
16:40-17:10 Omission
16:00-16:20 Endless Fight

22:30--------- Afterparty @ Innocent

Location: Metropool, Hengelo http://www.metropool.nl
Venue opens: 15:00 First band: 16:00
Tickets € 18,- (at the door) Presale € 15,-
Timeschedule is subject to change!!

All presales are handled by Innocent:
Presales are handled by Innocent: Wire to GIRO 6238814.
International visitors: IBAN: NL 95 PSTB 0006238814 BIC: PSTB NL 21 w/
referral to REFLECTIONSFEST incl. your NAME, E-MAIL ADDRESS and the number
of TICKETS you want.

Best Western Hengelo http://www.bestwestern.com
Van De Valk Hengelo http://www.valk.com

Sunday February 26, 2006

Reflections Records and Heartbreak Tunes present
In cooperation with CC Luchtbal

Reflections Fest Part II

21.30 - 22.30 Cave In
20.10 - 21.10 Pelican
19.00 - 19.40 Modern Life Is War
18.00 - 18.40 Doomriders
17.10 - 17.40 Rise And Fall
16.20 - 16.50 An Albatross
15.30 - 16.00 Amen Ra
14.35 - 15.10 November Coming Fire
13.45 - 14.15 Omission

Location: Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp
Doors: 13:00 First band 14:00
Tickets € 18,- (at the door) Presale € 15,-
Timeschedule is subject to change!!

All presales handled by:Ticket hotline FNAC : http://www.fnac.be
or ph. 0900/00600 (for Belgium) 0032 56 85 42 30 (other
countries)Ticket-sale at stores : all FNAC stores (Antwerpen, Liege,
Wijnegem, Gent, Brussels, Leuven) // Bilbo/Fat Kat - Antwerpen // Giga Swing
- Hasselt // Caroline Music - Brussel // Pyrrhus Records - Gent // JJ
Records - Leuven.

Route description
Coming from south: E19 (Brussel-Antwerpen) - at the big cityring of
Antwerpen follow direction Nederland (Breda - Bergen-op-Zoom) - take exit
Borgerhout - end exit go left - at the next traffic ligths (Singel) take
right - follow (keep left) until at your left side (2km.) Hof Ter Lo. Coming
from east: E313 - exit 17 (Borgerhout/Antwerpen-centrum) - at the end of the
exit (traffic ligths of Singel) take right - follow (keep left) until at
your left side (1km.) Hof Ter Lo. Coming from nord: E19 - exit Borgerhout -
end of exit take right at the traffic ligths of Singel take right - follow
(keep left) until at your left side Hof Ter Lo.

Sunday March 19, 2006

Reflections Records and Amsterdam Underground present in cooperation w/

Reflections Fest part III

21:35 - 22:15 Doomriders (usa)
20:40 - 21:15 Coliseum (usa)
19:40 - 20:20 Malkovich (nl)
18:40 - 19:10 Rise And Fall (bel)
17:50 - 18:20 Lords (usa)
17:00 - 17:30 November Coming Fire (uk)

22:15--------- Afterparty @ Bitterzoet

Location: Bitterzoet, Spuistraat 2, Amsterdam
Doors: 16:00 First band 17:00
Tickets € 10,-
Timeschedule is subject to change!!

Location: Bitterzoet, Amsterdam
Reservations through the AUC website.


Check our Toursection for all the latest information on any Reflections
affiliated bands on the road:
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